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We have it all!


  • SE RIV CE & REPA IRS Tree-Line has a full service repair shop that is recognized by most major manufacturers.

    EQUIPM E NT SA LES T ree- Lin e of fer s bo th NE W and US E D equi pm ent .

    CL IMB ING GEA R & P A RTS Tree-Line has a showroom stocked full of tree-trimming products from most manufacturers in the industry. We also have a parts warehouse stocked with many Bandit, Rayco, Altec, Wood/Chuck, and Altec Environmental parts.


    Y O U W O N T F I N D B E T T E R Q U A L I T Y E Q U I P M E N T O R F R I E N D L I E R

    S E R V I C E A N Y W H E R E !

    Tree-Line Sales & Service, Inc. is centrally located in Florida for all your tree care, electric utility, and telecommunication needs. We have been serving the Tampa Bay area for 23 years. This company was formerly Asplundh Manufacturing Division.

    We have a full service facility with over 10,000 sq. ft. under roof and 1 1/2 acres of parking. Our staff is well qualified in performing safety inspections, AC dielectric tests, DOT inspections and general equipment maintenance. Our services also include medium and heavy duty truck repairs.

    All of our bucket trucks, stump cutters and wood chippers are sold so they can be put in service immediately - providing your company with high productivity and less maintenance costs!!

    Tree-Line has a showroom stocked full of climbing ropes, saddles, lanyards, saws, carabiners, snaps, spikes, and many more items. Some of our vendors include: Buckingham, Jameson, Safety Test, Samson Ropes, All Gear Ropes, to name just a few.

    WWW.TR EE LIN E TAM P A. COM 4808 NORTH RENELLIE DR. TAMPA, FL 33614 Tel 813.877.1921 Fax 813.872.7627

    S E R V I C E S A V A I L A B L E

    We are the only authorized Rayco dealer in the state of Florida.