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Tooty Fruity Pizza

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Tooty Fruity Pizza. Our Team. Our team is made up of: Caitlin Brown Lauren Fletcher Chris McIlroy Candice Binnie Ryan Cuzen. The Product – Tooty Fruity Pizza. Fruit flavoured pizza shaped like a heart - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Tooty Fruity Pizza

  • Our TeamOur team is made up of:

    Caitlin BrownLauren FletcherChris McIlroyCandice Binnie Ryan Cuzen

  • The Product Tooty Fruity PizzaFruit flavoured pizza shaped like a heart We chose our ingredients based on what foods were appropriate given that some foods will discolour if not eaten quickly

  • Our Target MarketOur Target Market is people who shop in food stores

    When we decided on our target market we realised people might be fed up with savoury pizzas and prefer sweet ones, we thought about where to sell our pizzas and who might be able to afford to buy our pizzas

  • When we are going to sell our pizzaWe are going to sell our pizza all year round.We will look into changing the ingredients of our pizza depending on what fruit is in season

  • LocationWe have decided to sell our fruit pizza in food stores and in particular fruit shopsWe think it will be something a bit different which might catch peoples attention if they are in a fruit shop

    We have also decided to sell in larger food stores such as supermarkets so that we can attract more customersIf our pizza idea is successful we would like to ask supermarkets to let us have a stand with lots of ingredients so that people can create their own the way some supermarkets do with savoury pizzas

  • Our Unique Selling PointWe chose a fruit pizza because we realised that sometimes people like a sweeter taste so an alternative to a savoury pizza might be a good option

  • How we made the productWe discussed pizza ideas and decided on a fruit pizza

    For our first attempt we made a fruit pizza but decided the crme fraiche we used as a topping was too bitter, we also wanted to change the shape to make it more interesting

    In our 2nd attempt we used more sugar in the base mixture which altered the taste, in this attempt we also changed the shape to a love heart shape

    For our third attempt we changed the fruit to strawberries and mandarins and changed the crme fraiche for whipping cream. In this attempt we forgot to put sugar into the base mixture and it didnt taste as nice so we definitely want to keep the added sugar in the base to give it a sweeter taste in the actual pizza.

  • Our SloganWe discussed what we wanted our slogan to tell people and since we were aware that a fish pizza may not sound very appetising we decided that we wanted it to say how tasty our pizza was

    We choseWhat a tooty, fruity pizza day

  • Our AdvertWe decided to make an advert to let people know about our pizza. We wanted to put our slogan in it to try and make it more well known

  • Ingredients1 packet of pizza base mix1 small tin of mandarin segments punnet of strawberries pot of whipping cream25g Caster sugar

  • Costings

  • PricingIt cost us 1.92 to make the product so we have decided to sell it for 3.50 this will give us a profit of 1.58.

  • Packaging IdeasWe decided because our pizza is a sweet pizza we wanted our box to look like a chocolate box. We liked this plan but decided after discussing it further to make a prototype of this one

  • Final Packaging DecisionIngredientsLogoWe designed our logo in Art, we opted for two similar ones to fit different parts of the box