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TOWN HALL MEETING. Karen Evans , High School Director Yasmin Bhatia, Uplift CEO. TOWN HALL MEETING. Key Successes at Uplift Summit. Primary School. SLANT Community Service. Speech and Debate. Root 122. Science Fair State Finalists. TOWN HALL MEETING. Primary. High School. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Extending Our Impact Karen Evans, High School Director

Yasmin Bhatia, Uplift CEOTOWN HALL MEETING

Extending Our ImpactKaren thanks parents for coming and introduces Yasmin.

Karen: Hello my name is Karen Evans; I am the High School Director at Uplift Summit Preparatory. On behalf of our staff Id like to thank each of you for your participation in our CEO Town Hall meeting. Tonight you will have an opportunity to provide feedback about topics of importance to your family, and hear about the various ways which our central office provides support to Uplift Summit Preparatory. So it is with great pleasure that I introduce Uplift Education CEO Yasmin Bhatia.

Hola me llamo Karen Evans; Soy la Directora de High School en Uplift Summit. En nombre de nuestros empleados yo quiero darles gracias a ustedes por su participacin en esta junta. Esta noche ustedes van a tener una oportunidad para hablar de los temas de importancia para su familia y oir de las maneras que la oficina central apoya Uplift Summit Preparatory. Por lo tanto es con gran placer que les presento Yasmin Bhatia CEO de Uplift Education.


I am personally thrilled to be here with all of you and always enjoy hearing from our parents. I want to thank you for your patience ahead of time for what may seem like a hurried program. We have just one hour tonight to cover our material and hear from you. Muchisimas gracias por venir esta noche. Yo estoy muy entusiasmada para estar aqui con ustedes y siempre me gusta oir de nuestros padres. Quiero darles gracias por su paciencia porque solamente tenemos una hora para presentar material y oir de ustedes.

I will spend the next few minutes on our work at Uplift Summit. Then we will break into six groups (three English and three Spanish) to discuss the categories we asked you about in the survey we sent out. Voy a hablar sobre nuestro trabajo en Uplift Summit por unos momentos. Despues vamos a separarnos en grupos mas pequenos para platicar sobre los temas del cuestionario que ustedes recibieron.

Key Successes at Uplift SummitTOWN HALL MEETINGPrimary SchoolSLANT Community ServiceSpeech and DebateRoot 122Science Fair State Finalists

Extending Our ImpactYasmin:

I would like to start by highlighting some of the many successes weve had at Uplift Summit this year. Me gustara comenzar esta junta hablando sobre algunos de los xitos que hemos tenido aqu en Uplift Summit este ao.

As you know we completed the Summit Primary School building last summer that added 29 classrooms and 40,300 sq ft

At the SLANT Community Service Day scholars, parents, teachers, volunteers from the NCAA and neighboring universities planted trees on campus, built an outdoor classroom, cleaned the grounds, and started the Summit garden for the spring.

The Uplift Summit High School Speech and Debate team has had a successful year, entering five participants into the 41st Annual Cal Invitational at the University of California, Berkeley as well as the Texas Forensic Association State Tournament.

Root 122, a technology service learning club has built and donated 2 computers to needy families. They also created video games and hosted an Arcade Night for scholars. The 6th grade members of Root 122 planned, facilitated and ran the Arcade Night. Donations were used purchase more materials to refurbish old computers to donate.

Two Thirds of all Summit science fair competitors qualified for state as well.


Extending Our ImpactAs you can see from the graph Uplift Summit is consistently performing above national norms at the primary level in reading and math.

Extending Our ImpactOver each testing period, there is not only growth but growth above the national average.High School

Extending Our ImpactThis graph represents the SAT scores. In a comparison of combined scores against the Uplift Network and college readiness, Summit scholars score above the network average and above the College Ready Benchmark. One area that Id like to draw your attention to is the combined progress from Spring to Fall was below the network average for improvement due to lower math scores. How we fund our schoolsState fundingBond sales: CMO spreads investment dollars across all campusesPhilanthropy: which is also spread across campuses TOWN HALL MEETING

Philanthropy &Bond SalesState & Federal Funds

Extending Our ImpactYasmin:

People frequently ask how we fund all of this growth in addition to our operating budget Muchas personas me preguntan como financiamos todo este crecimiento ademas de nuestro presupuesto operativo.

Our operating budget is funded largely through state dollars. That annual allotment is based on Average Daily Attendance numbers (number of students who are at school every day multiplied by a daily rate the State funds us for each student). Nuestro presupuesto operativo esta financiado por el estado, y se basa con los estudiantes que llegan a la escuela diario. Ese numero esta basado en el numero de estudiantes que llegan a la escuela cada dia mulitplicado por el numero que el estado nos da por cada estudiante.

Thats why it is so important for your children to come to school every morning and be here for attendance! Esa es la razn porque es muy importante para que sus hijos a llegen a la escuela cada manana.

Those state funds are augmented by Federal Title I dollars. Y ese dinero tambien esta aumentado con dolares federales deTitle 1.

So be sure to sign up for free and reduced lunches if you qualify. Por eso, si pueden, inscribanse por desayuno gratis y descontado

Unfortunately, we get no funding from the state for buildings, so we sell bonds and raise money through donors and grants so we can build our wonderful facilities. Desafortunadamente no recibimos financias del estado para los edificios, por eso vendemos bonos y recibimos dinero de los donantes para hacer las facilidades.

We do this at the network level and then spread those dollars out evenly across all of our schools so each school will get the resources it needs. Lo hacemos en el nivel de la red y distribuimos esos dolares a traves nuestras escuelas igualmente. Cada escuela recibe recursos que nesecita.

We take the same approach for staffing as well. Based on the number of students in a given school, we allocate a number of FTEs for the school leader to place as needed to best serve their scholars. Lo hacemos por empleados tambien. Basado en la cantidad de estudiantes por escuela, nosotros distribuimos empleados de tiempo completo a el lider de las escuelas para usar de la mejor manera para los estudiantes.

After we make sure all schools have the facilities and staff they need, we allocate discretionary funds (e.g., supplies, instructional materials, training for teachers) on a per-student basis that accounts for the percent of Title I students on each campus. Cuando las escuelas tienen las facilidades y empleados que requieren, asignamos fondos discrecionales (suministros, materiales instruccionales, formacion para los maestros) en una base por estudiante que representa el porciento de los estudiantes por campus. Facilities investment

Extending Our ImpactYasmin:

Now Id like to talk a little bit about our investment in Uplift Summits facilities. Ahora quiero hablar un poco del plan de inversiones en Uplift Summit. We recently added a Primary Classroom building and over the next 3 years we will be completing the Uplift Summit Master Plan by adding a stand-alone gymnasium and a separate Middle school classroom building.

We want to make sure that we have equitable distribution of resources and physical spaces for our students. Queremos asegurarnos que tenemos distribucion equitativa de los recursos y areas para los estudiantes. In order for us to monitor this, we have defined what are the critical physical resources of our school buildings that every school needs to have. This is based on making sure we have the classroom and support spaces to meet the needs of our academic programs. Para que pordramos controlar esto, hemos definido cules son los recursos fsicos crticos de nuestros edificios escolares que cada escuela nesecita tener. Esto se basa que asegurarnos que tenemos espacios de saln de clases y espacios de apoyo para satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros programas acadmicos.

This includes things like the number of classrooms, gathering spaces, gyms, cafeterias, fields, parking and even staff. Ese plan incluye el numero de salones, gimnasios, cafeteras, campos, estacionamientos y empleados.

Every Uplift school is on the grid and we look at where we have met the Uplift standard and where we havent. In some cases because of gifts from donors, we might have exceeded our standard for certain schools in certain areas. Cada esculea de Uplift esta en el plan y vemos en donde hemos llegado a la meta de Uplift y en donde no. En unos casos por regalos de donantes, es posible que hemos sobre pasado nuesta meta por algunas esculeas en algunas areas.

When we go to the bond market every 2 years to raise funds to improve and build new school facilities, we look back at our grid to see where we need to make investments in our current schools. Cuando vamos al mercado de bonos cada 2 anos para recibir fondos y hacer renovar facilidades nuevas para las escuelas, chequamos nuestro plan para ver en donde nesecitamos hacer inversiones en las escuelas existentes.

Uplift Summit is looking very strong on this matrix and is at standard or above standard on every item except for the stand-alone gymnasium which is planned for 3 years from now. Important Uplift network prioritiesPerformance Pay for teachersCollege readinessParent enga