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Tonality Ceramic façade is a unique product with an unprecedented range of colours. The dye-penetrated fired-clay tiles offer user-friendly installation. This installation enables extremely variable designs of joints and maximizes design freedom. CSC # 07 44 23. The Tonality Ceramic Facade Brochure features all colours and finishes available in the Tonality line. For thermally broken facade design using Tonality Ceramic Facade refer to the Engineered Assemblies TcLip & RVRS Design Guide.


  • 1claddingclay tilesTonality

    The Wave, D

    enmark, H

    enning Larsen Architects

  • 2Natural clay sets the toneTonality tilesNatural fired clay tiles, made from the finest Westerwald clay will give your commercial, public and even residential building a natural terracotta cladding look!With an easy and user friendly installation, different joint options and a wide variety of surfaces and colours, Tonality clay tiles will be an inspiration for everybody!

    Easy installation, lift and lock solutionWe offer a comprehensive terracotta rainscreen system featuring lift and lock technology with aluminum vertical profiles, horizontal sub-grits, wall brackets and trim pieces.It is a genius single-skin cladding solution, proven to be stronger than the most traditional systems.

    Maggies Cancer Caring Centers, United Kingdom Architect Piers Gough Barham Park, United Kingdom PRP Architects

  • 3Fine surface



  • 4ContentsProduct Overview Preface 5 Ventilated Faade 6 Advantages 10 Colour Chart 12 TONALITY Adaptive Fixing System 15 Sun Protection 17 Product Overview 19 TONLAITY Classic 21 TONALITY Baguettes, Lamelle Tiles & Square-shaped Quadrats 23

    System Construction TONALITY System Sub-Construction Adaptive & Standard Details System on Metal Sub-Construction 25 TONALITY System Sub-Construction Adaptive System on Wooden Sub-Construction 31 TONALITY Adaptive System T-Line 32 TONALITY Adaptive System Siding 34

    Planning Basics General & Technical Information on & Installation TONALITY Cladding Tiles 36 Round Walls with Standard Cladding Tiles 41 Special Designs 42

    References Engineered Assemblies brilliant buildings 43

    Technical status 02/2014All notes, technical and graphic information correspond to the current state of the art and to our experience based on this. The installers described are examples and do not take into consideration the conditions specific to individual cases. The information given and the suitability of the materials for their proposed use must be checked by the purchaser in all cases. We (companies of Etex group) accept no liability. This also applies in respect to misprints and subsequent change of a technical nature.


    The clay tile faade TONALITY extends the product range for suspended back vented facades with an appealing natural material. TONALITY cladding tiles have represented highest quality, frost resistance and durability for decades now. The range comprises through colored burnt-clay tiles with natural surface texture, cladding tiles with matt and glossy surface finish and durable graffiti protection, as well as color-glazed tiles in a large variety of colors. The sun and privacy protection elements Lamelle and Baguette are completed by the new square-shaped tile Quadrat. Components of the Classic range are also available with smooth, pilaster strip and grooved surfaces. The compatibility of the system consisting of the TONALITY cladding tile and of the system sub construction allows for fast, time-saving installation.

    All cladding tiles of the TONALITY range are non-combustible (Fire resistance acc. to Building Material Class A1). With formats from 150 x 300 mm up to 400 x 1,600 mm, the range opens up broad possibilities of design and material combinations with fiber cement panels of large format.

    The following pages are intended to evoke design ideas, and as a practical guide to construction and realization. Whether it is an office complex, a commercial building or school the illustrated buildings will convince you with regard to their aesthetic appeal and their economic efficiency. And even in building renovations, the suspended back-vented faade of TONALITY cladding tiles proves to be a reliable system with favorable building characteristics.

    Our qualified faade experts stand ready to give you custom and project-related advice either by phone or on location. We are pleased to assure you of our strong support during the course of all building stages, particularly pertaining to detail planning, invitations of tenders or economical optimization. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise of future-oriented faade systems. We are open to your ideas.

  • 6Ventilated facadeOriginated in Scandinavia centuries ago, the ventilated facade (rainscreen) technique is now very prominent in areas with demanding climatic conditions.In the terracotta rainscreen system, the outer tile deflects rain and sun heat away from the building. The ventilation space allows air to freely circulate behind the tile, creating a well ventilated and comfortable inner building.

    VersatilityThe ventilated facade construction principle combines the scalability of curtain wallconstruction with the creative versatility and adaptability offered by traditional buildingtechniques.

    Less is moreA ventilated facade system has minimal thickness and weight, yet it offers maximum performance.

    HealthyThe ventilated facade construction principle avoids cold bridges, eliminating condensation and mould growth.

  • 7Terracotta rainscreen

    Ventilation spaceOuter layer

    Fixing system

  • 8Tonality

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    AdvantagesCreativeAvailable in an endless range of colours and sizesPossibility to play with tile formats from 150x300mm up to 600x2000mmProduced in different surfaces: smooth, grooved, pilaster strip & waved version

    EconomicalOne layer means less weight & less use of substructureHigh wind pressure resistance due to rear strengthening hanging systemThe time saving lift & lock system ensures a fast and precise installation

    Maintenance freeFine & smooth surface which ensures no contaminationPermanent Graffiti Protection is included in all finishes except for natural Brick Red finish

    EcologicalEnvironmental Product DeclarationEnvironmental Managing System DIN EN ISO 14000

    Fortinos, Stoney Creek ON Turner Fleischer Architects

  • 11

    St. George Island, United Kingdom

    Design possibilities

    Kinderhaus Pertinsel, Austria Architect Lothar Huber

  • 12

    Colour Chart Tonality

    Available surface options | smooth

    Tonality Siena

    70100 Anthracite 70102 Red 70103 Beige 70101 White

    Tonality Travertin

    69900 Yellow 69901 Red 69902 Beige 69903 Grey

    Available surface options | smooth

    grooved one pilaster stripe

    Tonality Natur

    70017 Toscana 70002 Beige 70024 Cream light 70015 Pearl grey

    70010 Flint grey 70021 Umbra grey *70019 Brick red (natural)

    Tonality Nuance

    70020 Brick red (finished surface) 70006 Dark red 70011 Copper red 70009 Bright red

    70016 Sand 70004 Cream 70018 White matt 70022 White glossy

    70007 Eggshell 70013 Light grey 70008 Bright grey 70014 Middle grey

    70005 Dark grey 70001 Anthracite 70025 Black matt 70023 Black glossy

    Please note that actual colours may slightly vary in appearance from those shown on the colour chart.*Graffiti Protection is offered on all colours except Tonality Brick Red (Natural)


  • 13

    Colour Chart Tonality

    Available surface options | smooth

    grooved one pilaster stripe

    Tonality Noblesse Color

    70355 BL1 70356 BL2 70357 BL3 70358 BL4

    70380 GR1 70381 GR2 70382 GR3 70383 GR4

    70370 TU1 70371 TU2 70372 TU3

    70390 VI1 70391 VI2 70392 VI3

    70365 GE1 70366 GE2

    70375 OK1 70376 OK2

    70350 CR1 70351 CR2 70352 CR3

    70360 OR1 70361 OR2

    70385 RO1 70386 RO2

    70340 BR1 70341 BR2

    Please note that actual colours may slightly vary in appearance from those shown on the colour chart.* Graffiti Protection is offered on all colours.


  • 14

    Cladding tile tonalityTONALITY cladding tiles have

    represented highest quality, frost

    resistance and durability for decades


    The unique variety of colors with select

    surfaces, the outstandingly attractive

    joint design, and the consumer

    oriented installation constitute the

    distinguishing features of the high

    quality cladding tiles TONALITY.

    The suspended back vented

    faade of TONALITY cladding tiles

    proved to be a reliable system with

    desirable building characteristics for

    new building projects as well as for

    renovations of existing buildings.

    TONALITY Classic Natural

    TONALITY Classic Finished Surface

    TONALITY Classic Special Series

    TONALITY Color

    TONALITY Color Natural Red FR3

    TONALITY Sun Protection

    All notes and information, technical and graphic instructions, correspond to the current codes and standards of technology, as well as to our experiences based on this technology. The described applications represent examples and do not take into consideration custom designs and circumstances of individual cases. The information and the suitability of the material for the intended purposes must be examined with regard to the respective building project at any rate. Liability is excluded. This shall also apply to misprints and later changes of technical data.

  • 15

    Tonality ADS Fixing SystemApplicationsThe Tonality Adaptive System (ADS) can be fastened on a horizontal or vertical primary substructure. This system is the preferred option for large surfaces and complex facades.

    The primary substructure is subject to structural analysis suited to the respective building project and does not constitute a co