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<p>BEFORE YOU START YOU WILL NEED AN SD CARD READER AND AN SD CARD, WHICH IS BIGGER THAN THE MAP YOU WANT TO INSTALL THE GREAT NEWS IS YOU CAN ALSO USE A MEMORY STICK OR ANYTHING YOU COMPUTER CAN READ, I USED A MEMORY STICK</p> <p>Ok people, As I was so stuck myself with this I thought I would try and help everyone with this, Now I do not have anything else such as a mobile phone or a handheld so I have no idea how to install on those, these instructions are just for the tomtom one, Mine is a 3rd edition. Please do not send me e-mails on how to install on anything else as I have no idea. ok so first thing to do is download the torrent, once its downloaded you will need to burn it off, you can do this with Nero or Magic iso or anything like that. ok you will also need a double-layer DVD, again in English this is a DVD that you can burn off just over 8gig on to, A normal 4.7gig disc is not big enough, I got mine from pc world, I think they also have them in staples. I have been told you can also use Daemon Tools, if you dont want to burn it to disc, but I have no idea how to use this so can give no help on it ok now as I only had a tomtom one, as soon as I put the burnt off disc into my drive clicked on the map I wanted which was France, it asked for a product code I was stuck here so this is what you need to do:</p> <p>1: Plug in your tomtom one (might work with other tomtoms but not tried) do not update tomtom home, if it asks just close everything so youre back to an empty desktop 2: put in your nice new DVD disc of the maps you burnt off and you will now get your setup screen</p> <p>Install tomtom home as it asks but do not update it; there should be an option for you to just install it without updating it. I have not tested this on an up to date version on tomtom home so this is why I ask you not to update it 3: ok now thats done you should have version 1.1 of tomtom home installed, you can check by clicking the red box in the top left of tom tom home</p> <p>4: ok now UN PLUG your tomtom from usb</p> <p>5: Plug in your memory stick</p> <p>6: Now look at the bottom of tomtom home there should be a tomtom pic called my devices , click on it</p> <p>7: it should have found your memory stick or sd card ect ect</p> <p>8: ok now you see it select it and click ok, you should get a list of sat navs pop up, just select yours, and mine being the tomtom one</p> <p>9: ok now thats done you should see your memory stick or sd card as a sat nav, in the top right of tomtom home</p> <p>10: ok now select the map you wish to install to your memory stick, I am going to pick the canary islands as they are only about 4 meg ! you should see a little grey spot in the box to show you have selected it</p> <p>11: Ok now click the big green install button. When its installed to your memory stick you should see it in the top right</p> <p>12: ok , now what you need to do is copy the map you installed to your desktop from your memory stick. so open the memory stick by going to my computer and selecting it, you should now see your map</p> <p>13: ok now I did not use the 2 files, I only used the map its self called Canary Islands, so just drag it to your desktop off the memory stick, and it should copy it to your desktop 14: ok Now plug in your tomtom again, close everything down so you just can see your desktop 15: ok goto my computer find your tomtom and right click on it and goto explore</p> <p>16: ok as soon as the window opens, drag your map from the desktop to your tomtom window which you just opened, and it will copy to your tomtom one</p> <p>18: ok now you have the map on your tomtom, UN PLUG your tomtom again, you will now need to crack the map so its activated, to do this you will need to download the tomtom crack from below: 19: ok now you have the crack to need unzip it, using winrar or winzip or whatever you use, you should be left with 2 files</p> <p>20: ok just move this window to the right and goto: my computer C Drive Now drag your map you put on the desktop to your C drive you should now see it there</p> <p>21: ok now that is in your C Drive open the folder called Canary Islands ( or whatever map you used ) so you can see your map files make sure its in the C Drive !</p> <p>22. Now the window you downloaded your crack in that you moved to the side, open it to so you can see your map files, and you crack files. now you can see both windows, drag the file called test4.exe into your map folder</p> <p>23. ok now thats done this is how we get you activation code before we do this wee need to get the device code off your tomtom 24: to get the device code turn ON your tomtom you do not need to connect it to your computer, now click the signal in the bottom right</p> <p>25: now thats done click on the VERSION Button</p> <p>26: ok now thats done you should see your device code at the top</p> <p>27: Ok now you have your device code, you now need to open a command prompt, so click start in the bottom left of your screen and goto Run</p> <p>28: , in the little box that has just opened put in type in cmd</p> <p>29: ok now a command prompt window would have opened</p> <p>now in that window type: cd C:\ then press enter</p> <p>now type cd Canary_Islands ( or your map name ) Press enter</p> <p>now type test4.exe canary_Islands.mid Press Enter ( Or your map name .mid ) Don't forget the space between .exe and your map name )</p> <p>30. Ok now the program is asking for your device code enter the letters in caps and make sure you put the space in and then press enter</p> <p>31. Ok now you have entered your device code you should get an activation code</p> <p>32. As I am using the tom tom one My activation code is the bottom one, so all we need to do is enter it so turn you tomtom on and goto the main menu, then click change Preferences</p> <p>33. ok now you need to click the arrow to goto the next screen</p> <p>Again you need to click the arrow to goto the next screen</p> <p>35. Ok now you need to click on manage maps</p> <p>36, now when you click this you should see switch map so press it</p> <p>37. now thats done you should see your map you added</p> <p>38. When you select it you should get a warning pop up so just press continue</p> <p>39. tomtom will now show you your device code so just press activate</p> <p>40. ok you will now need to enter you activation code that you got in step 31 make sure you enter the spaces and your in caps lock then press OK</p> <p>41. you should now get a nice thank you message and your maps will be on your tomtom press continue and your done.</p> <p>dont forget to switch back to your other map so it all works ok enjoy Dave</p>