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  • Tour Egypt! – November 6th – 18th, 2015:

    A Unique Spiritual Pilgrimage that will feature Lectures, Group Workshops, Site Visits,

    Meditation, Inner Healing while utilizing the Secrets of the Ancients

    This Powerful Journey includes visits to Virgin Mary’s Tree, Akhenaten’s Amarna,

    the Sound Healing Caves at Beni Hassan, 2 nights in Abydos, the Temple of Hathor at

    Dendera, the Temple of Karnak, a 5 Star Nile Cruise, the Temple of Horus and Sobek

    at Kom Ombo, the Temple of Isis at Philae and the Healing Hospital at Saqqara.

    Featuring PRIVATE VISITS Between the Paws of the Sphinx and the King's Chamber.

    This Spiritual Adventure will focus on identification and release of core beliefs that no longer

    serve us, in order to create a space for the unlimited possibilities that are our birthright –

    as Patricia Awyan, unveils the Secrets hidden within the ancient Symbolism.

    Also featuring Khemitologists, Yousef Awyan, and Mohamed Ibrahim, our Tour Guide,

    who will share their knowledge and wisdom at the ancient sites

  • Learn how the Ancient Egyptian Neteru and Symbolism collectively provide multi-dimensional

    maps of the nature of our reality, the eternal holographic cycling of all life forms, and how we

    can achieve higher levels of consciousness and open the pathways to Ma’at, divine resonance,

    peace, vibrant health and balance within—and reflected without.

    Nothing we think is REAL really IS…

    During this Sacred Journey within and without, we will seek to discover ourselves as we examine what is

    truly significant in our lives and what is a “programmed” illusion. We can learn to hear the pure essence

    of cosmic consciousness when we bring our hearts and minds into a resonance within. Through our

    group work and experiencing of the powerful energies of the ancient sites, we will be guided to take a

    look at ourselves with new perspectives—that will open pathways to an empowered future.

    Sacred Initiation

    Sacred Initiation occurs when we discover ourselves as we experience the universal reality that surrounds

    us. We increase our levels of awareness and frequency when we can, with positive and heartfelt

    intention. integrate an outside source of ignited light based energy and direct it inward (implosion)

    Initiation into higher levels of awareness and consciousness does NOT require a guru,

    ceremonialist, high priest/priestess or self-proclaimed mystic to guide you, or by

    participating in rituals created with someone else’s agenda.

    Sacred Initiation occurs when we go within to experience the reflection of our and synergize

    the patterns and cycles of our body, mind and spirit with the universal matrix, collective

    consciousness and universal divine spirit of all that is.

    This is the message that the Neteru left for us.

    Sacred Initiation occurs when we find a harmonious resonance with our natural

    environment, recognizing that we all beat to the tune of the universe, each

    uniquely, and yet collectively creating its marvelous and infinite song.

    What secrets are

    embedded within

    the symbol of the

    Sema Tawy ?

  • November 6th –Day 1 Friday Cairo The seeds are planted…

    A transfer representative will meet you at the airport to assist you with entry formalities, and escort you to the

    luxurious 5-Star Mercure Pyramids Hotel & Spa in Giza, less than 5 minutes from the Giza Plateau.

    We will all enjoy a Welcome Dinner together followed by an introductory meeting filled with delightful

    surprises! It is essential to be in attendance as Patricia introduces the platform for creating our intentions

    for our powerful adventure together. Overnight Mercure Sphinx Hotel - Giza (D)

    November 7th –Day 2 Saturday Virgin Mary’s Tree The Divinely Feminine Archetype

    After an early buffet breakfast shared together, our motor coach will bring us to an area hidden in the midst

    of the bustling life of modern day Heliopolis where we will find the peaceful sanctuary that houses Virgin’s

    Mary’s Tree and Well in Matariya. Here, according to a legend, Mary stopped and rested under the shade

    of a sycamore tree with Joseph and the infant Jesus during their travels in Egypt 2000 years ago. This tree

    (also associated with Hathor and Nut) has become famous for inspiring spontaneous healings. In a lovely

    shaded enclosure here, we will learn more about each other and our collective quest. Patricia will share the

    tenets of what the sacred feminine represented to the ancients and how we can utilize the healing and

    nurturing energy of the powerful Mother within ourselves.

    After lunch, Patricia will continue her Lecture at our hotel in Giza.

    The Pantheon of Egyptian Neteru (gods and goddesses) symbolize aspects or forces of nature with

    multi-dimensional meanings and significance-- including being representative of the 360 senses that

    the indigenous say we all once had, in a higher dimensional Golden Age called the “Age of Aten”.

  • The lecture will include an introduction into how to view and experience the symbolism

    and energies we will be integrating at the sacred sites throughout our journey.

    As above so below; and as within so without-

    With this knowledge alone we can manifest miracles!

    Afterwards we will enjoy dinner together.

    Overnight Mercure Sphinx Hotel - Giza (B,L,D)

    November 8th–Day 3 Sunday Drive to Minya, “Sound Healing” caves at Beni Hassan Self Evaluation After an early breakfast, we will drive by motor coach to el Minya and check into our rooms at the Grand Aton Hotel,

    beautifully set in its own luxurious tropical and landscaped gardens, along the banks of the Nile River.

    Next we’re off to the site of Beni Hassan, which includes 39 rock-hewn tombs, from the Middle Kingdom, with a few dating back to the Old Kingdom. These caves known by the locals for their sound resonance

    acoustics and healing energies were created long before they were used as tombs. Beni Hassan is located on the eastern bank of the Nile, overlooking the river valley with magnificent views in both directions.

    The tombs display richly painted scenes of daily life from this time and we’ll discuss the possibility that many of the images are depicting the “biblical” Hebrews.

  • Overnight Grand Aton Hotel, El Minya (B,L,D)

    November 9th - Day 4 Monday Amarna, Ashmunien, Tuna el Gebel and Drive to Abydos

    We’ll leave early in the morning after our breakfast buffet, to explore the sites of Akenaton’s Tel el

    Amarna. The Amarna Period was an era of Egyptian history during the latter half of the Eighteenth

    Dynasty when the royal residence of the pharaoh and his queen was shifted to Akhetaten, which translates

    as "Horizon of the Aten", in what is now modern-day Amarna. Aside from the rock cut tombs found here,

    the area contains the remains of many structures, such as the Great Temple of the Aten and the

    Great Royal Palace, that were built by Akhenaton.

    What was Akhenaten trying to tell us? We will explore the implications of the message he left behind,

    and this can help us to open our own hearts to the unlimited potential that exists within.

    Our next stop is El Ashmunein. Khmun, the Ancient Egyptian name of El Ashmunein, means "eight-town",

    after the Ogdoad, a group of eight Neteru who represent the world before creation—or how we ‘fell into

    matter’. The Greeks named the city Hermopolis, after Hermes or the Neter, Djeheuti (Thoth), who

    represents cosmic consciousness and more. Here we will see two majestic baboon statues.

  • Next we’re off to visit Tuna El Gebel to explore the Tomb of Petosiris, a tomb constructed to look like a temple and the Tomb of Isadora. Afterwards we’ll explore the large subterranean complex that contains

    the tombs of the mummified baboons and ibis birds and discuss the implications of such a gigantic ‘underworld’ construction. Afterwards we’ll drive back to Abydos, check into our rooms at the Abydos

    Hotel, located just a short walk away from the Seti I Temple. We’ll enjoy a home cooked suppe


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