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Topgrading For Sales How to Hire Only the Best Sales Reps. Download the Sales and Marketing Effectiveness Kit Here: o ANTITRUST REMINDER 2013 Phillips 66 Marketing Conference & Trade Show ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV -- May 21- 24, 2013. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Topgrading For SalesHow to Hire Only the Best Sales RepsDownload the Sales and Marketing Effectiveness Kit Here:

1ANTITRUST REMINDER2013 Phillips 66 Marketing Conference & Trade ShowARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV -- May 21- 24, 2013 It is the policy of Phillips 66 to comply strictly with antitrust laws and to avoid the appearance of conduct which might be misconstrued by others as violating those laws.

Because competitors are represented, we must all be mindful of the Antitrust Laws. We must, of course, carefully comply with the Antitrust Laws and conduct our affairs so that there is not even an appearance of possible impropriety.

The primary Antitrust Law of concern is the Sherman Act, a federal law that prohibits conduct that restrains trade. The Act has been interpreted by the courts to prohibit agreements between competitors to fix prices, allocate customers or territories, refusal to deal with third parties, to restrict output or any other type of action to threaten or extract concessions from another company, or any other similar anti-competitive joint action. In some instances, violations are deemed to be felonies and can result in substantial fines and imprisonment.

Unfortunately, because conferences like this one in general bring competitors together, they have sometimes been misused to engage in restraints of trade in other industries. For that reason, it can be anticipated that antitrust enforcement personnel and others hoping to find support for the existence of improper conduct will be interested in what transpires at such meetings. It is therefore critical that these meetings be conducted in a manner that does not inadvertently create false inferences of possible impropriety.

You can do your part to protect yourself and others by not engaging in any discussions that could possible be considered as anticompetitive. Such adherence is required while at our Conference, during any sidebar discussions that may occur before or after the Conference and during any breakout sessions and breaks.

Should you have any questions during your discussions, please consult with your respective legal representative.

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The Importance of Effective HiringPage 5Mis-hire Cost CategoriesHiringCompensationMaintenance/supportSeveranceTheir mistakes/failuresDisruptionLost revenue5xTop rep production vs. avg. sales reps7 out of 10# of rep hires that are mistakesInvest in a hiring process to avoid the mis-hire5Sample Cost of a Mis-hirePage 6

Cost CategoriesContributions6Topgrading Talent ManagementKey Process to Effective HiringPage 7

7Approach to InterviewingPage 8Use a detailed Interview Guide which has instructions on what to do:Prior to the interviewDuring the interviewAfter the interview

8What NOT to do When InterviewingPage 9Skip rapport-building at the beginningIts about you, not them (leads to less rapport and information)Miss a stop sign on body language or a comment and fail to uncover key data (reason for early Tandem technique)Decide not to push for specific dataAllow a candidate to avoid low points or weaknesses Criticize the candidate so they will learn honesty is not safeAllow the candidate to rambleDefining A, B and C PlayersA Player:One who qualifies among the top 10%

B Player:One who qualifies among the top 11-35%

C Player:All those below the top 35% Page 10Have a complete score card10Upfront Screening in Hiring ProcessComplete Career History FormScreen candidates via phone interviewStandard interview questions complete (traditional culture questions)Online personality test complete (PeopleAnswers, Caliper Corp)

Page 11Competency assessments, scenario based questioning, and job trials are reserved for the select few Appropriate hiring practices require substantial time commitment to avoid the mis-hireInvesting the time now will save you in the long run

11Ability & Fit Lenses to Spot A PlayersPage 12Has the attributes required for performance and accomplishmentGrade them on the Scorecard Competencies sectionGrade them on the Scorecard Accountabilities sectionHas the abilities or qualities (e.g. character, culture, chemistry, goals) enough to mesh with the business and into the roleCan they get the job done?Are they a good fit?AccountabilitiesCompetenciesAccountabilitiesCompetencies12Defining Relevant AccountabilitiesPage 13

Define each appropriate accountabilityDefine the unit of measurementDefine either an internal, external or both benchmarks13Defining Relevant CompetenciesPage 14Determine which competencies are nice to have vs. must haveDefine each appropriate competencies for your company

Compare candidate score to benchmark peer group14Leveraging Scenario Based QuestionsPage 15Use scenario based questions for relevant competencies

Scenario questioning results in more substantive answers from the interviewee

15Incorporating Micro Projects into the Hiring ProcessPage 16Real life projects provide understanding of candidates capabilitiesHow will candidates react to the task?How do they leverage resources?How do they define the problem, prioritize recommendations?This also gives candidate opportunity to determine whether line of work is appealingConclude project with presentation to manager (via online and/or f2f)

16Best Practice: Include a Job TrialPage 17

Develop job trials relevant to your company/industry17Job Trial ScorecardPage 18

18Quality Reference CheckingPage 19

Threaten a reference check to get candidates to tell the truth19Using Reference Interview ResultsPage 20Input: former boss of a #1 candidate for a Sales Manager opening provided rich negative informationGoal: Confirm consistency

Career History FormTopgrading InterviewReference InterviewTriangulate the candidate20Bringing the Interview Process TogetherPage 21

Score candidates across each phase of the interview process If top candidates do not accept offer, determine whether environment is suited for A players21The Hiring Process Continues Through OnboardingPage 22

Effective hiring requires a strong onboarding processStrong onboarding reduces time and cost of ramping up new hires22Page 23Individual Development PlansEmployee InformationName: Date: August 2011SAP #: XXXXXLocation/Department: SalesJob Title: Sales ManagerName of Supervisor:

23Page 24Career Action Plan Library

24How Can You Get More Info About SBI?25

Download the Sales and Marketing Effectiveness Kit Here: