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Top 7 Android Wear Apps presentation or document gives the top 7 android wearing apps information which are most useful for the latest wearable gadgets of Android.


  • 1. Introduction Nowadays there is a trend about the wearable gadgets and its applications. These gadgets have been out from last couple of months and we are about to scratch the new technologys techniques and facilities. | | +91 997 469 9270
  • 2. | | +91 997 469 9270
  • 3. Wear Apps Wearable gadgets are using some of the best apps from Android Application Development. There are top 7 Android Wear Apps for the wearable gadgets like: Wear Mini Launcher Wear App Manager Facer BeeLink Wear Tasker Wear Tip Calculator TinyCam | | +91 997 469 9270
  • 4. Wear Mini Launcher The wear mini launcher is activated by swiping to the top corner. You will see the list of the installed apps by activating it. If you have the apps on your phone then it can also be launched from your watch too. | | +91 997 469 9270
  • 5. Wear App Manager The Wear App Manager executes on your cell and collects each app which you have installed and it has any kind of wear functionality. You can only see the list of apps and can install or uninstall the app. It is useful and give the option to find a way of finding any wear apps which you may forgotten. | | +91 997 469 9270
  • 6. Facer There are many faces for the wear watch in the play store. There are not any API file for the official watch face so there is a standard way to get new designs as Facer. Facer is stepping up nowadays in the intermediate by providing a makeshift marketplace for the faces of watch. You can also design your own design with the help of Facer. | | +91 997 469 9270
  • 7. BeeLink Generally, Android wear can only pair with one device at a time. This is not a big deal for many of us but because we use phones or tablets so it doesnt matter from which the notification is coming. When you want to use your watch with both your work as well as your personal phone then BeeLink is very useful to let you switch between them relatively. | | +91 997 469 9270
  • 8. Wear Tasker TheWear Tasker is a plug in which allows you to manually execute Tasker from your wear wrist watch. You can do any of the task from the list directly by tapping the wear wrist watch. | | +91 997 469 9270
  • 9. Wear Tip Calculator It is a waste of time to calculate the bill by inputting the amounts and doing calculations. With the help of the Wear Tip Calculator you can calculate the bill just from two round dials. You just have to enter the total amount of the bill and the tip % and you have the total bill calculated. | | +91 997 469 9270
  • 10. TinyCam TinyCam is very useful to keep an eye on your children at home if you are using the IP cameras for the security purpose. The app can stream a video from any of the camera which is accessed from the TinyCam. it can use more bandwidth or battery for streaming a video but it is still better to keep an eye on your home. | | +91 997 469 9270
  • 11. +91 997 469 9270 +1 404 941 6624