Tools of Persuasion Don’t believe anything you read!

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  • Tools of PersuasionDont believe anything you read!

  • Different Tools of PersuasionNamecallingStereotypingBandwagonPlain folksTabloid thinkingShock tactics/FearAir and rebut the other sides point of viewEndorsementIntertextual References AssociationRepetition

  • Name callingApplying a negative label to a person, group, or ideaExample: That man is a liar!

  • StereotypingOversimplifying the image of a whole groupExample: People from New York are rude.

  • BandwagonPresenting an idea as right because a majority of people believe itExample: You should come to the party. Everyone will be there!

  • Plain FolksTrying to show that the speaker is just like everyone elseExample: I may be your boss, but Im no different from you.

  • Tabloid ThinkingPutting people into stereotypical rolesExample: Of course he likes football. Hes a boy!

  • Shock Tactics/FearScaring the audience into doing somethingExample: Times running out! Buy now!

  • Air and Rebut the other sides point of viewRestating an opposing viewpoint and then showing why it is wrongExample: She says we should quit. I say shes afraid.

  • EndorsementUsing celebrities or experts to help influence your decisionExample: Michael Jordan drinks Gatorade which will improve your jumpshot!

  • Intertextual ReferencesUsing another reference that agrees with your views or opinionsExample: Amur Leopards can look quite cute and sweet when they are young, but they quickly grow into powerful animals. According to the Jackson Zoological Society, an amur leopard can weigh between 50 and 80 pounds.

  • AssociationPresenting a positive idea or feeling to make you feel that way about something elseExample: Our Do-It-Yourself tree house kit is as easy as counting to three!

  • RepetitionRepeats the information so you can remember itExample: Who can you trust: Bill Adams, because he can get the job done! Why can you trust Bill Adams? Bill Adams can get the job done!


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