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DESCRIPTION Here are some of the most profoundly effective foods that reduce abdominal flab. 1) Yogurt, 2) Apples, 3) Green Tea, 4) Pomegranate, 5) Nuts and Legumes 6) Eggs 7) Kale


<ul><li> Top Seven Fab Ab Foods For A More Gorgeous You </li> <li> Somebody once said that foods can fix everything- anger, anxiety, helplessness; no wonder chewing gum can relieve stress, a candy bar can make you smile again, and chocolate can take you straight to cloud nine. Just as I consider gastronomy highly favorable for the frayed and often thin nerves of brides- to- be, their side effects can often be equally visible-bulges, tires and unsightly inches, particularly around the midriff, is part of the collateral damage of food eaten unmindfully. My take on this is quite different my darlings- if food can be the panacea for making you feel good; it can be as much a panacea for making you look good as well. </li> <li> Our midriff happens to be the most vulnerable spot where for some magnetic reason most fats seem to settle down. Its indeed the toughest region to focus on during a workout- fab abs seem a distant dream except in loud TV commercials. However scientific studies have proven that some foods have the ability to cut down on abdominal fats. Abdominal fats the one that you can hold with your hand is also called as subcutaneous fats which although hard to target during a workout responds to a combination of carefully chosen diet and exercise routine and in matter of weeks-will reduce substantially. </li> <li> Here are some of the most profoundly effective foods that reduce abdominal flab. 1. Yogurt 2. Apples 3. Green Tea 4. Pomegranate 5. Nuts and Legumes 6. Eggs 7. Kale </li> <li> 1.Yogurt Better still if its low fat and unsweetened, the proteins are rich and the probiotic bacteria helps digest and cure all flatulence issues in the stomach helping in a natural digestive health and lowers fat accumulation. </li> <li> 2.Apples I was amazed to learn that fresh apples and apple cider if taken everyday erase out calories faster than other foods. Fiber rich and full of minerals and vitamins they keep your hunger pangs at bay. </li> <li> 3.Green Tea Sure you want to reach for your cuppa every now and then but make it green here forth with caffeine in tea helps burn fats and speeds up the metabolism dramatically; and need I add it soothes those over- strung nerves quite magically. </li> <li> 4.Pomegranate Better eaten fresh than juiced- 300 times more potent at burning fats; eat this fruit for its rich content of nitric oxide known to be a fat burner. </li> <li> 5.Nuts and Legumes Rich in proteins, while youre burning your belly fat, remember you need muscles to take its place which can only be possible with the right amounts of proteins. Besides its this factor which satiates your appetite and prevents your usual habit of binging </li> <li> 6.Eggs Say yes to eggs every single day; rich in calcium and proteins, it keeps you full longer, are much lower in calories than any other food and if taken in the right manner are adequate nutrition which will prevent you from eating unnecessary carbs. </li> <li> 7.Kale My last pick for you is Kale and I cannot emphasize enough how important this veggie is for your diet-rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and the right addition to your salad. It has folate, beta carotene, calcium and magnesium; all the goodness in just one profoundly rich food. </li> <li> Give yourself 30 days with these astoundingly effective food ingredients in your diet, top it with a mild exercise program and see your svelte new avatar a month from now. </li> <li> PHOTO CREDITS Craig Paulson Photography Alicia Lucia Photography </li> <li> Create your FREE Wedding App today at For More Information on Top Seven Fab Ab Foods For A More Gorgeous You Please visit </li> </ul>