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<ul><li><p>8/14/2019 Tragic Hero Antagonist Foil </p><p> 1/4</p><p>Tragic hero Antagonist Foil Soliloquy ?Aside </p><p>Dramatic Irony Comic ReliefBlank Verse (Iambic Pentameter)Allusion Elizabethan words </p><p>By: Team Characterization</p><p>Scene One1. Anthony: Steve! Steve!2. Steve: Yes Anthony, Im hither.</p><p>3. Steve: What is going on?4. Anthony: My father has just had a stroke.5. Steve: oh my goodness.6. Anthony: (he stood soft) Yes its true, he has died. (Showing great</p><p>grief)7. Steve: I am terribly sorry.8. Anthony: His funeral is about to occur now.9. Steve: Lets go and tell our coz about the news10.Anthony: Hie!11.Isabella: (meets the men) What is going on?12.Anthony: My father has just passed away this morrow.</p><p>(They all proceed to his funeral)(Steve did not like the father; he had naught to say about him.)</p><p>13.Anthony: Start digging the grave Julius.14.Julius: Anon.15.Anthony: Thank You, May God gi go-den.</p><p>(Anthony and Steve leave and let Julius burry the father)16.Isabella: Anthony, good morrow.17.Anthony: Good morrow, Isabella (smiles)18.Isabella: I need to talk to you.19.Anthony: Ok, lets talk yonder.20.Isabella: I must tell you something very important.21.Anthony: Tell me.</p><p>(Steve ends up walking by and hears them talking, he waseavesdropping)</p><p>22.Isabella: okay, well I love you with my whole heart.23.Anthony: I love you too.</p><p>(Steve gets angry when he hears this)24.Isabella: Do you want to have dinner with me tonight?</p></li><li><p>8/14/2019 Tragic Hero Antagonist Foil </p><p> 2/4</p><p>25.Anthony: Yes, of coarse. I will go and get ready.(Steveis very jealous and now wants to kill Anthony)(Steve goes and finds a man to get poison and pours it inAnthonys drink)(Julius the servant sees him do this)</p><p>26.Anthony: Greetings Isabella.27. Isabella: Greetings, lets drink.28. Anthony: Yes, (picks up his drink) cheers!29.Julius: No! Dont drink that! (Knocks the drink out of his hand)30. Isabella: What is going on here?31.Julius: There was poison in your drink, be careful.32. Anthony: Yes, who?33.Julius: (stood soft) Your good friend Steve.34. Anthony: Steve? Wherefore?</p><p>Scene Two</p><p>35. Isabella: Yes, Wherefore?36.Julius: Because he likes you Isabella37. Isabella: Oh, thats weird. (She secretly likes Steve too)38. Anthony: That is outrageous!39. Isabella: Yes, very, why would he do such a thing?40.Julius: You never know, but you got to be careful because hes outfor you.41. Anthony: Yes of coarse, Thank You Julius, May God gi go-den42.Julius: Yes, thank you sir.43. Anthony: Isabella, would you like me to escort you back to yourroom.</p><p>44. Isabella: Yes, prithee.(Anthony and Isabella walk back to Isabellas room and say Goodnightto each other)45. Anthony: Will you promise me something?46. Isabella: Aught.47. Anthony: Please never leave me as long as we both shall live.48. Isabella: Of Coarse. I watch you walk by my room everyday. Sohow could I leave you.49. Anthony: Lets go to dinner again tomorrow. We were interruptedthis evening.50. Isabella: Yes of coarse.</p><p>(So they plan for dinner the next evening. Steve finds out about thisand realizes that Anthony is still alive so he plots to kill him during thatdinner and hopes to take Isabella)51. Anthony: (goes to Isabellas room) God-den, you look beautiful likea rose.54. Isabella: Wherefore, Thank You.(They go to the dining room for dinner)55. Anthony: Hither we are, Nice and peaceful</p></li><li><p>8/14/2019 Tragic Hero Antagonist Foil </p><p> 3/4</p><p>(Steve is on his way to kill Anthony)(They eat their enjoyable meal dinner then Isabella is excused to therestrooms, so Anthony is alone)(Steve comes in and walks behind Anthony)56. Steve: Finally, I have you alone (laughs)</p><p>57: Anthony: What do you want from me?58: Steve: Your girl, Isabella, and you dont deserve to live.(Steve pulls his sword out and aims it high about to cut Anthony)59: Steve: Do you have any last words?(Anthony gets up and grabs a sword and they began to sword fight)60: Steve: Im going to kill you!61: Anthony: No, we were friends, why are you acting so foolish? Cantwe just compromise?62: Steve: No! Never, you will not live, you must die, and everythingwould be better without you. (Ends up knocking the sword out ofAnthony hand)</p><p>(Anthony falls to the ground)63: Steve: (aiming the sword at Anthony) any last wor- (falls to theground)(Juliushad killed him unexpectedly from behind.)64: Anthony: Thank you, Julius. You saved me65:Julius: Yes, of course(Isabella walks in the room and sees Steve on the ground dead,horrified.66: Anthony: Its okay Isabella, we are safe, he tried to kill me, butJulius here saved me.67: Isabella: Oh dear(she feels mad about the death of Steve)</p><p>68:Julius: Well I will get your drinks to make you feel better (he leavesthe room)69: Isabella: I will be right back to get some fresh air70: Anthony: Okay you go ahead I will be hither.(Isabella is mad at Julius for the death ofSteve, so she follows himupstairs and hides by the stairs.)(Juliuswalks by downstairs and unfortunately Isabella trips Julius andhe falls all the way down (clashing making loud noises with thumpingand glass breaking and clinking) (Isabella runs down to Anthonypretending to know nought but hear the noise)71: Anthony: My, what was that noise (walks out to find out)</p><p>72: Isabella- Oh my.(They findJulius suffering)73: Anthony: (runs to him) My goodness, are you okay, Julius?74:Julius- (shuddering and out of breath) No, I'm going to die in amatter of minutes or seconds, but you see Isabella there killed me75: Anthony: what?76:Julius: Yee-s, its (takes a breath) true, and dies(Julius is dead)</p></li><li><p>8/14/2019 Tragic Hero Antagonist Foil </p><p> 4/4</p><p>77: Anthony: is this true Isabella?78: Isabella: well, I love Steve too and he killed Steve79: Anthony: but he tried to kill to me and would not give up so youlove Steve more than me?80: Isabella: I dont know, but</p><p>81: Anthony: You know what, leave. Before I kill you (refraining)82: Isabella: (sighs) yes, Sir (tries to give him a good bye kiss)(Anthony refused)83: Anthony: Go, before the guards come and figure it out that it wasyou, better off to escape so you can live longer.84: Isabella: Yes, Anthony, Good-Bye (she runs away)</p><p>Anthony looks at Julius and Steve, both dead.He sits down and thinks. He is sad about what happenedHe lost hisbest friend who he thought he was but he was just pretending to be agood friend to him, Steve and a true loyal servant,Julius.</p><p>He doesnt know what to do so he just stay down there and put hishead on his knees</p><p>THE END</p></li></ul>