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Although Kindle Fire cannot read ePub books, we can use some methods to make it possible to view ePub files on Kindle Fire. Here are the easiest two ways.


  • 1. From : Ways to Read ePub Books on Kindle FireePub eBook format is very common for its open source, and ePub books have beenshared popularly between various eBook readers. But its unfortunate that Kindle Firecannot recognize ePub books. Nevertheless, we can use some methods to make itpossible to read ePub files on Kindle Fire. The following two methods are the easiestones Ive found.Note: Some guys may be confused that if KF can download public library books in ePubformat or not. Well, the answer is No. There is no way to get Library books on Kindle Firefor the books are DRM copy-protected. Breaking the DRM is illegal.Method 1: Convert ePub Books to Mobi Format for Use on Kindle Fire with CalibreYou can use Calibre to convert ePub books to Mobi format with Calibre which is a freeeBook management and conversion program tool that allows you to easily and quicklyport the ePub books to your Kindle Fire. Its compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linuxplatform. Here are the steps to change ePub files to Mobi format:Step 1: Download and install Calibre, and open it. Connect your Kindle Fire to the PC ifyou havent done this yet.Step 2: Drag-n-drop the ePub files you want to convert from your KF to the Calibrelibrary. Highlight the eBooks and click Convert eBook".

2. From : 3: Set the "Output format" to "MOBI" on the right. Then hit "OK" button.Step 4: Once it finished the conversion, you can select "Connect/share" from the topright of Calibre to send the eBooks to your device.Method 2: Install Overdrive Media Console for Reading ePub Books on Kindle FireConverting the ePub files to Mobi format by Calibre is a viable option for reading ePubbooks on your Kindle Fire, but its not so convenient, some guys may think. And here Irecommend for you an easier workaround: install an third party app named "OverdriveMedia Console". (OverDrive Media Console app is a free app offered by OverDrive whichis an American digital distributor of digital eBooks, audiobooks, music & video for library,school & retail.) You can follow the step-by-step instructions below.Step 1: To install "Overdrive Media Console" on your Kindle Fire, pls tap the top rightcorner of the home screen and go to the settings of you Kindle Fire, click "More..." andselect "Device", and then set "Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources"from "Off" to "On.Step 2: Install a free document viewing app such as "ES File Explorer", File Expert " and"AndroxPlorer" into your Kindle Fire.Step 3: Go to OverDrive page, choose Android option and click the small fonts link belowto download "ODMediaConsoleSetup.apk" to your computer. Then connect your KindleFire to your computer using the USB cable and copy the file to the "download" directoryon your Kindle Fire. 3. From : 4: Open the document viewing app you have installed and access to the"ODMediaConsoleSetup.apk" to install the app. Done!Extension: Where to Get Free eBooks for Your Kindle Fire?If there are only few eBooks in your Kindle device and you want to get more eBooks forfree, y ou can refer to Where to Get Free Kindle eBooks.More Hot Articles: How to Rip/Convert DVD to Kindle Fire on Mac OS How to Transfer Videos to Kindle Fire for Playback How to Rip/Convert DVD to Kindle Fire Format