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  • 1. United Europe is in our eyesComenius Project 2012-14

2. WinegroWerA winegrower is aperson whoowns or managesa vineyard,where hecultivates grapesgrapes and turnsthem into wine. 3. 1. 1. Cycle of the Cycle of the winegrowers year starts winegrowers year starts during the spring with the during the spring with theprocedure of of pruning. procedure pruning.4. 4. After that the wines is After that the wines isstored into barrels in in order And the result And the result 2.2. A lengthy job in theA lengthy job in the stored into barrels order vineyard is is shoot thinning to to age. The wine will age age. The wine will age The wine isvineyard shoot thinningwell at at least 10 years in The wine is with is is tedious, skillful and with tedious, skillful and well least 10 years in ready for sale!!!good vintages.good vintages. ready for sale!!! very important for quality. very important for quality. ***Inside the wine press a companyof people , either friends orcustomers are pressing thegrapes.3. 3. The white grapes are doneThe white grapes are doneThey are enjoying thefirst byby hand. while the red first hand. A A while the redproceduresgrapes are usually done grapes are usually done a lot.during October byby harvesting during October harvestingmachines. machines.*** *** 4. A local wine factoryIn the early summer, the red wine is prepared for bottling, which takes place in thebeginning of September. July and August are very busy months commercially, asmany of our customers are summer visitors. Its part of our sales policy to spendtime talking to customers about the wine and the winegrowing. 5. Here are some YouTube links which will help you learn moreabout the winegrower!!! Enjoy them and the greek music songs, too!!!!!!!!!!! : Press ctrl and click on the links: CHEERS!!!!!!!!! 6. Wooding artThe wooding art is the art of visualization on wood orvarious forms of artistic projects. It is one of the oldestand the most widespread techniques throughout the world.The sculptors of wood wereitinerant craftsmen who toured Greece and created.The wooden constructionequipment carrying everywherethe same style and aestheticperceptions. Modern Greek carvingdepending on the use and purpose of the project is divided into three main categories: The pastoral or spatial Tools: In urban (including naval) The church (monastery).Most woodcut tools belong to the scalpel. In the upright timber grating follows the wood grain, and in side wood becomes diagonal to the direction of the wood fibers. Wood carving tools is the knife for making the profiles, the chisel, the common carpenter chisel, mallet and others. 7. the elaboration of the wood A lot of greec musicalinstruments are made of wood!!!... 8. Here are some YouTube links which will help you learn more about the wooding art!!! Enjoy them and the greek music songs, too: Press ctrl and click on the links:1. people have tradition in Wooding Art, asit helped them tocreate ships, hooks, temples, and the Trojanhorse in the ancient yearsGreeks are here again!... Greek culture is onthe Woods!!! 9. olive groWerAn olive grower must be patient and strong. He is working under pressure and difficult conditions. He is usually hardworking as he spends a lot of hours caring for the olive trees in order to produce oil of high quality. Greece is the third country in Europe which produces huge quantities of oil characterized of an excellent quality including also our area, Ilia which has a tradition in the oil production. 10. The oil industry is one of the oldest agricultural industries and developed inthe Mediterranean basin.In order to facilitate the processing of the olives roman oil olive-presses(eleotribio) were created, which were consisted of a stone basin and twomillstones ( milopetres).Then in 1979 was invented the hydraulic press which:Usually grinded the fruits while then were converted into a pulp.Pulp was put in specific sacks.Pulp was pressed in the olive oil-presses and export olive.Olive is stored in large containers.As a result of a second processing procedure are also exported:Kernel (pirineleo) oil which is ised in the manufacture (paraskevi) of soaps(sapounia)Olive pies (pites) as food for animalsOlive core ( pirinas) is ideal for heating 11. Firstly, the workers have to collect the olives and then transfer themthe olive-oil press. After that they clean the olives and put them intothe machines to produce oil.Olive oil press: liotrivi, liotriveio, loutruviom , elaiourgeioThe place in which with help of specific machines, oil is extracted from theolives. 12. Olive trees are types of trees whichlive for hundred years. There aremillion olive trees around the world,especially in Europe. The mostwidespread type of olive trees is theolea europaea. OLIVES & OILOF HIGH QUALITYHere are some YouTube links which will help you learn more about the winegrower!!! Enjoy them and the greek music songs, too!!!!!!!!!!! :Press ctrl and click on the links: 13. TSANGARIS What does shoemaker mean? Tsangaris

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