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Tonino Lamborghini presents the new Beds & Linens collection


  • b e d s & L i n e n s

    A S I A C O L L E C T I O N

  • b e d s & L i n e n s

  • b e d s & L i n e n s

    S U P E R I O R C O L L E C T I O N

    Four exclusive models featuring excellence,

    comfort, state-of-the-art and elegance.

    Four types to suit all different needs, all inspired


  • A S S E N S U P E R I O R

    S U P E R I O R

    A F R E S H B R E A T H O F W E L L N E S S

  • A S S E N S U P E R I O RS L E E P I N G O N A C L O U D

    S U P E R I O R

    The extraordinary cover fabric of this mattress ensures a feeling of pure freshness, maximum breathability

    and total transpiration thanks to its elevated protection against mites bacteria mildew and fungi. The

    Elioform layer with horizontal holes technique ensures transpiration, the other one, the 7-zone layer, gives

    an orthopaedic support following the natural profile of the entire body. The use of Eliosoft and 3-zone Gel

    Layer, with the particular check process, increases air flow ensuring maximum breathability of the internal

    materials and provides a differentiated support across the body. Moreover the use of Gel, thanks to its low

    thermal conductivity, provides total breathabilty, extraordinary strength and a pleasant feeling of freshness all

    night long.

  • I N T E R L A G O S S U P E R I O R

    S U P E R I O R

    T H E V A L U E O F S I L V E R F A B R I C

  • I N T E R L A G O S S U P E R I O RE L E G A N C E A N D P R E S T I G E

    O F E V E R Y S I N G L E P A R T

    S U P E R I O R

    Interlagos Superior Mattress is a high technological product characterized by its special cover made of Silver

    fabric. This precious metal, with the release of ions, interacts with bacteria proteins and is anti-static.

    The Mattress is divided in 3 layers: the central Elioform layer offer firm spinal support and total hygiene

    allowing air to pass through and refreshing the fabrics.

    The two Memory external sides of the layer, characterized by the precious 7-zone wave design support the

    spine and offer correct body positioning, firm yet gentle. Double comfort mattres.

  • S U P E R I O R

    M O N T E C A R L O S U P E R I O R

  • S U P E R I O R

    M O N T E C A R L O S U P E R I O RT H E P O W E R O F T H E J E W E L :

    T H E V A L U E O F I T S I N T E R N A L C O M P O N E N T S

    Montecarlo Superior Mattress is unique within its genre because its covered with an extraordinary

    Antibacterial Carbon fibers fabric known for its antistatic and antibacterial properties. This high technological

    material provides maximum transpiration. The Memory filling, together with Elioform layer, gently supports

    the body, maintaining a balance of rigidity and softness and providing extra comfort for the spine. Fiber filling

    together with Eliosoft layer supports the spine and encourages the correct position, gently but firmly. Both

    layers are designed with 7-zones of support to give the shoulder and hips flexible comfort while keeping

    superior back support. This allows you to improve your sleep posture without feeling like you are sleeping on

    an extremely hard mattress. The wave shape of the layer manages to fully satisfy the need of our bodies

    for complete support during sleep, thanks to the 7-zones which have different weight supports: head/neck,

    shoulder/upper back, lumbar, pelvic, knee, lower leg, and feet/ankle.

  • L E M A N S S U P E R I O R

    S U P E R I O R

    T H E P E R F E C T M I C R O C L I M A T E

  • L E M A N S S U P E R I O R T H E S E C R E T S F O R A G E N T L E

    A N D F R E S H R E S T

    S U P E R I O R

    This wonderful mattress, thanks to its special fabric, ensures the perfect regulation of your bodys microclimate

    absorbing excess heat and releasing it when its cooler outside. The Airyform system ensures maximum

    breathability of the internal materials, it guarantees a perfect ergonomic support across the body combining

    maximum comfort, ideal for a regenerating and revitalizing sleep. Both layers have Memory padding which

    ensures orthopaedic comfort and indeformability, retaining the original features and shape.

  • b e d s & L i n e n s

    G R A N d d E L U X E

    C O L L E C T I O N

    Finest materials, artisan craftsmanship,

    attention to detail and aesthetic

    beauty without compromises.

    This selection represents the heart of Made in

    Italy values, combined with the fierce passion of

    the exclusive Tonino Lamborghini brand.

  • The Montecarlo Grand Deluxe mattress is made with the highest technology, as far as the structure external

    cover and internal structure is concerned. The fabric of the cover, made with coal fibre, is absolutely innovative,

    removable and washable. Starting from the colour, a shiny black wich has the characteristic logo of Tonino

    Lamborghini printed on it. It is resistant, elastic, antibacterial and antistatic, the fabric made with coal fibre

    help to form a perfect micro environment that is ideal for a good rest. The internal structure is formed by

    three sheets respectively bonded in Memory, Elioform and Eliosoft. The wavy structure of the sheet gives a

    different type of support depending on the parts of the body and gives different rest solutions based on the

    position and the use of mattress, whilst the Memory padded on one side allows a softer impact on the body.

    M O N T E C A R L O G R A N D D E L U X EP U R E T E C H N O L O G Y

    A N D C O M F O R T

    G R A N D D E L U X E

    M O N T E C A R L O G R A N D D E L U X E

  • The Daytona Grand Deluxe mattress is made with selected materials of technology. The fabric of the cover

    is composed of one of the most sophisticated fibres used in the textile industry that is able to absorb

    excess heat and to release it when the external temperature diminishes, thus maintaining an ideal and even

    microclimate during the period of rest and is completely removable. The internal sheet is composed of a layer

    of Memory and of one in Elioform to give firm and anatomical support for the whole body, perfectly adapting

    itself to the back and avoidng pain that comes from incorrect positions. Lastly the mattress has a layer of

    Memory in the padding of the fabric, makes the support even more anatomical, soft and comfortable, giving

    a gentle sensation of support to all of the limbs.

    D A Y T O N A G R A N D D E L U X EP E R F E C T C O N D I T I O N S F O R T H E

    C O R R E C T R E S T

    G R A N D D E L U X E

    d A Y T O N A G R A N D D E L U X E

  • The Silvertone Grand Deluxe mattress is perfect for those who want a good night sleep and technology at

    its highest level. An internal sheet of 3 cm made of Memory, with a wavy structure in 7 zones, and 18 cm of

    Eliosoft, with horizontal holes, it delicately and anatomically supports the body, giving the correct balance

    between soft and hard. The quilting wich on one side is made of Memory and on the other side is made of

    hypoallergenic fibre and assures two different types of rest. The cover that is made of Silver, an innovative

    fabric, is antibacterial and antistatic and is completely removable. The 3D side band guarantees maximum


    S I L V E R S T O N E G R A N D D E L U X EU N P A R A L L E L E D E L E G A N C E

    A N D S T Y L E

    G R A N D E L U X E

    S I L V E R S T O N E G R A N D D E L U X E

  • The le Mans Grand Deluxe mattress is extremely accurate in every detail. Its layer in Eliosoft foam supports

    the body throughout, guaranteeing a maximun level of comfort, a perfect balance between the anatomic and

    rigid structure. The Airyform 5 zone technology that is applied to its internal layer, balances the body weight

    throughout the lenght of the mattress and ensures perfect transpiration during the night. Padded on both

    side with 2 cm of Memory, it gives outright comfort. The removable cover is made of a sophisticated fibre that

    thermo regulates the body temperature ensuring that the microclimate is maintained at an ideal temperature

    for the whole night. These are elements that help to give a restful and good night sleep.

    L E M A N S G R A N D D E L U X ES N U G G L I N G L I G H T N E S S

    G R A N D D E L U X E

    L E M A N S G R A N D D E L U X E

  • The Indianapolis Grand Deluxe mattress is the orthopaedic mattress par excellence. Ideal to give support to the

    back and for those who want a firm support, it has a new wavy structure in seven zones on two sides that give

    further support that is differentiated at the nodal points of the body structure: the head, torso, hips, legs, knees and

    ankles. Most importantly thanks to this particular workmanship, the back feels supported but without any particular

    compression. The wavy shape creates channels of air throughout the structure of the mattress. Thanks to these

    channels, the mattress can breathe and is comfortable. The padding in fibre adds to the quality of support of the

    Indianapolis Grand Deluxe model. The fabric cover is treated with lavender essence and it is easily removable.

    I N D I A N A P O L I S G R A N D D E L U X E W E L L B E I N G T H A T C O M E S F R O M

    R E I N V I G O R A T I N G R E S T

    G R A N D D E L U X E

    I N d I A N A P O L I S G R A N D D E