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A quick reference guide of some necessary skills for moms to succeed online.


<ul><li> 1. Brought to you</li></ul> <p> 2. As an aspiring Ebiz Mom, there are many skills youllneed to develop as you build your online business.Well cover the top 10 skills and traits that are crucialto attaining success as an online marketer andentrepreneur. 3. From files and folders to billing and invoices, youll need systems inplace that allow you to find what you need when you need it.Not only does a well organized enterprise run more efficiently andyield greater productivity, it also makes for a far more pleasant workenvironment.And make sure to set up your systems right from the start, future EbizMom, because having to go back and input data can be a mentalhurdle that makes implementing a system after the fact seem like adreaded chore instead of a much needed step in the right directionfor optimal organization. 4. The pinnacle of power and functionality in an easy to useplatform. WordPress has leveled the playing field for onlineentrepreneurs because they no longer have to be beholden toexpensive web designers and developers.WordPress can be installed easily via a C-panel or Fantasticoinstall wizard. Once up, it is very user friendly andintuitive, which means a far shorter learning curve for you thanwith other content management systems. 5. Copywriting is simply a business term for the writing of yoursites content (referred to as copy in the business world.)And it better be good! Lets face it the vast majority of visitorsto your website will be looking for information, and the qualityof your content will help them decide whether they want tostick around, read more, click one of your links, or buy one ofyour products.So make a point Ebiz Mom to learn about this skill that addsvalue to your website as well as to your bottom line. 6. A lot of people are visual learners, and what is deemed boring asplain written information comes to life with a relevant picture orphotograph.You can either take your own photos or purchase them throughcompanies online. Youll usually want to tweak the photo byenlarging it, cropping it, or enhancing the colors. This is easy todo with photo editing software, and will give your site a visuallypleasing design. 7. This is how you transfer files from your computer onto yourwebsite. Use a free program like FileZilla to upload content to yourwebsite.FTP can seem scary at first for a new Ebiz Mom, but once you getthe hang of it its pretty simple. Youll need some info from yourhosting account to plug into the required fields.The left side of the screen shows the files on your computer; theright side shows your hosting accounts server. You transfer thefiles simply by clicking your mouse on the file you want to upload,then dragging it across the screen to the files on the other side. 8. If you find yourself stuffing receipts in an envelope or shoebox,youre treating your enterprise like a hobby, not a business.If you havent already, its time to turn this online endeavor intoa real business by using accounting software to track yourincome and expenses (as well as to invoice clients and makequarterly filing much easier.)Accounting software comes in an array of pricepoints andfunctionality, but Quicken is a favorite of many Ebiz Moms. 9. Video is a great way to get your message out because it is easilyaccessed and understood by your audience.You can make a simple video by just taking a written article andbreaking it up into chunks and inserting the segments into aPowerPoint presentation. Film your slide presentation with freescreenshot video capture software such as Camstudio while youread the text. An easy peasy video with little technical know-how.As you build your skills, you can create more sophisticatedvideos with software like Windows Movie Maker or i-Movie 10. Forums are a great way to get your name out there within yourindustry, and can help promote your site and your reputation.Always read and follow the rules of the forum youreparticipating in, as well as always using proper forum etiquette.Lastly, remember to be a giver, not just a taker. Offer advice tothose less seasoned than you, and those more seasoned will takenotice. 11. In todays world of global communication, you dont have to doit all. In fact, trying to do so will cost you far more in time andmoney. You simply cant be good at everything.Spend your time on the things you are good at, and outsourcethe rest. As you build your profits, your budget will increase soyou can outsource even more tasks.Companies like oDesk, Elance, and Fiverr act as intermediariesto connect you with talented freelancers who can do the thingsyou cannot. 12. When you run your own online enterprise, there is no bossaround telling you what to do.Set a daily goal of tasks you need, then want, to getaccomplished. Tackle your must dos first and withoutinterruption.Go on an interruption diet and cut back or eliminatecompletely those things which drain your time. When in doubtabout a task, ask yourself if its the most productive use of yourtime and is it MAKING YOU MONEY?! 13. In an age of instant-everything, you need to put on your realityglasses and see the online business world as it really is: It takestime to build a business; it doesnt happen overnight.Staying focused and motivated is perhaps the hardest part ofbeing an online entrepreneur, and yet it is the most crucial toyour success."Success seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they dont quit. Conrad Hilton </p>