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Natalie Lafferty's power point


<ul><li> 1. Natalie Lafferty National Writing ProjectFlorida Gulf Coast UniversitySummer 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. What is a transition? The connection (a word, phrase,clause, sentence, or entireparagraph) between two parts of apiece of writing, contributing to cohesion (, 2012). 3. The Research In both academic writing andprofessional writing, your goal is toconvey information clearly andconcisely, if not to convert the reader toyour way of thinking. Transitions helpyou to achieve these goals byestablishing logical connectionsbetween sentences, paragraphs, andsections of your papers (UNC College ofArts and Sciences, 2012). 4. The key to producing good transitions ishighlighting connections betweencorresponding paragraphs. Byreferencing in one paragraph therelevant material from previousones, writers can develop importantpoints for their readers (PurdueOwl, 2012). 5. It is a good idea to continue oneparagraph where another leaves off.Picking up key phrases from theprevious paragraph and highlightingthem in the next can create an obviousprogression for readers. Many times, itonly takes a few words to draw theseconnections (Purdue Owl, 2012). 6. Transformers 7. Speaking of 80s trends 8. Even Uncle Jesse fell victim tothis hair-raising transition: business in the front, party inthe back. 9. The Puggle 10. The Liger 11. Buckbeak 12. Bennifer 13. Kimye 14. BRANGELINA!!! 15. (2012). Transition. Retrieved from Grammar &amp;composition: Owl. (2012). Writing transitions. Retrieved fromPurdue online writing lab: College of Arts and Sciences. (2012). The writingcenter. Retrieved from</p>