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TRADITIONAL CRAFTS WELCOME TO ODRY!!! Slide 2 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS ( september 2012 june 2014 ) Slide 3 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS One project 3 countries Slide 4 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS Three countries Three towns, cities STARACHOWICE ODRY ADANA Three schools Gimnazjum nr 3 im. Z Odry MKB 24 Kasm Henryka Sienkiewicza Komenskho Anadolu Lisesi Slide 5 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS Main project s goals : -to remind the young generation the beauty of traditional crafts -show our students the original crafts, familiarize them with the history in various countries and regions, and to highlight their advantages and their benefits to society. -traditional crafts can give to our students better and wider opportunity in the labor market as well Slide 6 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS Our project will cover these subjects: -History -Geography -Craft work (metal and wooden work) -Languages (English, German.) -ITC -Civics education -Art Slide 7 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS PROJECT TIME SCHEDULE semptember 2012 START october 2012 meeting in Odry Slide 8 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS June 2013 meeting in Adana first year report NAs meeting May 2014 in Starachowice June 2014 END final report NAs Slide 9 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS WHO WE WOULD LIKE TO INVOLVE IN OUR PROJECT? -Students -Teachers -Parents -Local authority -Schools partner organizations -others Slide 10 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS RESULTS AND OUTCOMES -The booklet about all partners schools and cities (based on presentations) -students survey- a list of traditional crafts, which occurred in the partner schools regions -students survey - a list of traditional crafts which are still exist -Project web page Slide 11 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS -Project logo competition -Traditional craft fairs (ODRY, ADANA STARACHOWICE) -International children calendar (for year 2014) using pictures of traditional crafts -Picture exhibition -Film festival -Final project booklet Slide 12 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS We want our students to be involved in many different ways: Collecting information about crafts that already have disappeared Collecting information about crafts that are still exist Exchanging these lists with other partners organize a traditional craft picture exhibition Creating a calendar Thinking about reasons why some of them still are here and some no Practising some of traditional crafts during fairs Making some real products (nessesary is here a parents help or craftsmen help) Slide 13 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS WHAT DO WE EXPECT FROM OUR PROJECT? IMPROVEMENT IN (ICT,Languages, Science,History..) Slide 14 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS INFORMATION ABOUT DIFFERENT EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS IN EUROPE Slide 15 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS WHAT DO WE EXPECT FROM OUR PROJECT? - NEW FRIENDSHIP Slide 16 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS TRAVELLING(BY BUS, PLANE, TAXI.) Slide 17 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS DISCOVERY OF NATIONAL HABITS AND TRADITIONS IN DIFFERENT EUROPEAN COUTRIES Slide 18 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS FUN AND GOOD TIME SPENDING TOGETHER Slide 19 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS AND YOU??????? -new friends -try new food -new places -language practise -impromevent Slide 20 TRADITIONAL CRAFTS WE WISH YOU A NICE AND USEFUL PROJECT AND ENJOY THE TIME IN ODRY, IN CZECH REPUBLIC. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!

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