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Are you interested in redesigning your website for the New Year? Your website's layout, graphics and navigation can make a big difference to your overall marketing ROI, do you know which website design trends can help you meet your goals? This webinar covers: The main characteristics of an effective website Marquis approach to website design Top design trends for to implement for 2011


<ul><li>1.Top Website Design Trends for 2011:Learn how you can make sure your website is current for theNew Year.Presented by:Richard Sharp</li></ul> <p>2. 5 things you want to know aboutthis presentation1. The presentation will be 45 minutes including Q &amp; A2. You can send your questions to us via yourGoToWebinar controls at any time during thepresentation3. We will answer timely, topic-specific questions duringthe presentation and save the rest for the Q &amp; Aperiod4. We answer all the questions we dont have time for during the presentation in a blog post later in the day5. We will send out a link to the recording and a PDF of the presentation slides after the presentation 3. Marquis approach to web design1. Your website design needs to support your overall business goals (not just look pretty!)2. It needs to focus on usability and the customer experience as much as eye-catching design.3. Design elements should support your goals, and should encourage users to take the actions that you want them to take.4. Your websites design is as much a part of your website optimization process as search engine and conversion rate optimization.5. Design can either encourage or discourage readers to interact with your site and take action. It can have emotional motivation factors for your audience. 4. Characteristics of effective websites1. Effective usability2. Search engine optimization (SEO)3. Compelling content4. Ease of maintenance and evolution5. Continuous measurement and improvement 5. 6. 7. Even the words inthe bubble are text 8. 9. 10. Over 10 pieces of contentavailable on their homepage 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. SimpleNavigationPrimary call-to-actionSecondary call- to-action 18. 19. 9. 20. 21. 22. Summary of 2011 Web Design Trends1. HTML 5 and CSS 32. Using typography as a design element3. Editorial-style layouts4. Minimalist layouts and color schemes5. Large and interactive website headers6. Link-rich footers7. Mobile compatible websites8. Wide layouts9. Full image backgrounds 23. Definitive guide to a website redesignHow do you combine web marketing strategy, design &amp;usability, SEO, information architecture, social media andlead capture to deliver ROI for your next website?E-book: The website redesign playbookToolkit including checklist and whitepaperSupporting webinar: December 16, 2010 24. Thank You! Follow our blog at us on Twitter @Marqui_CMSContact me!Richard Sharp, VP 25. Image Sources </p>