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Too Many Hats?. Life in Educational Technology Support TIES Conference 2011 Monday December 12, 2011 Marc Johnson, ECMECC Jon Larson, ECMECC. Technology Planning. Network Design Engineer. Hardware/Software Research. Cable/ Wire & Network Installation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Too Many Hats?

Too Many Hats?Life in Educational Technology SupportTIES Conference 2011 Monday December 12, 2011Marc Johnson, ECMECCJon Larson, ECMECC

Technology Planning

Network Design Engineer

Hardware/Software Research

Cable/Wire & Network Installation

Cable/Wire & Network Installation

Cable/Wire & Network Installation

Software Installation

Computer/Device Imaging

Attend Training

Conduct Large Group Training

1-1 Training

Geek Squad to the Rescue

Software Expert

Network/Hardware/Software Maintenance

Backup & Data Recovery


Data Manager

Computer Repair

Audio/Visual Repair

If it has a plug, battery and/or blinking lights repair

Anti-Virus / Malware

Computer Forensics (Detective)

Video Surveillance

Police Investigator CIASecret Service Big Brother

AdministriviaMeetings, Meetings, Meetings

AdministriviaE-rate / Grants / Paperwork


AdministriviaContent Filter Manager

AdministriviaBudgeting / Finances

Phone Systems

Clocks / Bells

Paging / Intercom Systems


SecurityDoor Locks, Key Cards, Etc.

Instructional Technology Expert

Videographer / Converter


Recycling Engineer

What Did We Miss?


CopingColleaguesMEMO http://www.memoweb.orgMeet your media professionals and instructional personnelKIC Key Instructional Contacts - TIES (regional organizations)Attend conferences and professional developmentCopingSocial NetworksMessage boardsTwitterBlogsFacebook Google+Be connected and participate so you arent isolatedCopingCommunicationTalk to people whose responsibilities some of these jobs really belong to or shouldAdministrators Listen (Educate them)Staff including media and instructional technologyTechnology committee Just say No

CopingBe involved in your communityAttend staff functionsEat with the staff Work with students in academics and activitiesStart a student Geek Squad

CopingPriorities and AlliesLearn what is important to the students, staff and administration and set priorities to fit.Engage vendors how can they help?Use 3rd party personnelCopingThe AlternativeRun screaming from the buildingTake a bat, hammer, or other blunt object to the hardwareCryInternalizeQuit

What Else Helps You Cope?

Wrap-upIts a tough job

Wrap-upIts an important job

Wrap-upIts about the kids

Wrap-upIts about the kids