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This presentation gives perfect and top tips on how to paraphrase your documents. To get more tips, you can visit


<ul><li> 1. Tips onHow toParaphrase</li></ul> <p> 2. is a paraphrase?A paraphrase is when you write the idea of any writer in your personalwords without altering the original sense. It is usually about the samesize as the main article. It is essential that the sentence arrangementand the vocabulary are not excessively similar to the original. 3. How to paraphrase Steps1. Reread the original article till understanding thats complete meaning. Write the paraphrase on a note card.3. At the top of the note, write some keywords to point out the subject of theparaphrase. 4. StepsHow to paraphrase4. Check your version with the original text to make sure that your versionaccurately states all the essential information in a new arrangement.5. Use quotation marks to distinguish any exceptional term you have copied from the main source.6. Write down the main source in your note so you could find it easily, if youneed to show the original text. 5. Paraphrasing tips the writers intention----Catch to the point----Judge for your writings----Always include citations----Use your own words----Flip the sentence----Add a signal phrase, which presents the source-- 6. How to paraphrase a PARAGRAPH Remember the paraphrasing and summarizing are not the same process2. Understand that paraphrasing doesnt mean to make the text smaller3. Change the original words4. Use a thesaurus to help you with words5. Create your own sentence structure for your paraphrased paragraph6. Try to modify the structure of the paragraph7. Remember that there is more than one way to paraphrase a paragraph 7. to paraphrase a sentenceRead the sentence to be paraphrased again &amp; againCircle the specific wordsHighlight keywords that can be changedFind synonyms for the keywords 8. you want to know moreabout Paraphrase,Please visit at </p>