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  • 1. Tower Offense Justin Kern Brett Hlavinka Drew Reagan John Laky The Creeps

2. Website 3. Nutshell: Guide the forces of evil in a hostile takeover ofthe magical land of sunshine and rainbows. All your forces are EVIL Defenders are ridiculously beneficent Campy, over-the-top theme of good v. evil Game Synopsis - Story arc 4. Nutshell: Design a path through an ever-changing field of defenses to score points. Building/changing your path costs points Enemy towers kill your creeps based on proximity Gameplay divided into 2 stages Action/Edit Creeps that survive persist through levels Game over when you run out of creeps Game Synopsis - Gameplay 5. Project Lead/Programmer Most XNA experience Created Design document Major implementer Team Brett Hlavinka 6. Idea donator Resident artist Draws things Actually, everything Team - Justin Kern 7. Sound recording / DJ mixer Programmer Validated Path function Background draw() Implementer Team - Drew Reagan 8. Team webmaster Programmer Generate Tower function (untested) Draw() in actionstate Cynic Team John Laky 9. Program design couplings, classes, program layout Basic mechanics Towers, creeps, path, grid, time/tick Algorithms Path & tower gen Object encapsulation representation for the above Background tiles, tower, creep, and paths designed & drawn Website built! Some sound effects/voiceovers recorded WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!?! 10. Art Doom Buggy 11. Art Happy Cloud Tower 12. Art Playing Field 13. JustinOpen Field tilesAnimationMenu Design FramesBrett Cross-ImplementationMechanicsMenufunctionalityDrewDesign/Record Sounds Implement saidTestingsoundsJohnEdit state functionality Tower ExpansionistFunctionality DesignComing soon