Transmedia Storytelling: What is a Transmedia Producer?

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Lesson One: What is a Transmedia Producer?


The BasicsWhat is a Transmedia Producer?

What does a Transmedia Producer do?

Producers Guild DefinitionA transmedia narrative project must consist of three or more narrative storylines existing within the same fictional universe. Producers Guild of America, Code of Credits New Media Audience Builders Defining Audience

Producers Guild of America

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Big Three ProducersMotion PicturesTelevisionVideo Games

Producers roles vary depending on the industry and the orgnaizationOne title is not necessary the same job.Typically you are either on the creative side or the budget & financialExecutive producer also called showrunners Head Writer part of writing staff


Creative ProducerFinds the original ideaHires the script writers & directorHelps develop the story material into a producible script Coordinates & oversees the actual production of the movie with the line producer

Line producers manages the day to day schedule and budget 6

Executive or Line Producer Responsible for budget & schedulingOversight of the projectCoordination

Producing TransmediaThe goal with Transmedia is to design an entire house at the outset.Today, we dont add on room by roomTransmedia story is built into the franchise from the beginning

Producers Guild New MediaeCommerce direct sales market being driven by media propertiesScript Driven & Reality ProgrammingQVC, HSN & AmazonMonitization of Twitter followers

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