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  1. 1. STATEMENTAL Mind-set to make a statement, look better, stand higher Being intoxicated with yourself Photo Credits: 1 - Ramnath Bhat, 2 - Mike" Michael L. Baird,, 6 - Maloq, 7 - John Lodder With power, comes responsibility and greater involvement Constant need to be a better version of ourselves Cool to be Indian and buy Indian Indians want it right here, right NOW Satisfying the eternal desire for connection Consumers growing and voracious appetite for information NEW-YOUer MYOPIUM DESI COOL CHILLS-UMERS NOWians CHANGE CHAMPIONS CONNECTIFY OMNI-TECH INFO-BURST 4 6 8 10 3 751 2 9 Bring much- needed fun to your daily life The increasing pervasiveness of technology