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Taiwanese love ginger duck, mutton hot spot and sesame oil chicken. Especially in cold weather.


  • 1. Top 3WinterFoods inTaiwan
  • 2. Whats yourfavorite FOODin cold weather?
  • 3. Coffee?
  • 4. Milk?
  • 5. Or Soup?
  • 6. TOP 3winter foodin Taiwan Pic source:
  • 7. Ginger Duck Pic source
  • 8. Mutton Hot Spot
  • 9. Sesame Oil Chicken
  • 10. Usually, these foods were cooked with traditional Chinese medicineTaiwanese believe these foods will 1. fend off the cold 2. strengthen the immune systemTheres one thing to be noticed. Nevereat too much. Otherwise, the tonicfoods will become poison.
  • 11. got drunk is not funIn addition, the foods werealso cooked with ricewine. Bad drinker,please eat less.
  • 12. In this cold season, warm your body and heart and then well ownenough energy to face challenges. YHMCO, the reliable BW Pipe Fittings Manufacturer. Wish you eat happily and healthy. Seria Yang TEL : +886-4-26815496 Robert Huang No.69, Youshi Rd., Dajia Dist., Taichung City 437, Taiwan


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