Top 10 Questions in Strategic Communications May 20 2014

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<ul><li> 1. THE TOP 10 QUESTIONS IN STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS May 20, 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. The Top 10 Questions 3. 1 What does success look like? 4. 2 Why this, why now? 5. 3 What are the project or corporate objectives? 6. 4 What are the communications objectives? 7. 5 How can effective communications help advance the project or corporate objectives? 8. 6 What are the main risks and opportunities? 9. 7 Thinking back about past communications activities, what worked and what didnt? 10. 8 Who are the key audiences and why are they important? 11. 9 What are the project management parameters (time, budget and human resources)? 12. 10 If we could change just one thing, what should it be? 13. critical success factors 14. trust 15. credibility 16. alignment 17. 5 strategies to rock client management 18. meet audiences where they are 1 19. be prepared 2 20. manage expectations 3 21. add value 4 22. ask good questions 5 23. Internal Client Relationships: Challenges &amp; Opportunities 1. Thinking about your relationships with your internal clients, consider the following dimensions: Strengths Whats working well? Gaps What are the weaknesses? Opportunities What are opportunities for improvement? 2. If you could change one thing about your internal client relationships, what would it be? 3. What is a first step you can make in improving your internal client relationships? 2014 Ingenium Communications Inc. </p>