Too many texts or not enough? Adapting the ‘discourse-historical’ approach

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Too many texts or not enough? Adapting the discourse-historical approach. Philippa K. Smith Presentation to the ICDC Discourse Research Group 13 May 2009. Critical discourse analysis. Critique Ideology Power. The discourse-historical approach. Interdisciplinary Multi-methodological - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Too many texts or not enough? Adapting the discourse-historical approach

Philippa K. SmithPresentation to the ICDCDiscourse Research Group13 May 2009Too many texts or not enough?

Adapting the discourse-historical approach



PowerCritical discourse analysisInterdisciplinaryMulti-methodologicalProcess of triangulationThe discourse-historical approachInterdisciplinaryProblem orientedCombines theory and methodEthnographical (study from the inside)Movement between theory and empirical data10 important principles of DHAStudy numerous genres and public spacesHistorical contextFlexible analytical tool boxGrand theories (foundation)Middle theories (theoretical basis)10.Application of results

The second fiveExplicit reference to a topicReference to the same eventsAllusions or evocationsTransfer of main arguments

Intertextuality Recontextualization


InterdiscursivityNapier gunmanNews reportsTalk back radioOfficial reportsInterviewsStatementsDiscoursesGun controlPolice protection tazersDrug culture Legalisation debateCommunity supportMedia responsibilityExample of interdiscursivity:

EventNZer dies in IraqEventPolitical statementNZ FIrstMedia reportNZ Herald article on racist remarksMedia reportNZ Herald article on census that Asians are the fastest growing minority group in NZDiscourseTopic 1DiscourseTopic 2Discourse Topic 3DiscourseTopic 4DiscourseTopic 5DiscourseTopic 6EventCensus data releasedMedia reportOnline NZ Herald articleNew Zealand passport holder shot dead in Iraq

CMCYellow Peril blogCMCNZ Herald online feedbackAre Peter Browns comments on Asian immigrants racist?CMCAotearoa Ethnic Network listservDiscussion on whether New ZealandPassport Holder is an acceptable description.Official textsPolitical statements, reports, website pages, documents, pamphlets, posters, etc

CMCYellow PerilBlogBlogger, moderators,postersMainstreamMedia____NZ HeraldReportStatisticsNZ reportReportCensusDocument to complete on census nightHypertextLinks Eg other blogs, video links,Referenced texts eg a NZ tv series, book on NZ national id.Topic 6Topic 5Topic 4Topic 3Topic 2Topic 1Case study 1: Yellow Peril blog

Field of action: NZ Census 2006 identifying

Official/quasi official discourses of national identityDiscourses ofHuman Rights Day leaflets, posters, national identity 10 Steps to DiversityDocument, political speeches, Human Rights etc

classification of ethnicity:

Question 11

XXXFrom: WellingtonSince: Dec 2006\Posts: 4

Reply Posted at 9:44AM on 7 Dec 06. Permalink.

Thank you. After National Radios thirty-ish stories yesterday and today on the Asian ethnicity overtaking Maori at some unspecified time in the future I was desperate for someone to point out that, well, Asia is not an ethnicity as such but a rather large continent. As for the New Zealanders what Im most amused about the graph in you story is that the New Zealanders have been placed right at the far end of the graph in amongst all the minorities. Was this actually their political goal? Anyway, they have now turned this particular set of statistics into a farce. Shame they wont see it that way.

Reply Posted at 9:51AM on 7 Dec 06. Permalink.As a 'European' foreigner, I can't help but smile at these ethnic games NZ plays. I was in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was elected. The buzzword of the day was 'reconciliation', which was probably best played out in the six o' clock news. XXXFrom: WellingtonSince: Nov 2006Posts: 14

1.Description of the CMC 2.Quantitative analysis would be conducted providing information on the number of CMC posters, their gender and location if available, how often each poster communicated a message and any other relevant information. Measures will be taken to ensure the anonymity of the posters is maintained.3.qualitative analysis of the CMC would involve a close reading of the text to:list the salient discourse topics of discussion in the order they occur. 4.Genre analysis

Wodak and Reisigl list five discursive strategies:

(a)referential/nomination to establish how persons, objects, phenomena/events, processes and actions are named and referred to linguistically; (b)predication to identify characteristics, qualities and features attributed to social actors, objects, phenomena/events and processes;(c)argumentation to look at the justification and questioning of claims of truth and normative rightness(d)perspectivizations, framing or discourse representation to see from what perspective these nominations, attributions and arguments are expressed ie speaker or writers point of view, involvement or distance;(e)intensification/mitigation of respective utterances or are they overt?Examine the Linguistic means and the specific, context-dependent linguistic realizations This may involve categorization of self and other, self-reflection, language of inclusion/exclusion, of membership, attachment or belonging, analysis of verb categories and narrative and any reoccurring metaphors.

Too many texts or not enough?Thank you.


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