Top 10 LinkedIn Tips - Albert Kaufman, Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert, Portland, Oregon - 2015

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<p>Maximize Your Business Networking with LinkedIn</p> <p>Top 10 Tips to Maximize Your Business Networking with LinkedInAlbert KaufmanConstant ContactAuthorized Local Expert Portland, OR</p> <p> LinkedIn MattersLinkedIn 300 million and growingIts where people connect on a business levelEverything is about workBest approach be professionalIts a place where people go for job-related informationTo find work, to offer work to others And to check out who is available and what their skills are (40% of users check LI daily) UsageHow is LinkedIn used? #9 People use it to look up the work histories of those they want to meet, are meeting or are recruiting. Solicit recommendations from your friends &amp; past colleagues - then, when someone comes looking, they can be impressed. sure your house is in order 1st#8 Build your profile make sure its completeBuild your company profile dittoHow to find connections? email list, past places youve worked, family, friends, repeatThe last step is important repeat because every 2 seconds someone new joins LINow that youre connected what to do?</p> <p> This is true with all social media make sure you have your structure built first#7 Then, start connectingWhen someone reaches you, you want to be prepared for them to find the information you want them to find!Most important what you do, and various ways to contact you email/phone/IM/etc.</p> <p> Pages Your Photo</p> <p> sure that your photo is a good one its one of the main things that people see a picture paints a thousand words</p> <p>6Business Pages</p> <p> LinkedIn Groups Important!</p> <p> LI Notifications like in FB, KEY!The little red number at the top of the pageTells you who has written to youTells you who wants to connect with youOften contains job offers, and other opportunitiesCheck these frequently for best results as they are often timely offersI check LinkedIn at least once a How toLinkedIn - it's all about business/work - it's the water cooler on subjects having to do with work#4 Recommended: keep posts about business. You don't know who will read them and this is where people hang out to be professional. Pictures of kitties on Facebook - here, topics related to businesstry spending some time posting/linking as your business. @albertideation (use @ to make link to yourself or your business)IMAGES - like elsewhere - use them, How to make a link</p> <p> StrategyStrategy - spend an hour just on LinkedIn. Then one just on Twitter. Then one just on as your Fan Page on Facebook. Strategy - once you are connected on LI - you now have the other person's contact info - great time to write to them and ask if they'd like to be on your email list - include a sign-up link. Include an offer, possibly. Why would they particularly like to be on your list? What will being on your list do for them? Strategy - offer a sign up link to your newsletter on LinkedIn Groups. Provide an incentive/reason#3 Strategy - I have created an auto-responder-ish response whenever anyone connects to me on LinkedIn or FacebookConnect with me on LinkedIn to see my autoresponder Contact Info</p> <p> UpgradingIs it worth it to upgrade to paid version of LinkedIn? Here's what you get, first of allHave you upgraded? Was it worth it? Perhaps if you're job-hunting this would be useful. Upgrading for single-proprietor business person, a audience how they use it?14LinkedIn: Upgrading</p> <p> Tip for using LinkedIn</p> <p>Think about what to do in these areas of LinkedIn get in touch to ConclusionMake sure youre profile is set up (biz/personal)Make an effort to reach past/current connections join groups be helpful Keep learning, this platform, like others will continually change #2 stay abreast of the changes! Thanks for your time! </p> <p>Albert Kaufman</p> <p></p> <p></p>