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<p>1ChengFrom: Cheng []Sent: Saturday, J uly 09, 2011 10:59 PMTo: ''Subject: FW: Sharing good ideas - Torque wrench Calibration on boardAttachments: Torque wrench calibration Gear.pdfOriginalMessageFrom:MASTER[]Sent:Thursday,June09,;[]Sent:Thursday,June09,;;master@vessel.comCc:kumarr@angloeasterngroup.comSubject:SharinggoodideasTorquewrenchCalibrationonboardGoodday,AttachedplfindtheattachedplfindthearrangementfabricatedonboardMillHouseforCalibrationofTorquewrench.TheProcedureandnecessaryreferenceinformationisprovidedforyourguidance.RequesttofabricateCalibrationarrangementonboardyourvesselinthesimilarlineandrevertwithdetailsoncedone,anyimprovementisalwayswelcome.AllrepairordersforCalibrationofTorquewrenchestobeCancelled.DynamometertobeCalibratedAnnuallybyshoreworkshop.Kindlyacknowledgereceiptofthemessageandincludethisinyourjobplan.RegardsAmitTripathiReceived:fromINTatGlobeWireless;Thu,09Jun201108:57UTCMessageid:539927615ANGLC LAS1LkN GkCU, SINGACkL LPG/C: Procedure for calibration of Torque wrench 1)Set the torque wrench and dynamometer as shown in picture below. 2) Slowly pull the handle of torque wrench by chain block such that stable indicator on dynamometer panel glows green. Note the reading on Dynamometer panel when torque wrench snaps. Measure the distance from the center of socket and pull from wrench handle as shown in picture below. 3) Torque wrench setting(kgf m) =Load (kgf) X D (m) 4) Prepare Calibration Certificate for the range of the torque in few steps and include the Calculated Torque (T) for the corresponding Force (F) and moment arm (D) in tabular form. SeL dynamomeLer Lo 'zero' Ad[usL rlgld plaLe Lo requlred angle such LhaL aL flnal snapplng of Lorque wrench lLs handle should be perpendlcular Lo pull from chaln block and uynamomeLer D Load 8oLh axls musL be ln rlghL angle Lo geL accuraLe readlng aL Lhe polnL of snap Reference Information: Torque Calculation Torque is defined as: The measure of the force applied to produce rotational motion (usually measured in foot-pounds). Torque is determined by multiplying the applied force by the distance from the pivot point to the point where the force is applied. Torque = Force x Moment Arm In the English system, torque is measured in foot-pounds or inch-pounds. In the Metric system, torque is measured in Newton-meters. 8.851 inch-pounds = 1 Newton-meter 1 foot-pound = 12 inch-pounds 16 ounce-inches = 1 inch-pound 1 Newton = 1 kilogram-meter per second squared Conversion Formulas: Multiply By To obtain foot-pounds 1.3558 Newton-meters foot-pounds 0.1383 kilogram-meters foot-pounds 12.0 inch-pounds inch-pounds 0.0115 kilogram-meters inch-pounds 0.1130 Newton-meters inch-pounds 0.0833 foot-pounds kilogram-meters 7.233 foot-pounds kilogram-meters 86.7964 inch-pounds kilogram-meters 9.8067 Newton-meters Newton-meters 0.7376 foot-pounds Newton-meters 8.8508 inch-pounds Newton-meters 0.1020 kilogram-meters Photographic reference. 8eam wlLh Lrack way Lo ad[usL u of Lorque wrench of varlable lengLh 8ase plaLe Lo ad[usL Lhe angular poslLlon of Lhe Lorque spanner, so LhaL exacL u can be calculaLed aL Lhe Lorque polnL. </p>


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