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<ul><li> 1. Transmedia, gamification,advergaming and other buzzwords Nicholas LovellGAMESbriefOctober 27th, 2011</li></ul> <p> 2. Nicholas Lovell, GAMESbrief Author, How to Publish a Game, GAMESbrief Unplugged Volumes 1 &amp;2 Director, GAMESbrief ( Clients include Atari, Channel 4, Channelflip, Firefly, IPC, nDreams, Rebellion and Square Enix @nicholaslovell / @gamesbrief 3. Subscribe to the blog 4. This is a game 5. This is not a game 6. This is a game 7. This is not a game 8. This is a game 9. This is not a game 10. BUZZWORD BINGO 11. ADVERGAMINGIN-GAME ADVERTISING TRANSMEDIA GAMIFICATIONMAKING GAMES 12. Advergaming =a brand paying a developer to make a game 13. An advergame is not a TV spot Games are rubbish at customer ACQUISITION They are great at customer RETENTION They can complement an acquisition campaign, not replace it 14. Marketing budget &gt;= dev budgetDevelopment budget:$50 m Launch budget:$200 m 15. Transmedia =taking a media property and extending it into a different medium. 16. Some examples A novel set in the world of a PS3 game An alternate reality game designed to promote a movie A kids business that makes a show to sell the books, the CD, the colouring book, the toys (veering into merchandising) But they are so often misconceived 17. My latest transmedia (ugh!) project 18. Stop! When transmedia attacks 19. What games do Games are great at customer retention, customerengagement, customer monetisation They are rubbish at customer acquisition It breaks my heart that we build disposable transmedia games when it is not the strength of the medium 20. In-game advertising = a (largely discredited) attempt to bringtelevision-style advertising to big-budgetgames 21. Burnout Paradise 22. In-game advertising was going to be thenext big thing Massive, IGA, Double Fusion Games are big and growing. The market was going to behuge But: Only some games are suitable Volumes too low Advertisers and developers made uneasy bedfellows Social media and social games are frankly better Massive = bought by Microsoft for $400m in 2006; shut down in 2010 23. Branded virtual goods 2 million Facebook fans in 24 hours 24. Game making =making games 25. Brands are not game makers Making games is tough 40 years of experience Business model, distribution, audiences, genres changing Do you really want to make a game? 26. Gamification 27. My definition of gamificationUsing game-like mechanics to improve a business process, or customerexperience, or profits 28. Some rules 29. Rule 2: Know what you are trying to achieve 30. Rule 2: Did it work? Whats the point of gamifying if you dont what it aims toachieve? To gamify successfully: Write down three things you want to achieve by gamifying Make them measurable Hand the list to whoever is going to gamify and ask for help 31. Rule 3: Be prepared not to gamify 32. Rule 3: Remember the basics You win races by tackingbetter, not advancedtactics You satisfy customers bygiving them what theywant and need easily andefficiently Your customers dont careabout buzzwords Make your site workbefore you gamify 33. Rule 8: Beware unintendedconsequences 34. Rule 8: the target, or the objective?Q&amp;A 35. Rule 9: Make it personal 36. Rule 9: Intrinsic versus extrinsic 37. Rule 10: Gamification is a process, not aproject 38. Rule 10: change your attitude Spend 50% of your marketing budget after launch Once you start, never stop 39. The ten rules in summary Youre not making a game Put your house in order first Think about ALL your customers, not just the ones thatare like you If you have a gamification project, not a gamificationprocess, it wont work. 40. Thank younicholas@gamesbrief.com rules-of-gamification/ Buy my books 41. Killers, Achievers,Explorers, Socialisers 42. Killers Competition Tests of skill PvP Ganking and griefing Its all about beating another human 43. Achievers Points, levels, trophies and stuff Competition with yourself Who gamification was made for Xbox Live Achievements Levelling up Grind Achievers want elite status, and to show it off 44. Explorers Search Explore Take time Discover Transmedia-friendly Explorers want to go where no one else has gone and know what no one else knows 45. Socialisers Friends Community Communication It doesnt matter what they do as long as they do it with friends 46. The Player Interest Graph ACTINGKillers: 23% Achievers: 21% PLAYERSWORLDSocialisers: 25% Explorers: 29% INTERACTING 47. Everyone is a bit of everything My BARTLE TEST results Explorer (EAS) Explorer: 80% Achiever: 73% Socializer: 47% Killer: 0% </p>