tours a wonderful 6 day/ 5 night trip in paradise!

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Slide 2 Tours A wonderful 6 day/ 5 night trip in Paradise! Slide 3 Objectives Haiti Overview Hotel Rates Places to See! About Additional Infomation Slide 4 Haiti Overview Official name Republic of Haiti Money Haitian gourde; HTG100 = US$2.62 Population 8.7 million Language Creole, French Capital Port-au- Prince Slide 5 Hotel Rates HotelDaily RateTourist Review El Rancho$99 to $139This is the best place to stay in Haiti. Hotel Oloffson$69 to $123Hotel Oloffson is a great place. Hotel Montana$108 to $170We found paradise in Haiti. Moulin Sur Mer$110 to $180This must be the best place on earth! Villa Creole$105 to $170The Hotel Villa Creole was an oasis Slide 6 Places to See! - La Citadelle Laferrire a large mountaintop fortress located in northern Haiti was built by Henri Christophe, a during the Haitian slave rebellion Slide 7 Places to See! Port Au Prince One of the most vibrant & exciting cities A fantastic arts scene Good restaurants and live music Slide 8 Places to See! Port Salut A popular destination for local Haitians as well as tourists Surrounded by endless coastline of beautiful beaches Slide 9 Places to See! - Jacmel One of the most friendly and tranquil towns in Haiti A popular weekend destination for city dwellers Hosts one of the countrys best CarnivalsCarnivals Slide 10 About For five years, has designed the most exhilarating trips throughout the country of Haiti. Customer satisfaction has been and will always be our number one priority. Slide 11 Additional Information Haiti Citadelle La Ferrire Slide 12 References -2247-overview-El_Rancho.html -2247-overview-El_Rancho.html -2411-overview-Hotel_Oloffson.html -2411-overview-Hotel_Oloffson.html -578-overview-Villa_Creole.html -578-overview-Villa_Creole.html -580-overview-Moulin_Sur_Mer.html -580-overview-Moulin_Sur_Mer.html haiti/jacmel haiti/jacmel Slide 13 References PhotoHyperlink citadel1 leLaFerrire-vi.jpg citadel2 content/uploads/2008/07/citadelle_laferriere1.jpg citadel3 Port1 247~Kyona-Beach-Club-North-of-Port-Au-Prince-Haiti-West- Indies-Central-America-Posters.jpg port2 port-au-prince03.jpg port3 of-port-au-prince-port-au-prince-haiti.jpg Haiti map n/haiti.jpg citadel4 images/citadelle-la-ferriere04.jpg Slide 14 References PhotoHyperlink salut1 Salut2 alut4-vi.jpg salut3 s/01/0d/c9/c4/port-salut-beach.jpg Title1 haiti.jpg Title 2 Jacmel1 Jacmel2 jacmel3 On_the_road_to_jacmel-Jacmel.jpg citadel5 s/citadelle-la-ferriere08.jpg Slide 15 The End Brought to you by: