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  • 1. Top 10 College Football RivalriesNo matter what school you bleed for, chances are you have a rival. A game that gets circled on the calendar before any Top 25lists come out. An opponent that your team cant stand. Theres perhaps nowhere that rivalries burn hotter than in the world ofcollege football, where every game matters in the chase for the National Championship. Here are the Top 10 college football ri-valriespresented in no certain order, lest an argument break out over this as well.

2. Top 10 College Football RivalriesAlabama vs. Auburn 1Amidst cries of Roll Tide, and War Eagle,this is the rivalry against which all others arejudged, a blood feud to end all others. Eachyear, the winner of the Iron Bowl takeshome the Foy V-ODK Trophy, as well as themore important bragging rights. 3. Top 10 College Football RivalriesTexas vs. Oklahoma 2The Red River Showdown is played everyyear at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Since theinception of the AP Poll in 1936, eitherTexas or Oklahoma has come in to thegame ranked 67 times, making this a criticalgame every year on the college footballlandscape. 4. Top 10 College Football RivalriesOle Miss vs. Mississippi State 3It may not get the national exposure thatsome other rivalries get, but the Egg Bowlgame between the Bulldogs and Rebels isthe tenth longest currently running rivalry incollege football. In 1927, the Egg BowlTrophy was awarded for the first time, andhas been every year since. 5. Top 10 College Football RivalriesArizona vs. Arizona State 4This might be the most underrated collegefootball rivalry game played. It doesnt makea lot of the lists, but its history makes it oneof the most heated rivalries ever. The historybehind the winners prize, the Territorial Cup,is so long and riveting, theres even a bookwritten about it specifically. 6. Top 10 College Football RivalriesNotre Dame vs. USC 5There is perhaps not another rivalry as sto-riedas the Battle for the Shillelagh. No twoschools have combined for more nationaltitles, Heisman Trophy winners or future NFLHall of Famers than these two teams.Played the Saturday after Thanksgiving, thisgame has launched these two teams tomore National Championships than anyother. 7. Top 10 College Football RivalriesOregon vs. Oregon State 6They say familiarity breeds contempt, andnowhere is that more true than the Civil War.The two campuses are located just 50miles apart, and each schools rise to natio-nalprominence has just fueled the intensity. 8. Top 10 College Football RivalriesMichigan vs. Ohio State 7A personal rivalry between two of college footballsmost revered coaches pushes this matchup on toalmost everyones listed of top college football ri-valries.The Ten Year War as it is called created anenduring hatred between the two schools. From1969 to 1978, Bo Schembechlers Michigansquad entered the game undefeated, emergingunscathed only in 1971. Woody Hayes, the OSUcoach during that same period, was famous forreferring to Michigan only as That school upnorth, refusing to say their name. 9. Top 10 College Football RivalriesFlorida vs. Georgia 8This game remains as one of the few stillplayed at a neutral site. The game attracts ahuge crowd to Jacksonville, FL, where thegame is held, which has earned it the moni-kerWorlds Largest Outdoor CocktailParty. These two teams dont see eye-to--eye on anything, including when the rivalrywas first played. 10. Top 10 College Football RivalriesFlorida vs. Florida State 9Although the two schools are among theoldest public universities in the UnitedStates, they did not meet on the footballfield until 1958. A rivalry quickly developed,however. From 1990 to the year 2000, atleast one of the schools entered in to thegame ranked in the Top 10 in the AP Poll. Infact, in six of those seasons, the winner ofthe game went on to compete for the Natio-nalChampionship. 11. Top 10 College Football RivalriesArmy vs. Navy 10Though it may no longer have the nationalimplications that some of the other great ri-valriesin college football do, the Midship-menand Black Knights usually find theirgame marked as the unofficial end of colle-gefootballs regular season. This rivalry isfueled by the interservice military rivalry aswell. Its been contested since 1890,making it one of the most enduring rivalriesin the sport. 12. While the college football rivalry is one of the most enduring facets ofthe game, arguing about those rivalries is not far behind. Think I disre-spectedyour intrastate feud? Make your case in the comments, or yellat me on the Twitter (