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<p> 1. Tracie MartynSkin Care Salonin NYC 2. ABOUT : TRACIE MARTYNTracie Martyn is a name trusted by actors, media moguls, members of royalfamilies, and numerous other celebrities for their skin care and facial beautyneeds. Tracie works with top photographers, models, and celebrities on projectsfor publications such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Vanity Fair. British-bornMartyn, who began her career in 1982 as a highly acclaimed makeupartist,opened her penthouse skin care salon and day spa,Tracie Martyn Skin CareSalon, in NYC in 2000, and counts Kate Winslet, Oprah Winfrey, and JuliannaMargulies among her devoted clientele. As soon as you step through the doors ofTracie's beautiful skin care salon, you'll be filled with a sense of serenity.Sharingher beauty secrets from her successful make-up artist career in the fashionindustry and her skin care expert knowledge as a facialist to the stars, Tracieknows how to make beauty dreams a reality by listening to your individual skinconcerns and using the best of the best natural and organic skin care remediescombined with the most advanced LED light technologies and her proprietaryResculptor beauty equipment.Published By: 3. Tracie Martyn Organic Skin Care ProductsAbsolute Purity Visivle ResultsTracie Martyn products set a new standard for natural skin care byefficiently addressing skin concerns, showing immediate and cumulativelong-term benefits while simultaneously being 100% free of harshindustrial chemicals commonly found in the majority of cosmetic brands.All our products have been featured in numerous magazines as "Best" or"Favorite" of beauty editors and received celebrity endorsements. Theyare therefore recommended by the most beauty savvy women and menwho are in the business of looking beautiful or making people beautiful.Published By: 4. Shakti Resculpting Body CreamA pure, allnaturalandluxurious, lifting, firming,contouring and deeplymoisturizing allovercream.Excellent as a facial daycream with added benefits.Heavenly scented withOrganic Bulgarian Rose oil.Published By: 5. LotuSculpt ProductLotuSculpt is a brand for clientswho want a quick fix, who arealready using a basic skin caresystem and want to enhance it. It isfantastic for shorttermresults butalso longtermresults containingsome of the most technologicallyadvanced ingredients such ashexapeptides and pentapeptides.Published By: 6. The Famous Purple Skin Care Bag ProductThe Famous Purple Skin Care Bag wasfeatured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.Oprah explained to the audience how someof Tracies clients like Madonna, SusanSarandon and Cyndi Lauper had given herthe Purple Bag as a gift. She thensurprised the audience who discovered thePurple Beauty Bag with the TracieMartyn Skincare line underneath theirseats!Special offer: 10% off when ordering allfive.Published By: 7. Pure Heavenly Scented ProductsShanti Space Lift MistWe are thrilled to introduce the first pure, allnaturaland luxurious room fragrance on themarket. Our celebrity clients repeatedlycommented on the beautiful scent of our skincare products that we use in our unique facials.We have blended some of these preciousessential oils to capture a little piece of thatsensory experience for your enjoyment in yourown home. A luxurious, exotic combination ofBrazilian green tangerine and rare Indian pinklotus flower, Space Lift Mist is designed tofreshen up every living space, room or car.Published By: 8. CONTCAT INFORMATIONThe Tracie Martyn Salon is located at:101 5th Avenue, 11th FloorNew York, NY, 10003For appointments call: 2122069333For product purchases call: 212 206 7315 or1866TMARTYN(18668627896)Our fax number is: 2122068399If you have any questions about our productssend us an Email to:info@traciemartyn.comPublished By: </p>