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  • TORONTORENTALSAN OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE Relaunches Website inCelebration of 20 Year Anniversary

    PRESS RELEASE - SEP 3, 2015 07:59 EDT, also known as, is happy toannounce their 20 year anniversary and relaunch of their apartment rental is one of Canada's largest apartment rental sites.Started in 1995,, also known, has evolved into one of Canadas largestapartment rental site with thousands of visitors each day.Filled with available apartments, condos, townhouses andother homes to rent, providesproperty management companies and owners anaffordable rental listing site that connects them with rentalseekers from countries around the globe.Competition is high for property managers as rentalsurplus has risen in Toronto, and the condo and rentalmarket has become more renter friendly according to arecently released report by Urbanation, a condo researchfirm. The report notes that although the number of unitsrented in the first three months of 2015 grew by 11 percentcompared to the same time in 2014, new listings increased by 21 percent as more newlycompleted units came on the market. Rents grew at a much slower pace and declined in someneighborhoods leaving property managers to find more creative and effective marketingavenues to reach a flooded rental market.People looking for rental property demand selection and variety to make comparisons, saysRamon Tiwana, CEO of offers hundreds of buildingsin many different areas and price ranges for potential renters to view. Our website visitors arealso more likely to bookmark and return to our website time after time providing our listingseven more exposure. provides property managers a rental listing service that is highly-trafficked by those looking to rent in an affordable, easy to use and accessible way. Propertymanagers are provided with user name and password access that allows them to check theiractive and non-active listings, make changes, and see the number of times the property wasviewed. Through, property managers are provided drawn floor plans thatenhance dimensions, color, texture, and shadowing as well as a detailed description of all the

    " offershundreds of buildings inmany different areas andprice ranges for potentialrenters to view. Ourwebsite visitors are alsomore likely to bookmarkand return to our websitetime after time providingour listings even moreexposure."


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    building's features. The listing provides the company information with a link that directs trafficback to the company website and also includes links to Google Maps, Google Street View andFacebook.On the website, buildings are searched by area utilizing an interactive map which connects toavailable listings. Each listing provides an overview of the building including type of rental andaddress, amenities and building features, and provides contact information with an emailform. For each property, each unique apartment layout is provided separately along withcurrent vacancies, and prices and specials, which are updated monthly.Each building is allowed up to 20 exterior photos that show amenities such as a laundry room,lobby, nearby stores, exterior of the building and other elements that complement thebuilding, and each individual rental unit up to 12 interior photos. Photos of every room areshot by a professional photographer and a floor plan of the apartment is drawn up. Whenaccessing the photos on the website, an arrow is programmed to move around thephotographed interior rooms to highlight where each photo was taken, giving the viewer abetter opportunity to see the real size of the apartment. In addition, a 360-degree panoramaof the largest room of each suite or unit is is heavily trafficked because of the quality we provide each listing, addsTiwana. We also invest to rank higher and more often on all the major search engines andhave ads running in many of the major newspapers. Property managers can reap the benefitsof our marketing exposure for a fraction of the cost of print advertising.For more information, please visit TORONTORENTALS.COMStarted in 1995,, also known as, has evolved into one ofCanadas largest apartment rental sites with thousands of visitors each day. Filled withavailable apartments, houses, condos, townhouses and other homes to rent, provides property management companies and owners an affordablerental listing site that connects them with rental seekers from countries around the globeviewing the website looking for a new place to live. To learn more or to view availableapartments or list a rental, visit INFORMATIONRamon Tiwanacontact@torontorentals.comhttp://www.torontorentals.comSourcesUrbanation - Why rents are softening and whats in store for Torontos condo market

  • Company Contact InformationRamon Tiwana Toronto Rentals#403 1315 Lawrence Ave E. , North YorkOnt, M3A-3R3(416) 910-7722

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