traditional food or fast food???

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Do you know about traditional food and junk food? In the world, people know there are many kinds of foods such as traditional food and junk food. Traditional food and Junk food have differences in taste, ingredients, risk for our body and the way of boil.


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2. TRADITIONAL FOODANDFAST FOOD 3. For normal growth and health, food containsnutrients in the right proportion and quantity isneeded. Now a days people select fast food ratherthan traditional food. Traditional food include rice,tubers etc. Nutrient foods are very important for theproper growth of the body. 4. Fast food include packet foods, friedfoods etc. Lots of synthetic substancesare used to increase the odour, colourand flavour of food items. 5. PACKET FOODS 6. Fast food !!!Healthy or Horrible 7. SOWHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH EATINGTOO MUCH FAST FOOD? Fast food contains a lot of fat, calories, and sodium. Can lead to weight gain and high blood pressure. These health problems can lead to chronic diseases. Diabetes Heart Disease Stroke Some cancers 8. REMEMBER THE HEALTHY HINTS: ABOUT FASTFOOD. Choose vegetable topped pizza - skip fatty meattoppings Choose grilled chicken - skip fried foods Choose smaller portions - skip super size Other good choices: baked potato, side salads, beanburritos, frozen yogurt 9. Food which contains nutrients in therequired quantity and proportion iscalled a balanced diet. 10. LIST OUT THETRADITIONALFOODANDFAST FOOD. 11. SO 12. THANK YOU