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<p> 1. Repairmans toolkit Whats in it? 2. Repairmans toolkit Hammer (claw hammer( Monkey wrench Screwdriver set Metal working saw w/ replacement blades Box screwdriver Electric tester Steel brushes (rust removal( Japanese hobbyist knives Swiss knife Clock mechanics screwdrivers Allen keys Plyer 2B marking pencils 3. Repairmans toolkit 2 Masonry anchors Punchers for fabric &amp; leather Screw asortment Insulating tape File (for paint, wood, etc( Work gloves Scissors Cement gloves Sand paper Paint brushes Flashlight Metering tape 4. Various glue types Always keep an assortment of adhesives (hobbyists, for clay, fast drying, etc( 5. Additional adhesives 6. Toolkits: some more examples 7. Toolkits: some more examples 8. Electric repairs toolkit 9. Plugs &amp; socket splitters 10. Sewing accesories 11. Pros: woodworking kit 12. Car and exterior works 13. I Hope this was beneficial for you Please share! Amirsky media 2015 </p>