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INSTAGRAM Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing social applicationthat allows users to easily take photos, manipulate themwith filters and then them upload to multiple syncedsocial platforms. Users can follow each other, likephotos, comment and tag other users in photo captions.Like Twitter, users can also search for topics withhashtagged phrases. Why Instagram?Engagement - power of visual marketingPersonalizationHuge opportunity for lead generation Acquired by Facebook last year for their strong visual content As of September 2012 there were over 100 million users Over 5 million photos are shared every day Over 5 billion photos existing on the site Over 53,000 average daily visitors Anatomy of InstagramApp: Web: Anatomy of InstagramApp:Sign InRegister Anatomy of InstagramApp:Home Anatomy of InstagramApp: Search Explore Anatomy of Instagram App: FiltersCamera Anatomy of InstagramApp:News Feed Following Activity Anatomy of InstagramApp:Options MenuSettings MenuPhoto MapYour Profile Anatomy of InstagramApp: Options MenuPrivacy Settings Anatomy of InstagramApp:Display Name YouUser Name QuickTime and a Bio decompressor are needed to see this picture. Anatomy of InstagramApp: Photo Map Anatomy of InstagramWeb: EXAMPLES Setting up your profile Setting up your ProfileOnly available on the App Find your friendsDo not Follow All Enabling Share Settings Privacy Settings Setting up your privacy settingsBlocking a userPrivacy Toggle Deleting a comment Best Practices Best Practices Share photos that tell your story andshowcase your skills in a unique way. Limitshares to 1-3 times a day. Use exclusive photos people cant seeanywhere else Occasionally share photos to Twitter andFacebook Limit hashtags to 6 per post Instgram blocks photos with more than 30 Anatomy of a Gram QuickTime and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Sharing GramsOn Upload Sharing Grams Post UploadQuickTime and aQuickTime and aQuickTime and adecompressordecompressordecompressorare needed to see this picture. are needed to see this picture. are needed to see this picture.Edit your caption forspecific platforms Rosemary Abdelshahid212.355.9090 x 224rosemary@nylmedia.comRoss Anderson212.355.9090 x 222randerson@nylmedia.com