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  • 1. go.local (SG Edition)Travel ConciergeTeam Member NamesHo Yi ChuenLee Hsiao Wei (Sean)Low Gin ShiBalaji

2. Each year, millions are invested in Singapore tourism.Tourists are still not getting a local experience. 3. Ive lived in Singapore for 3years, I am only beginning todiscover the places.- ClaytonSingapore is about the club scene in Clarke Quay, and shopping in Orchard.Theres nothing unique here. - Yudi 4. What tourists really looking for?Tourists are looking for a local experience.While there are plenty of well known attractions, they wantlocal-flavoured recommendations.Local Experience = Unique Travel Experience 5. Travel agents, local day tours,Extensive travel guides apps, guides and sitesDoes not expose the long tail of local experience. 6. . 7. .Fromofficial mega attractions to 8. . Beaulieu House, Sembawang ParkFromSt Patricks day 2012official mega attractions to SingaporeSerendipitous local Experience 9. Contextualcrowd-sourced itinerary Location-basedrecommendation Ease of sharing travel experience viasocial media 10. Experience in 3 easy steps 11. Nearby or Islandwide? 12. Nearby Screen Flow 13. Review / Travel log creation screen flow 14. Crowd-sourced reviews 15. Local Event Notifications (Location-based) 16. Review / Travel log creation screen flow 17. SummaryPOI Reviews Social-shared travel logVisitors Local recommendationsReduce resources Preserving local culture Support local businesses content Locals -sourceCrowd Merchant DealsSponsored listings 18. Next StepsWhat needs to happen to make this project a reality? Make available subsidized/sponsored mobile data access Build / leverage existing reviews of Places of Interests Strong incentive mechanism for locals to post reviewsAny partnerships or more data needed?Datasets required: OneMap Places of Interests data, One Map @ SG,LTA Bus Stop Code and Locations, SMRT Bus Information and Routes,SBS Transit Bus Information and Routes. Bank tie-ups for merchant deals Potential collaboration with STB 19. Credits & ContactsTeam leadName: Low Gin ShiNumber: 9146 8945Email: futurist@rocketmail.comTeam members:Ho Yi ChuenLee Hsiao Wei (Sean)Balaji 20. Appendix 21. Next StepsDevelopment Timeline Sign-off;Development Launch ofLaunch ofFocus group (Application /Content Population /Go Where, GoLocal research andContent Focus group testingSingapore?Singapore feasibility timeline Development) Jul to Sep 2012Oct to Dec 2012Jan to Mar 2013 Apr to May 2013Jun 2013 3 months3 months3 months 2 months 22. CompetitionXXX 23. Market Sizing Singapore2011 Visitors Total: 13.1m Total: 5.1m App usage 3G exposure at45% x 70% home andown smart adoption in SG x60% 50% phone 40%> 2 days stay Pre-trip x downloads1 in everyx conversion!30% app lastgroup of 3 33% monthxxShare of5%%Share of 20%adoption adoption Better experience80k users 80k usersfor 80kSource: STB 2011, Nielsen 2011, go.local Team Analysis 24. Marketing Activities How local are you? Challenge Google Adwords and Contextual Targeting Airlines inflight magazines