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Take a glimpse inside the Toll Brothers lifestyle with our magazine that's full of beautiful photographs, articles on our homes and communities, style trends, and more.


  • TOLL LIFEST YLE 2013/2014

    Toll LifestyleThe Magazine of Volume 3


    The Next Generation of

    Destination LivingPage 16

  • With its stately lines and architectural elegance, the Memoirs collection is sure to attract its share of admirers. Together, Toll Brothers and KOHLER bring you the very best in luxury living. Visit

    Bold islove at fi rst sight.

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  • 1 TOLL LIFEST YLE 2013/2014

    Welcome to the new edition of Toll Lifestyle. We are proud to bring you this glimpse into the world of Toll Brothers and the luxury home communities that we are building in the most spectacular locations nationwide! You will see beautiful photography, the latest information on our homes and our communities, and some great ideas that you can put to use in your own life.Inside this edition, you will find a variety

    of interesting articles on topics that include decorating trends, country club living, todays active living, and urban updates. You will learn about our commitment to charitable giving, and you will read testimonials from our buyers, some who have purchased more than one Toll Brothers home.We recently celebrated our 46th anniversary

    thats quite an accomplishment anytime, but especially today. Although the last few years have been marked by economic challenges for so many, we have always been confident that Toll Brothers would remain strong. And it has. There are many reasons that our company

    has withstood the test of time, and has thrived. It begins with the integrity this company was founded on. It also involves smart and responsible management, a commitment to our home buyers, and an unfailing dedication

    to quality, value, and service. And theres something more we have always chosen the very best locations for our communities. We dont just build homes; we build communities where neighbors become lifelong friends. Toll Brothers, a Fortune 1000 company, has

    won numerous awards. Among these, the Company was named 2012 Builder of the Year by Professional Builder magazine the preeminent award of the industry and is the first builder to have won this honor twice. We were also ranked #1 in 2011 and 2010 in Financial Soundness, Long-Term Investment, and Quality of Products/Services in FORTUNE magazines annual Worlds Most Admired Companies survey in the home building category.We take great pride in the exceptional homes and

    communities we build, and in the extraordinary service we provide to our home buyers.Please take some time to read and savor

    Toll Lifestyle. I hope you enjoy it!

    Douglas C . YearleY, Jr .

    Chief Executive Officer

    The haMpTon ranDolph riDge ranDolph, nJ

    A Message from the CEO

    With its stately lines and architectural elegance, the Memoirs collection is sure to attract its share of admirers. Together, Toll Brothers and KOHLER bring you the very best in luxury living. Visit

    Bold islove at fi rst sight.

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  • 2Toll Lifestyle 2013 by Toll Brothers, Inc. All copy, plans, and artwork contained in or represented by this publication are the sole property of Toll Brothers, Inc. Photos are used for representative purposes only. Any reproduction of them or other use without written permission of Toll Brothers, Inc., is strictly prohibited. This is not an offering where prohibited by law. Printed in the United States. TOL-35233-35233







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  • 3 TOLL LIFEST YLE 2013/2014

    eDiTor in Chief

    Linda B. CoheneDiTor

    Carol AllessioassoCiaTe eDiTor

    Alicia WezelDesign DireCTor

    R. Craig SchmaukWeB eDiTor

    Michael KloudaCo -WeB eDiTor

    Andrea M. Meck

    The Magazine of Tol l Brothers Volume 3 2013/2014

    Toll Lifestyle


    Toll Brothers , inc . Corporate headquarters 250 Gibraltar Road Horsham, PA 19044 215 -938-8000 Tol lBrothers .com

    4 a BolD fuTure in Design anD liVaBiliTY

    8 DisCoVer The neW WorlD of CounTrY CluB liVing

    12 CreaTing a neW urBan experienCe

    16 The nexT generaTion of DesTinaTion liVing

    20 a giVing spiriT

    25 The BesT is YeT To Be!

    The McKinleY sTerling riDge aT The WooDlanDs

    The WooDlanDs, Tx

  • 4 A Bold Future in Design and Livability

    The Terreno saguaro esTaTessCoTTsDale, aZ


    Cristina Walters

  • 5 TOLL LIFEST YLE 2013/2014

    Wish you knew what the future holds? What trends in interior styling will get people talking? Get a sneak peek from Toll Brothers design experts on making your house a home.How you live and how you make your house

    your own speaks volumes about your standards and unique lifestyle. Nationally acclaimed for its innovative, yet timeless styling, Toll Brothers shares its vision for the future to enhance the dynamic lifestyles of its diverse family of buyers.Upscale buyers are embracing a

    new sense of value by maximizing their homes potential and interacting with their personal surroundings. Whether a multigenerational family, an entrepreneurial couple, active retirees, or young homeowners still raising a family, todays selective buyers are relinquishing standard room names and utilizing living spaces more

    creatively than ever, while making design versatility a priority. Whether in an urban, rural, or suburban setting,

    buyers are making conscientious choices about the design and livability of their ideal home. Does it enhance my lifestyle, accommodate the way I live, and function well in the long term?

    Continually striving to anticipate homeowners needs and desires, Toll Brothers also adapts to regional preferences for more formal and traditional living areas in the Northeast, and the penchant for easy living, single-story designs in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and the desert region of California. According to Jed Gibson, President of

    Toll Architecture, Where large home sites are less common on the West Coast, buyers are maximizing living areas by choosing great rooms with expansive kitchens and large islands around which families can gather; whereas, multigenerational families are often drawn to secondary bedrooms and baths on a homes first floor.Adds Mary Cook, president of Mary

    Cook Associates, Inc., an interior architecture and design firm, Chicago, Illinois, More than ever before, people are looking to interior design

    The henleY The esTaTes aT garneT ValleY

    glen Mills, pa

    The ellsWorTh, esTaTes aT WallingforD, WallingforD, CT

    I knew I wanted to stay in Fairfield County and I felt incredibly lucky when The Summit opened in Bethel. The on-site amenities rival that of good resorts. My new home turned out even more beautifully than I could have ever imagined!

    Susan S. The Summit at Bethel

    Bethel, CT second-time Toll Brothers home buyer

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  • 6to enhance their lives. They want their spaces to elicit feelings, set moods, and literally perform for them. The latest trend isnt a color or a style. Its livability. That makes sticking to the fundamentals all the more important. The essentials are color and texture, scale and proportion, light and lighting, then layering them all properly to demonstrate that a well-thought-out objective will always be the key to successful interior design that lives well for the homeowner. Doris Pearlman, president of

    Possibilities for Design, Denver, Colorado further describes, Unexpected combinations are also being created through real and textured surfaces, combined with furniture and furnishings that are both new and fresh. From vibrant hues to bold and colorful floral

    patterns, to textures and modern designs with a splash of retro, how a house lives and feels is key to buying decisions nationwide.

    Helping to more clearly visualize the home of their dreams, Toll Brothers offers this exciting sampling of what buyers can expect to see now and in the near future: Smart, multifunctional spaces such as built-in kitchen banquettes that offer the perfect gathering spot for breakfast with the kids, an after-school hangout, or a casual study area

    Oversized kitchen islands that increase versatility with style, and serve as workspaces and centers for weekend gourmets, while offering added storage Bathrooms designed as luxurious and relaxing retreats with separate tub and shower spaces enhanced by multiple water delivery devices, including rain showers, handheld showers, and body-massaging showerheads; also showers with integrated speakers such as Kohlers Bluetooth enabled MoxieTM showerhead are attracting music lovers Specialty spaces that feature intimate pocket areas from nooks to

    alcoves, joined by transition points with custom built-ins Laundry rooms with useful islands and valuable storage for art and hobby supplies Areas where the owner can retreat: a media room, a wine room, or a basement equipped with a bar

    The hopeWell lexingTon The BaseMenT The preserVe aT hillsBorough hillsBorough, nJ

    The harDing, olneY esTaTes, olneY, MD

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    Private country club communities today focus on activities and amen