Tragedy in Teresópolis 12-1-2011

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Tragedy in Terespolis12-1-2011To give a sense of real tragedy affected only in the district of Posse Terespolis, I took my bike on 14.1.2011 and photographed what I encountered on the path until you reach the community of Campo Grande - Supermarket located after Induction, three days after the tragedy that destroyed part of the city.Residents say a huge wave devastated the neighborhood and its beautiful sites. Virtually all dwellings to the highway right of possession (toward the end of the quarter) were either flooded or destroyed (collapsed or were buried).ListenThe amount of water they found was huge - several rivers cut through the final stretches of the Posse and Campo Grande.Cars swept awayWater levelWater levelCars piled along the wayWater level of roadside PosseWater levelMany homes buried.Water levelThe rabbit hole is a motel. This is the entrance underground. Inside, all on the same street level (it was about 3 feet below with bungalows - all buried)Entry Club Lake (buried on 1 meter and a half - watch the pay phone in the background)There used to be a bridge hereBy Estrada da Posse is possible to drive to the Sup Induction (destroyed) At the back, way back, the barrier of trees and rocksHere was a wide cobblestone street, under 1 meter of earth and many huge rocks!Beautiful place, like many others, was destroyedThis is the overlook into the community of Campo Grande and what's left of the Road PosseIn the midst of these stones once was a populous neighborhood ... Where did they come from? A deathly silence and a vision imponderable ... Underneath it, and we have a home ...The logs came from the tree so fast that they cut the columns and destroy the slabThere WAS a neighborhood here.Elam and came back quite tired!