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Some information about the tourism attractions in Assiut Governorate, Egypt.


  • 1. Tourism In Assiut Introduction Attractions

2. Introduction In Egypt, Assiut is located between Al-Minia north and Souhag south, it is about 375 km in south of Cairo, 470 km in west of Red sea, and 305 km in north of Luxor. Assiut includes monumental heritage from different states; Pharaonic, Roman, Coptic, Islamic, and Modern age. Also Assiut has Nile, mountains, desert, Natural Parks, fascinating rural lives, gardens, high-level shops, luxury restaurants, and an excellent transport net to be a perfect tourism destination in Egypt. 3. Touristic Attraction Pharaonic Coptic Islamic Modern 4. Pharaonic Attraction Meir Monumental Tombs Qussair Al-Amarna Monumental Tombs Al-Hammamiya Monumental Tombs The Western Mountain Tombs Deir Al-Gabrawy Tombs Deir Rifa Tombs 5. Meir Monumental Tombs Located In Meir village, Alqussia city, and 65 km in the northwest of Assiut. They are 9 tombs carved in the stone and to the 14th dynasty. Their walls inscriptions show the daily life activities of the ancients Egyptians. 6. Qussair Al-Amarna Monumental Tombs The tombs are carved in the Western Mountain, Al-Qussia city, dating back to the era of the 6th dynasty till the 12th dynasty. Despite their small walls, these tombs are considered as ones of the most beautiful and eminent monumental tombs, as their whole walls are covered by the daily life scenes and religious rituals. 7. Al-Hammamiya Monumental Tombs They are located at a distance of 50 km southeast of Assiut, Al-Hammamiya village, in the south of AlBadary city. These tombs return back to the end of the 4th dynasty and the beginning of the 5th dynasty. 8. The Western Mountain Tombs Many tombs are carved in the western mountain, in the west of Assiut city. And back to the 13th Nome, during the Old and Middle states. 9. Deir Al-Gabrawy Tombs They are located In the village of Deir Al-Gabrawy, Abnoob city, and about 20 km northeast of Assiut city, and they are carved in the Eastern Mountain and back to the ancient and middle states. They are distinguished by its paintings drawn on a surface of soft mortar. 10. Deir Rifa Tombs They are on the top of the Western Hills, in the west of Assiut city. 7 stony tombs are carved in the Mountain for the nobles and the princes of "ShesHoteb", the capital of the 11th Nome. 11. Coptic Era Attractions Al-Mouharraq Monastery The Holy Virgin Mary Monastery Monastery of The Holy Virgin Mary (Deir El- Ganadla) Monastery of Saint MariMina (Hanging Monastery) Monastery of Al-Anba Serabamoon 12. The Burnt Monastery (Deir Al-Mouharraq) Built in the 4th century at the foot of Western mountain. The Holy Family stayed in for 185 days. It includes the oldest monumental church in the Christian world holding a shrine and a cubed stony altar topped by a rounded marble roof with a Greek inscribed text dating back to 746 AD, San-George church (1898AD) and the Holy Virgin Mary church (1960AD). With the same style of the forts built by the King Zinon, there is a monumentalthree-floor fort dates to the end of the 6th century and the beginning of the 7th century. 13. The Holy Virgin Mary Monastery Built on a height of 100 m and about 7 km southwest of Assiut city, in the Western Mountain. it contains a monumental cave dates back to 2500 B.C, and inside there is a church probably built on the same spot where the Holy Family reposed for a few days prior to their returning back to "Beit-Lahm" in Palestine. 14. Monastery of The Holy Virgin Mary (Deir El- Ganadla) It is embedded in a cave at the foot of the western mountain, 2 km in the west of Deir El-Ganadla village. In Al-Ghanayem city, 25 km south west of Assiut city. Its monuments are represented in number of old caves and the monumental Roman well dates back to the 1st century AD. 15. Monastery of Saint MariMina (Hanging Monastery) In the end of the 4th century AD, in Abnoob city, the Hanging Abbey was built on the Eastern Mountain in Al-Ma'abda village, 35 km northeast of Assiut city. It is a large cave in the mountain contains an altar carved in the stone, and outside the cave there is another church named after the Holy Virgin Mary and The Angel Meichel; the two churches are carved between two eminent hills on a height of 170 m. 16. Monastery of Al-Anba Serabamoon The monastery is 80 km northwest of Assiut, The Holy Family shadowed by a tree over there and the tree is still bearing the name of the Holy Virgin Mary in the Monastery. 17. Islamic Era Islamic Commercial Agencies (Al-Wakail) Thabet Monumental Bath (Hammam Sabet) Al-Majzoub Monumental Barrage Al Mojahideen Mosque (Masjid Al Mojahideen) Al-Farghal Mosque (Masjid Al-Farghal) Abo_Alouyon Mosque (Masjid Abo_Alouyon) Al-Amauoi Mosque (Al-Gami' Al-Kabeer) Al-Kashef Mosque (Masjid Al-Kashef) Assiut Religious Institute Fouad the First 18. Islamic Commercial Agencies (Al-Wakail) The Agencies stand in Mohammad Mahmoud St, Assiut city, a fascinating area, full of Islamic monuments such as Galal Al-Deen Al-Siuty and AlMojahideen Mosques. This area includes many commercial shops for trade, haberdashery, copper artifacts, and hand-made textiles. Each agency centralized by a rectangular courtyard, roofed by a ceiling with a big window for lighting and ventilation, comprised of 2 floors; the lower is dedicated to goods and animals, and the upper to the merchants. 19. Thabet Monumental Bath (Hammam Sabet) Dating back to the Ottoman Era, Thabet Bath is located in Mohammad Mahmoud St. with a unique architectural model reflects the common style in that time. In the past, the Bath had been used by the outsider merchants besides the local residents for washing and cure, and then it was used by the local residents for the general daily uses until short time ago. 20. Al-Majzoub Monumental Barrage It is considered as one of the important monumental aquatic constructions in Assiut city. The Barrage has been established since 1251 H with three holes for the running water, in the time of Mohammad Ali - the ruler of Egypt. 21. Al Mojahideen Mosque (Masjid Al Mojahideen) In the Ottoman Era(1120 H1706 AD), Mohammad BeyThe prince of the sultan brigade- established one of the oldest mosques in Mohammad Mahmoud StAssiut city, it is Al Mojahideen mosque. It includes most of the famous Islamic architectural elements. 22. Al-Farghal Mosque (Masjid Al-Farghal) In Abou Teeg city - 27 km south of Assiut city - and in a matchless scene, It stands with two high minarets to be one of the famous religious destinations in Assiut city. It includes the grave of Mohammad Al-Farghal -whose origin returns back to Al_Hassan and Al_Husseinthe grandsons of the Prophet Mohammad. 23. Abo_Alouyon Mosque (Masjid Abo_Alouyon) Masjid Abo_Alouyon was established With a wonderful geometric design, consisting of two main buildings; one is a prayer court and the other is a grave for its owner- Ibraheem Abo_Alouyon(1940 AD)- whose origin dates back to Al_Hassan the son of Al_Imam Ali (The Accompanier). It is surrounded by a fence with an Islamic style and a very high minaret. 24. Al-Amauoi Mosque (Al-Gami' Al-Kabeer) In a rare style, Al-Gami' AlKabeer was established to be one of the largest and oldest Masjids which returns back to the Umayyad Era, and it had been renovated and developed in the time of the King Fouad the first. 25. Al-Kashef Mosque (Masjid Al-Kashef) In Manfalout city, The Prince Ali Al-Kashef Jamal Al-Deen founded his masterpiece; a mosque (Masjid) bears his name, in 1176 H (1772 AD) in Al Qessaria St. 26. Assiut Religious Institute Fouad the First On a surface of 4 feddans and 8 karats had been chosen by King Fouad the first, the Religious Institute was based in 1930 AD and finished in 1934 AD with Islamic style, and inaugurated by Farouk the King of Egypt in 1939 AD to be a lighthouse for the Islamic religious sciences. 27. Modern landmarks in Assiut Al-Salam Monumental Museum Assiut Barrage Assiut University Al-Azhar University The Permanent Exhibition for Tourism Promotion Horus Touristic Anchorage Assiut Touristic Anchorage Al-Ferdous Park Al-Azhar Park Al-Khaldeen Park Sport Foundations The Nile Conferences Hospitality 28. Al-Salam Monumental Museum Assalam School Museum is located in War&Peace square. It includes a huge collection of monumental parts from various eras and areas; Predynasty, Pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic Eras, in addition to Sudanese and Ethiopian monuments. 29. Assiut Barrage Assiut Barrage was constructed in 1902 AD with 111 holes and a length of 880 m. 30. Assiut University Assiut University arises to be the first regional university in Egypt, It was inaugurated in 1957 AD. It contains various practical and theoretical faculties, some higher institutes, prepared halls for international conferences, five stars hotel, university accommodation, different researching centers and advanced hospitals serve Middle and Upper Egypt. 31. Al-Azhar University Al-Azhar University was established in 1969 AD. It was dedicated to serve the sciences by the Islam view 32. The Permanent Exhibition for Tourism Promotion A place to enjoy, have fun, and do shopping, of course the Permanent Expo provides all as it overlooks the Nile through the Floating Restaurant Anchorage Al Thawra St, Assiut city. It includes wrought and handmade traditional products such as hand-made carpets, pictures, sculptures, statues, icons, medals and so on. 33. Horus Touristic Anchorage It established in 1986AD. It includes three roman overlook-the-Nile theaters present folkloric and cultural shows. And a harbor hosts 3 floating hotels at once to serve the Tourism and Nile Cruises. 34. Assiut Touristic Anchorage It is in Al-Thawra St. with a length of 305 m to receive 5 floating hotels at once. Hosts the Nile cruises. It has restaurant and caf. 35. Al-Ferdous Park It is a nice place to have a nice time whether alone or with the family. It lies in Al-Thawra St on a surface of 3 feddans on the Nile. It is a public garden contains roman theatre. 36. Al-Azhar Park Beneath Faisal Bridge and with a highlevel coffee to serve the visitors. Overlooks Al-Ebrahimia canal in one of the most beautiful scenes in the entrance of Assiut city. 37. Al-Khaldeen Park It was established in 2007 AD in the entrance of Assiut city on the bank of AlEbrahimia Canal. The Park includes several means of entertainment and Roman Theatre for different cultural and folkloric shows. 38. Sport Foundations Assiut has an Olympic village in Assiut University, a sport city in Assiut Cement Factory, a tennis courts in Mubarak Quarter, a covered hall and a bowling hall in Mankabad And much more to give Assiut the chance to organize and host national and international events in the different sport fields. 39. The Nile River The Magic River adds its value to Assiut also; with a length of 160 Km the Nile flows from Dierout north to Sedfa south forming a marvelous natural scene with the various lives on its sides. Just enjoy the fascinating views through one of the many luxury floating hotels and restaurants which serve on the Nile. 40. Conferences Hospitality Assiut has many conventions halls serving the conferences and meetings . For example Governorate Building Conference hall, Assiut University Nile grand hall and other many conventions facilites. 41. How to reach Assiut With an Airport, a Train, Three Highways, and a Railroad serve The Governorate on a daily basis; it is so easy and enjoyable to visit Assiut from all over the world. 42. Hotels in Assiut Hotel nameClassAddressTel#Auroura Floating Hotel5*Thawra St.01000458000Tut Floating Hotel5*Thawra St.0882286576Badr Hotel3*Station Square0882329811Reem Hotel3*Station Square0882311422Assiutel3*Thawra Square0882312122Akhenaton Hotel2*M.T. Khashaba St.0882331600Annahr Hotel1*41 M.A. Makary St.0882334175Alwatania Palace HotelN/AAljomhoria St.0882287981Touristic Hostel1*Alweladia Region0882323297 43. Tourism Info Sectors in Assiut SectorAddressTourism Administration Assiut Governorate BuildingTel# 2310010Tourism General AuthoritySawra St.2305110Tourism Regional AuthorityAssiut Governorate Building2310010Tourism & Monuments PoliceGovernmental Services Complex2323328Egypt AirTouristic Anchorage Sawra St.2315228.2315229Assiut Railway StationStation Square2335623-23221442332235Tourist Friend AssemblyAlmajzoub Square2340846 44. Special Restaurants in Assiut RestaurantAddressTel#KFCSawra St.2314536Pizza HutAlazhar St.Cook DoorAlazhar St.Cook WindowSawra St.MomenSawra St.TalatAljomhoria St.2300942Mostafa DarweeshAljomhoria St.2305813Happy DolphinSawra St.2297575-22976762313310 45. Touristic Bazaars in Assiut BazaarAddressTel#Regional Tourism Expo Sawra St.2295560Khan Alkhalili ExpoAljomhoria St.2325115Beit Ettolly ExpoA.H.Albakory St. 2320107Manual carpet ExpoAljomhoria St.2324490 46. Distances to AssiutCairoAlexandriaHurghada375592470AlminiaLuxorAswan125305530 47. Exchange Companies CompanyAddressTel#Alferawnia co. Talat Harb St.2313601Almasria co.Yosry Ragheb St.2334985Almaady co.Station St.2323712Faisal bank co. Station St.2333247