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We examined cloud usage data for 13 million people across over 8,000 apps available today to find out the top 10 personal finance apps based on usage. Read the blog post here:


  • 1. Were living in the future

2. Today anyone can:Buy goodsonlineTransfermoneyAcceptcredit cards 3. IN THEIRPAJAMAS 4. But what financial appsare people really using? 5. To answer that question, we looked at actualusage data across thousands of apps for13 million peopleHere are the top 10 personal financeapps based on that data 6. 1.You may know PayPal as the way you buy and sell stuffon eBay, but did you know you can also transfer moneyto friends and pay for in-store purchases at retailerssuch as Home Depot and Toys R Us. 7. 2.Mint is an online budgeting and expense trackingtool that automatically pulls in data from banksand investment accounts, giving you a completepicture of spending, assets, and debt. 8. 3.With Square, anyone can accept credit cardpayments using a free card reader that attachesto a smartphone or tablet, and, with Square Cash,you can send money to friends and family for free. 9. 4.Xoom allows you to conveniently and securelytransfer money to friends and family in othercountries, and recipients do not need a bankaccount or internet connection to receive funds. 10. 5.There are a lot of questionable credit reporting sites,but myFICO is from the people who invented the creditscore. You get scores from all 3 credit reportingagencies and are alerted to changes. 11. 6.Coinbase offers a way to easily buy bitcoin,securely store bitcoin, and make purchases usingbitcoin at 36,000 merchants including Dell,Expedia,, and Budweiser. 12. 7.Never haggle with roommates or friends againabout splitting expenses. Splitwise makes it easyto divide up and track IOUs with friendly emailreminders to make sure people pay up. 13. 8.Like Mint, Personal Capital lets you graph andanalyze your money and spending, but it goesmuch deeper into analyzing your portfolio andgives you access to online investment advisors. 14. 9.Billguard tracks spending across your accounts,automatically alerts you to suspicious charges,and lets you report the charge from within theapp to get your money back. 15. 10.Check is a mobile app that tracks your bills andgives you one central place to pay them, helpingyou avoid late fees and bank overdrafts whileeliminating envelopes, stamps, and paper checks.


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