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  1. 1. Top 5 easy home Interior design ideas for bedroom Anyone canbuilda house.Butittakesso much efforttotransformit to a home.Aneye forart, attention to details and a careful planning is required to do so. Among other things, bedroom is your personal space; a place that is for you and can be designed by you. Sure, they are gazillion materials online for interior design ideas but in reality, only a few fit in either in our budget or in the available spaces or both. Your dreambedroomcan have mirrorson the ceiling,asmall pool by the side and a cave like corner for a cozy bed. But pragmatically speaking, there are many constraints in bringing them live. It is time to declutteryour imagination and start thinking of things that are sure to work. In this post, we are going to see top 5 home interior design ideas for bedroom that is sure to give that WOW factor for your bedroom; ideas that are pocket friendly and require minimal efforts. 1. Patterns, Prints and Layers: Whenyouhave beautifullycoloredwallsinthe background,yourjobof decoratingyourbedroom is half done.Fillinginuniformpatternsof colorsandmatchingyourbedsheets, curtains and other accessories to it givesaclassylookto the whole room.Patternswouldlookgreatprovided that you dont overdo to the point that it looks like an optical illusion. From a simple circle pattern or a leafy one to complex patterns, everything will look good in moderation. If you want to take it to the next level, choose a color and apply it to the room in layers. For example, you can start with a light green tone to the walls, a darker shade to the bed covers and finish with a much darker shade of lamps and curtains. You can add layers as per your creativity but always remember the thumb rule- do not overdo.
  2. 2. 2. Simply elegant: Nota greatfan of patterns or bright colors? No problem. You can tone down the color of the walls and choose reallylightcolors and accessorize the bedroom with uniform bright colors. This contrast, when created with right color combinations, will give an elegant look to your bedroom. Since the overall theme of the whole room would be on the lighter side, this interior design idea creates a pleasing atmosphere around. 3. Mind the corners: You may ask, Whats in a corner? But making sure that they dont get overlooked, design-wise, will give a complete look to your bedroom. We understand that corners are normally meant for shelves or tables, but imagine this scenario: An artistic wooden table in the corner near the window or a heavy cushioned,contrastcolored, elegant single chair or a neatly designed-to-fit corner-bookshelf; you get the idea, dont you? It is not necessary to accessorize all the corners. So choose your corners and accessorize them well. 4. The space savers: Lets face it; we live in India and frugality runs in our genes. We are taught to be economical and not waste anything.Whydontwe applythat in our homes interior design ideas? No, it doesnt mean that we dont decorate. For example, your bedroom needs a bedside table. Instead of a stable plastic or a woodentable,we can create a wall mounted sleek table that can be folded when not in use. Likewise you can think of a foldable bedside lamp, pillow rack under the bed, bunk bed for the kids etc; imagination and intelligence knows no boundary. It might get a little costly when you order to design
  3. 3. thingsaccordingto the space,but inthe longerrun itgivesback somuch advantages;afterall,ahome is an investment for your lifetime. 5. Photo Collages: Thisinteriordesignideaisintrend now for its simplicity and the overall effect it adds to the bedroom. So heres what you need to do: Take up your family album, pick your favorites; print them or take the pictures out of the album and create a picture collage in your favorite shape (say heart or a simple square etc) and arrange it right above the bed. This is a fun activity to do as a family and it is sure to brighten your mood every time you enter the room. So,withthese top5 ideaswe are sure that you will be all set to design your bedroom without bursting so manyimaginationbubbles.There are much more to it and contacting a professional would help you device yourplansaccurately.We,atA3B, have workedonmany interiordesignprojects and have made sure that every single customer gets to live in their dream home. Contact us today to hear more interior design ideas and bring your dreams into reality. Visit our website


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