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Each year, almost 1,000 event marketing executives gather at the Event Marketing Summit (#emslive) to hear emerging trends, best practices, and insights from leading brands. Check out our top 10 takeaways from #emsliveincluding an early look at new EventTrack2014 research unveiled during the conference.


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Top 10 Takeaways </p> <p>From #emslive </p> <p>All image credits: Getty Images </p> <p>What is </p> <p>top-of-mind for EMS attendees? </p> <p>Looking to use new ideas to update or upgrade existing event marketing &amp; trade show campaigns </p> <p>Trying to find new and better ways to combine live events with social media &amp; tech </p> <p>Interested in learning new measurement techniques for proving event marketing ROI </p> <p>Trying to convert events from tactical to strategic </p> <p>89% </p> <p>79% </p> <p>65% </p> <p>47% </p> <p>(Source: Event Marketer Magazine) </p> <p>New research </p> <p>shows positive </p> <p>upswing for the </p> <p>event industry: </p> <p>(Source: Event Marketing Institute and Mosaic) </p> <p>Industry is </p> <p>Events are the #1 channel </p> <p>for launching products </p> <p>(Source: Event Marketing Institute and Mosaic) </p> <p>Experiential </p> <p>budgets are </p> <p>funded directly </p> <p>by corporate </p> <p> (and not pulling from </p> <p>other marketing buckets) </p> <p>(Source: Event Marketing Institute and Mosaic) </p> <p>Brands are </p> <p>building </p> <p>life-long </p> <p>relationships </p> <p>with great </p> <p>experiences </p> <p>(Source: Event Marketing Institute and Mosaic) </p> <p>#1 Top 5 Event &amp; Experiential Marketing Goals &amp; Strategies </p> <p>(Source: EventTrack 2014) </p> <p>79% 78% 59% </p> <p>52% 51% </p> <p>#2 Perception Changes After Participating in Events &amp; Experiences </p> <p>(Source: EventTrack 2014) </p> <p>70% </p> <p>2013 </p> <p>2014 </p> <p>79% </p> <p>More </p> <p>Positive </p> <p>More </p> <p>Negative Same </p> <p>2% </p> <p>2% </p> <p>23% </p> <p>21% </p> <p>#3 Event ROI Continues to Improve </p> <p>(Source: EventTrack 2014) </p> <p>2013 2014 CHANGE </p> <p>1 to 1 return 6% 4% -2% </p> <p>2 to 1 20% 18% -2% </p> <p>3 to 1 16% 16% 0% </p> <p>4 to 1 7% 10% 3% </p> <p>5 to 1 5% 4% -1% </p> <p>Greater than 5 to 1 7% 14% 7% </p> <p>N/A 39% 34% -5% </p> <p>29% 22% </p> <p>#4 Measured Programs Get Funded Faster </p> <p>(Source: EventTrack 2014) </p> <p>2013 </p> <p>2014 </p> <p>71% 78% </p> <p>YES NO </p> <p>A higher percentage </p> <p>of brands say theyre measuring their event &amp; </p> <p>experiential marketing </p> <p>programs </p> <p>Is every moment of </p> <p>experience our </p> <p>customer has at </p> <p>our event providing </p> <p>them with return on </p> <p>investment of their time? </p> <p>#5 </p> <p>Michael Trovalli, VP-Global Events, SAP </p> <p>Every event has to be bigger and betteranything else isnt acceptable. Our expectations </p> <p>continually increase. </p> <p>#6 </p> <p>Rob Pace, Senior VP-Marketing and Events, HP </p> <p>Engagement: keep it simple, authentic, and </p> <p>relevant to the product </p> <p> attributes. </p> <p>#7 </p> <p>Victor Torregroza, Manager-Corporate Event Marketing, Intel </p> <p>Rather than creating content for events, it is </p> <p>more powerful to </p> <p>create events FOR </p> <p>content. Events now </p> <p>serve as powerful content platforms! </p> <p>#8 </p> <p>Matt Statman, CEO, Motive </p> <p>Relevant storytelling #9 </p> <p>Marijke Maartense, Global Director-Marketing Communications, Philips Healthcare </p> <p>starts with understanding </p> <p>where customers are </p> <p>on THEIR decision </p> <p>journey. </p> <p>Second screens are becoming a force of </p> <p>disruption. But you have </p> <p>to make sure it doesnt become a distraction </p> <p>away from the experience itself. </p> <p>#10 </p> <p>Scott Webb, VP, Web Audio Visual </p> <p> Kristin Veach Chief Communications &amp; Growth Strategist </p> <p>About The Author </p> <p>Connect with me! </p> <p>@kristin_veach </p> <p>/kristinveach </p>