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1. Top Facial Treatments at Hair and Beauty SalonsHair and beauty salons offer a wide variety of facial treatments for oily, normal, or dryskin and everything in between. Some facial treatments focus on specific goals, such asvisibly younger-looking skin, while other treatments are designed to simply moisturizeand pamper the skin. Both men and women are now finding facial treatments a trendyand necessary part of personal skin care. The results can be incredible, leaving customerswith soft, young, and clear skin that lasts for weeks before a new regimen needs to beperformed. Learn about various types of facial treatments widely available.Facial MassagesFacial massages are one of the most common beautyfacial treatments found in hair and beauty salons. Notonly are they highly relaxing, but they also providemany benefits to the skin. Aestheticians oftencombine nutrient-dense creams and serums to hydratethe skin and encourage new cell growth. Hair andbeauty salons may offer a variety of facial massages,including those specifically for acne-prone skin or foranti-aging.Mud MasksMud masks are a traditional form of facial treatment still used in many hair and beautysalons. While each spa may use a different technique, the basic procedure includesspecialized clays and muds that are applied to the skin to nourish the face with nutrientsand pull toxins directly from the skin.Laser GenesisLaser genesis treatment is available in only some hair and beauty salons, as the beautytherapist must be licensed in laser therapy to perform these facial treatments. This typeof facial treatment involves the use of lasers on the skin to rejuvenate. Laser genesis hasthe ability to improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.This facial treatment is typically scheduled for bi-weekly sessions until the desired look ofthe skin is achieved.ExtractionsMany hair and beauty salons combine basic facial treatments with extractions. During anextraction procedure, the beauty therapist will use a special extraction tool to removewhite heads and black heads from the skin, one by one.Light TreatmentsLight treatments have become a popular type of facial treatment that can provide greatresults. These types of facial treatments involve specialized LED blue, red, and amberlights to help stimulate new cell growth. The blue light helps to kill acne-causing bacteriaon the skin while the amber and red lights help to tighten and tone the skin. Lighttreatments are typically recommended for every 6 to 8 weeks for the best results.Beauty


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