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  • 1.grgetherh10 Social Design Tips to Level Up Your Mobile GameOscar Clark EvangelistPapayaMobile Inc

2. Background Social Games continue toinnovate. Disney purchase of Playdom Popcap purchase by EA Zynga IPO Is this another Bubble? 3. Who are Papaya? 23 millionusers 300+ games. Founded in 2008 with $22M raisedthrough DCM and Keytone. 70 staff with offices in San Francisco,London and Beijing More than 80% of users come from USand Europe Popular games earn more than $1million per year. 4. More Social = Less Game? General decline in VideoGame Sales Average iOS developersgenerating only $2k in sales? Social Games revenues keepgrowing Facebook is not the onlygame in town Mobile offers unique modeof use 5. What is a social game anyway? Easily accessible; casualbehaviours Visibly involving friends Repeated public success Reasons to become habitual Integrated within a socialnetwork 6. Tip 1: Games as a Service Social games need to beconsidered as a service Designers need tomonitor user behaviourdata They should to evolveand improve over time Make regular smallimprovements 7. Tip 2: Different Reward Behaviours Collector CompetitorDifferent Players needdifferent rewards Collector: "Got to catch them all" Explorer:ExplorerSocialiser "Where can I go today?" Socialiser: "I want to be popular" Competitor: "Im going to Pwn ya!" 8. Tip 3: Its not a Free Lunch!100 :10 :1 Rule Free-players are yourmarketing channel And your comparisonfor success And provide invaluabledata on play Dont break their game 9. Tip 4: Feed the HabitWhy should they replayyour game? Daily Bonus/Challenge Leader boards Social Challenges Friendship Bonds Recharge systems 10. Tip 5: Social AchievementPlaying the game shouldgrant me Social Capital Let me show off myachievements Gifting andReciprocation Items gained must bedesirable to others 11. Tip 6: Time Vs MoneyBuying things should makemy game better Play for longer accelerate scores add special abilities Game balance must bepreserved Dont kill the game for Free-players 12. Tip 7: Consumable GoodsGive me a reason to spendagain and again Low-cost consumable itemsare low risk for new users Higher cost bundles canoffer better value longer Unique purchases tied toachievements adds rarity 13. Tip 8: Scissor:Paper:StoneUse Dilemma to helpmaintain Game Balance Players should havemeaningful choices Different roles shouldcomplement sharing Ambiguity in strategy leavesroom for players to debate Virtual goods can add newchoices in play 14. Tip 9: Playing MetagamesCreate continuity betweengame playing sessions Metagames can buildretention High Scores dont have tobe global Individual sessions formpart of a wider story arch 15. Tip 10: Its My Game!Its not your game any more... Its your players! Players should be part ofthe ongoing creativeprocess Let them personalise theirexperience Encourage emergentbehaviour Allow players to share theirexperiences and Stories 16. What Next?In Short... Social Games increase: Discovery Retention and Revenues Every game can benefitfrom Social Techniques Mobile is perfect for SocialGames 17. Any Questions?Thank you :) Twitter: @Athanateus