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  • Grammar Pages

    Unit 1 prepositions & prepositional phrases 6-13

    Unit 2 nouns quantifiers articles


    Unit 3 phrasal verbs agreement 20-27

    Unit 4 - Consolidation (Units 1,2,3) 28-31

    Unit 5

    tenses stative verbs time words & phrases non-future subordinates


    Unit 6 infinitives & gerunds infinitive forms & modal verbs + bare infinitive words & phrases followed by a bare infinitive


    Unit 7

    causative verbs passive form stative verbs relative clauses


    Unit 8 - Consolidation (Units 5,6,7) 50-53

    Unit 9 hypotheses, wishes & preferences inversion 54-61

    Unit 10

    adverbs adjectives past & perfect participles comparative, superlative forms & devices


    Unit 11

    linking words & phrases subject & object pronouns correlative conjunctions correct usage


    Unit 12 - Consolidation (Units 9,10,11) 74-77

    Grammar Reference 78-93

    Irregular Verbs 94


    Contents Coursebook

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    Glossary 296

    ContentsPractice Tests

    Listening Transcripts 318-357

  • I will see him in a few minutes. I havent seen him since 2006. I saw him before you did. I saw him during his/my vacation. I arrived on time for the meeting. Hurry up! I will only be here until eight. Ill have finished by the time he arrives. At the end of the play, the hero dies.

    as opposed to

    I will talk to him for a few minutes.I havent seen him for two years.I saw him after you did.I saw him on his/my vacation.I arrived in time to have a cup of coffee first.Hurry up! I will have left the office by eight.I will finish before he arrives.In the end, he had no option but to resign.



    Prepositions of Place/Position

    . (at, by, on, which, ) (in front of, by means of, with a view to, ). , , /.

    The book is on/in the desk. PLACE/POSITION

    The girl ran toward/away from/around her friend. DIRECTION/MOTION

    The report was written by Mr. Jones. AGENT

    He is going to travel by train. MANNER

    The victim was killed with a knife. INSTRUMENT

    The train leaves at six this evening. TIME

    The letter was written on a word processor. MANNER

    Ill be in France in/by June. TIME

    above, across, against, at the back of, behind, beside, between, by, down, in, in front of, inside, near, on, over, on top of, opposite, outside, under, underneath

    / . :

    - Our apartment is near/beside/next to/below/above/behind/in front of yours. - There is a service station across/down/up/beside the road. - The files were in/on/under/underneath/near/beside/above/behind/against the desk.

    Prepositions of Time

    at, on, in, by, before, after, since, for, during, within, from ... to, from ... until


    the morningthe afternoonthe eveningautumn/winterJune1950the 60sthe twentieth centuryan hourthe beginning / end the middle of

    six oclocknoonmiddaymidnightnightthe beginning / end of

    Monday, 8th Decembera Sunday in Junea winters eveninga spring morninga Saturday eveninga Monday afternoon

    during the lessonafter the lessonbefore the lessonsince 1920before 1920until 1920from 1920 to 1930by 1920around six oclockin/on timeby the time he arrives

    . :

    Grammar Referencepage 79


    / . :

    1. Children this boarding school will only come home the end of the school year. a. at b. to a. at b. in

    2. The radio broadcast was Saturday, 24 February, 2007 11:30 GMT BBC Radio 4. a. on b. in a. on b. at a. on b. at

    3. the evening of the launch of Apollo 11, a strange event occurred NASA headquarters. a. On b. In a. to b. at

    4. Power plants are often located remote locations, far cities where the electricity is needed. a. in b. on a. away b. from

    5. Recent excavations have revealed some of the earliest coastal settlements the Americas. a. on b. in

    6. The vacation package includes 3-course lunches served waterside venues. a. to b. at

    7. Tourists London often travel all around the city train, tube and bus. a. in b. at a. on b. by

    8. The Hubble Space Telescope had the potential to see further the universe than anything previously built. a. in b. into

    9. The helicopter hovered the Thames one hour and offered superb views of the city night. a. in b. over a. for b. in a. at b. with

    10. the Olympic Games there were daily transfers the hotel all major athletics venues. a. During b. Since a. from b. to a. until b. to

    - I saw him walk into/out of his office a few seconds ago. - He ran down the street, across the park and up the flight of steps. - He was walking along this road toward the shopping complex when I saw him.

    Prepositional Objects





    despairglanceguesshintlaughlookmarvelrejoice (+in)shuddersmilestare




    immunizeinsureplotrebelspeak out






    approve ofargue aboutargue overbeware ofconcentrate onconsist ofdecide aboutdecide ondepend oninsist onreign overrule oversmell of

    . .

    Prepositions of Direction/Motion

    to, onto, into, toward, out of, by way of, across, along, around, through, from-to, up, down, over, under

    Choose the appropriate prepositions to complete the sentences.

    Unit 1

  • 8 .


    ACTIVE The secretary reminded the director of/about his business meetings.

    PASSIVE The director was reminded of/about his business meetings by the secretary.

    Direct Objects

    - Could you collect the money from the students? - The technician connected the cable to the computer.










    implicate sbd ininvolve sbd ininsure sth against

    Indirect Objects

    , TO/FOR .

    TO PHRASE: bring, give, hand, lend, mail, pay, promise, sell, send, show, teach, writeFOR PHRASE: buy, build, construct, find, get, make, purchase

    - He gave/sent his girlfriend a bouquet of flowers. - He bought his girlfriend a bouquet of flowers.

    - He gave/sent a bouquet of flowers to his girlfriend. - He bought a bouquet of flowers for his girlfriend.


    explain, describe, recommend, suggest


    The teacher explained the equation to the class.The doctor recommended a specialist to his patient.

    PRACTICE: Check the column which best completes the sentence.

    1. He did his best to hide ... ... the truth from his wife. ... from his wife the truth. 2. The boss accused his employee ... ... of embezzlement. ... for embezzlement. 3. I dont want to burden you ... ... for all my difficulties. ... with all my difficulties. 4. In this recipe, you may substitute ... ... margarine for butter. ... margarine with butter. 5. At first, her parents objected ... ... against her boyfriend. ... to her boyfriend. 6. My professor suggested ... ... I submit my project early. ... me to submit my project early. 7. The whole project ended ... ... in failure. ... with failure. 8. The tour guide recommended ... ... the best sites to us. ... to us the best sites. 9. The home team rejoiced ... ... for their triumphant victory. ... at their triumphant victory. 10. After winter, bears emerge ... ... to their refuge. ... from their refuge.

    Unit 1












    (-ed) . -, .

    1. Mr. Gerard is frequently from work for no reason. A. apart C. absent B. dependent D. remote

    2. She has always been envious her sisters success. A. of C. about B. to D. with

    3. John is not at all concerned that part of the business. A. for C. in B. with D. by

    4. This new movie is on a famous novel. A. intent C. found B. dependent D. based

    5. Mike is not at all enthusiastic his new job. A. for C. with B. about D. to

    6. It was of you to have spoken to the judge like that. A. proud C. ashamed B. foolish D. aware

    7. The fans were of their teams victory. A. full C. proud B. worthy D. capable

    8. The coach is concerned his star players performance. A. for C. to B. of D. about

    9. I cant tell if he is being totally honest me. A. to C. with B. for D. of

    10. The company is to raising salaries. A. committed C. obedient B. grateful D. engaged

    11. Janine is responsible all the mail in this company. A. by C. to B. for D. of

    12. You should always try to be to your elders. A. tolerant C. combined B. blessed D. polite

    13. Harry was of having stolen the diamond. A. accused C. sentenced B. charged D. thoughtful

    14. He is very critical everyone but himself. A. on C. to B. of D. in

    15. Cathy is very of young children. A. keen C. loving B. fond D. full

    16. The bank is to the post office. A. opposite C. adjacent B. near D. right

    17. Are you planning to get married Susan soon? A. to C. with B. from D. on

    18. The famous actor has always been to his wife. A. preferable C. similar B. faithful D. friendly










    angry at sbdannoyed at sbdastonished atshocked atsurprised at

    Prepositions after Adjectives and Participles.

    Choose the appropriate word or preposition to complete the sentence.


    - He is good/bad at playing the guitar. - He is good/bad with his hands.

    - He is very good/bad to his children. - Eating too much sugar isnt good/is bad for you.

    Unit 1

  • .

    Nouns and Fixed Phrases


    at a glanceat a guessat easeat faultat ones requestat short noticefor the time beingin controlin compensationin debtin existencein principlein private/publicin realityoff limitsoff/on the recordon second thoughtson the contraryon the wholeout of dateunder ones breathunder controlunder pressureunder the impression

    access toconnection betweencure fordamage todemand foreffect onfall/drop infamiliarity withimpact onimpression onimprovement in/of/overincrease/rise/boost in/ofinfluence over/onneed forrelationship withresistance toshortage ofsolution tosubscription tosusceptibility tosympathy for / withtaste of / forvote for/againstvulnerability to

    by means of by order of by (the) way offor fear of for the benefit of for the sake of in accordance with / toin addition to in agreement with in answer to in combination with in danger of in excess of in exchange for in order to in spite of on account of on good/bad terms with on the point of on the verge of with a view to with reference to with the aim of with/in regard to

    PRACTICE: Choose the appropriate word or preposition to complete the sentence.

    1. You need to stay in of your emotions in the courtroom. A. pressure C. control B. existence D. limits

    2. The president sent a message of sympathy the relatives of the earthquake victims. A. for C. on B. at D. to

    3. I was under the that Jamie lived in Boston. A. impact C. thought B. reference D. impression

    4. The policeman did not make any reference the time of the crime. A. with C. over B. to D. in

    5. The main to the building is at the side. A. susceptibility C. principle B. access D. regard

    6. We decided to take out a subscription a financial newspaper. A. to C. for B. in D. from

    7. The television may look out of , but it has perfect reception. A. date C. practice B. work D. stock

    8. The product was not marketed due to a shortage funds. A. from C. with B. of D. to

    9. Researchers are still working around the clock to find a for the disease. A. solution C. control B. resistance D. cure

    10. An application form will be sent to you request. A. at C. for B. in D. on

    11. She tried to explain what she wanted by of sign language. A. order C. control B. means D. account

    12. His refusal to give up won the admiration everyone. A. from C. of B. to D. with

    13. Teachers should always be in with the needs of their pupils. A. touch C. view B. contact D. answer

    14. the contrary, we believe that this remote region is perfect for newlyweds. A. To C. On B. With D. For


    Unit 1

  • Match the translations with the given words.

    1. I was very with the terrible food we were served at the Italian restaurant.2. The room at the three-star hotel was not at all to my .3. On the way home we took the coastal road.4. The advertising company gave me $500 in for the damage to my garden.5. The plan that was put forward seemed effective, but it was of no use at all.6. Used cars are becoming more and more these days.

    1. plush a. , 2. heavenly b. , 3. affordable c. 4. scenic d. 5. dissatisfied e. 6. compensation f. , 7. original g. 8. practical h. , 9. exciting i. 10. taste (n) j.

    1. What type of text is it? A. An excerpt from a magazine B. A banks promotional brochure C. An advert for a magazine D. A historical reference to vacations

    2. What is the text trying to do? A. Teach you to make real coffee B. Suggest new vacation destinations C. Reduce the price of vacations D. Persuade you to subscribe

    3. How much will you save if you subscribe to Vacations for 6 months? A. $10.00 B. $20.00 C. $30.00 D. $60.00

    4. What can dissatisfied clients do? A. Sell their personal information B. Ask for a partial refund C. Send back previous issues D. Demand sixty dollars in compensation



    Complete the sentences with one of the words from the table on the right.

    TARGETING READINGRead the text carefully and answer the questions.


    Minimum issues: 6Cover Price: $20.00

    Subscription Price: $10.00

    Established in 1987, Vacations mission is to inform and advise travelers of all tastes and budgets seeking new vacation ideas. Vacations covers undiscovered places, weekend getaways, romantic inns, adventure trips, family favorites, scenic drives, idyllic small towns, heavenly resorts, cruises, tours and much, much more. Vacations is not a coffee-table wish book but a vacation planner with real help for real people. Practical and consumer-friendly, each issue of Vacations is packed with exciting and affordable vacation ideas.

    You Save: 50%

    If you are dissatisfied for any

    reason, you can cancel your monthly

    subscription and we will credit you via your original payment for all

    issues that havent been sent to you yet. Your contact

    and personal information will never be sold,

    rented or used for direct marketing or


    1. plush 2. heavenly 3. affordable 4. scenic 5. dissatisfied 6. compensation 7. original 8. practical 9. exciting10. taste (n)

    liking disgruntled stimulating picturesque useful reasonably priced initial wonderful recompense luxurious

    Match the words to their synonyms.

    Unit 1







    affordable/reasonably priced


  • TO: Kay Anders, Marketing Executive

    FROM: James Geralds, Market Research Assistant

    DATE: May 4

    SUBJECT: Summer Line Promotion

    Through market research and analysis, it has been discovered that the proposed advertising media for the

    new summer lines need to be changed. Survey findings have made it apparent that we need to update our

    advertising efforts to match the styles and trends of young adults today. Also, it is has become increasingly

    important to use the Internet as a tool to communicate with our target audience to show our dominance in the

    clothing industry.

    By refocusing the advertising efforts of our new line of clothing, we will be able to maximize the exposure of

    our product to our target market and therefore increase our sales and market share.


    Exercise B: Read the short text carefully and answer the questions that follow.




    Exercise A: Read the five statements that follow. Four answer choices are given for each of the statements. Select the best answer A, B, C or D to complete them.


    UV radiation is doubly dangerous because it not only puts

    you 1. of skin cancer, but it also decreases your bodys

    ability to fight disease.

    The pitfalls of credit cards are usually 2. the end of the

    third semester in first year Economics classes.

    Well over 85% of small businesses surveyed in South Africa

    3. mobile phones for their telecommunications needs.

    Energy-efficient classrooms at schools do 4. than save

    fuel and money; they also teach children to be aware of their

    impact on the earth.

    Many European member states have failed to launch any

    detailed study of the health dangers that their inhabitants face

    5. automobile pollution.

    1. A. in higher risk C. to high risk

    B. at higher risk D. for a high risk

    2. A. discussed about at C. discussed about to

    B. discussed to D. discussed at

    3. A. rely heavily at C. rely heavy to

    B. rely heavily on D. rely heavy for

    4. A. a lot of more C. lots of more

    B. lot more D. a lot more

    5. A. from C. with

    B. by D. to



    6. What is this memo about?

    A. Problems with the summer lines

    B. Proposed changes in advertising strategy

    C. How to undertake surveys

    D. The use of the Internet in clothing design

    7. What information accompanies the memo?

    A. Proposed advertising media

    B. Tools of communication

    C. Possible target audiences

    D. Results of the survey

    8. Who is the new clothing line aimed at?

    A. Market researchers and their executives

    B. Young adults

    C. Children

    D. Pensioners

    9. What is the memo based on?

    A. Benefits of existing advertising media

    B. The dominance of the existing target audience

    C. Market research that has been conducted

    D. The benefits of Internet-based communication

    10. The unemployment problem stems the

    governments lack of action.

    A. to C. over

    B. at D. from

    11. The storm resulted the deaths of over

    20 people.

    A. from C. for

    B. to D. in

    12. The parcel should arrive Tuesday.

    A. at C. in

    B. on D. within

    13. Did you dream that actor again last night?

    A. for C. about

    B. on D. at

    14. The coach is leaving exactly 7:00.

    A. at C. for

    B. in D. on

    15. These regulations will have to be complied .

    A. to C. with

    B. in D. by

    16. Soybeans for about 23 percent of all the grain

    grown in Ohio.

    A. account C. substitute

    B. blame D. suspect

    17. There will be major changes in computing ability

    the next five years.

    A. by C. from

    B. over D. until

    18. Cancer cells are not on oxygen to grow.

    A. affordable C. practical

    B. concentrated D. dependent

    19. Precious paintings should be kept museums with

    staff experienced in their preservation.

    A. in C. by

    B. to D. from

    20. Countries that on keeping stolen artifacts are

    only attempting to preserve their dominance.

    A. depend C. believe

    B. rely D. insist


    Exercise C: Four words or phrases A, B, C, D are given beneath each sentence. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

    Unit 1

  • 196

    Practice Test 6 Part 1 - Listening


    1 A B C D


    2 A B C D

    In this Listening test, you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken English. The entire Listening test will last approximately 45 minutes. There are four parts, and directions are given for each part. You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not write your answers in your test book.

    Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.Look at the example item below.

    Now listen to the four statements.

    Statement C, They are greeting each other, is the best description of the picture, so you should select answer C and mark it on your answer sheet.

    Now Part 1 will begin. Look at the picture markednumber 1 in your test book.

    A B C D

  • Practice Test 6


    Part 2 - Listening

    11. A B C

    12. A B C

    13. A B C

    14. A B C

    15. A B C

    16. A B C

    17. A B C

    18. A B C

    19. A B C

    20. A B C

    21. A B C

    22. A B C

    23. A B C

    24. A B C

    25. A B C

    26. A B C

    27. A B C

    28. A B C

    29. A B C

    30. A B C

    31. A B C

    32. A B C

    33. A B C

    34. A B C

    35. A B C

    36. A B C

    37. A B C

    38. A B C

    39. A B C

    40. A B C

    Directions: You will hear a question or statement and 3 responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter A, B or C on your answer sheet.

    For example, you will hear: Good afternoon, Jennifer. Mr Jenkins will be here in a moment. Wont you please have a seat?

    You will also hear: A. Thank you, Ill just wait here. B. I am fine. How are you? C. No thanks, Ive had too much already.

    The best response to the question Wont you please have a seat? is choice A, Thank you, Ill just wait here. So A is the correct answer. You should mark answer A on your answer sheet.

    Now let us begin with question number 11.

  • 41. Where did the man travel yesterday?

    A. Las Vegas

    B. London

    C. Greece

    D. Paris

    42. Where will the man be tomorrow?

    A. Greece.

    B. London.

    C. Las Vegas.

    D. Paris

    43. Why is the man they are discussing traveling?

    A. He is a salesman.

    B. He is trying to find new producers of nylon.

    C. He is a travel agent.

    D. He is tradesman from Greece.

    44. What is the couple discussing?

    A. Their jobs

    B. Their color of their automobile

    C. Painting their office

    D. Business cards

    45. Which will the woman choose?

    A. Her original ones

    B. The colorful ones

    C. The more professional ones

    D. The plain ones

    46. Which of the following does the man NOT suggest?

    A. The woman needs a change.

    B. The woman should use the same look as before.

    C. The woman should not change her image.

    D. The woman should not choose the plain looking ones.

    47. What kind of work are these people in?

    A. Accounting

    B. Selling

    C. Shipping

    D. Import / Export

    48. What were the people discussing?

    A. Their rendezvous on Saturday

    B. Their work next week

    C. The agenda for the following meeting

    D. The specifics of a sales contest

    49. What day will they meet?

    A. Wednesday

    B. Thursday

    C. Friday

    D. Saturday

    50. What is the woman concerned about?

    A. The price of something

    B. The quality of something

    C. The way someone feels

    D. The money she can earn

    51. What does the man want the woman to do?

    A. Save some gas

    B. Buy a car from him

    C. Apologize for insulting him

    D. Lend him some money

    52. What does the man suggest about Jaguars?

    A. They are wild animals.

    B. They dont cost a lot of money.

    C. They get good gas mileage.

    D. They can help you earn money.

    53. Why is the man suggesting she join a health club?

    A. She is too thin.

    B. She is too heavy.

    C. She could use the exercise.

    D. She eats only vegetables.

    54. Why did the woman get upset?

    A. She thought the man disapproved of her diet.

    B. She thought the man called her fat.

    C. She thought the man disliked vegetarians.

    D. She thought the man had a weight problem himself.


    Part 3 - Listening Practice Test 6

    Directions: You will hear some conversations between two people. You will be asked to answer 3 questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.The conversation will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

    Now let us begin with question number 41.

  • 55. Why wont the woman go to the health club with the man?

    A. She only eats vegetables.

    B. She doesnt have the time.

    C. She doesnt like to exercise.

    D. She needs more information about the cost.

    56. When is Mr. Tung arriving?

    A. At one in the afternoon

    B. At 12:00 p.m.

    C. At 12:00 a.m.

    D. At three in the afternoon

    57. What is the woman's concern?

    A. Whether Mr. Tung and his associates will be tired

    B. Whether Mr. Tung and his team will be hungry

    C. Whether she will have time for lunch

    D. Whether Mr. Tung will be able to find the hotel

    58. What was decided about dinner?

    A. They would get something to eat at the airport.

    B. They would eat on the return trip.

    C. They would eat two hours after the reception.

    D. They would not stop for dinner at the hotel.

    59. What are these people discussing?

    A. Colleagues

    B. Partners

    C. Job applicants

    D. Interviewers

    60. What will they do?

    A. Hire Smith

    B. Hire Wesson

    C. Discuss things some more

    D. Hire both of the applicants

    61. What is the problem?

    A. The interviewers cant seem to agree.

    B. One candidate is better than the other.

    D. Both candidates have been disqualified.

    D. One candidate was rather dull.

    62. What is the woman doing?

    A. Giving directions

    B. Placing an order

    C. Making a suggestion

    D. Apologizing

    63. How many boxes of part 16D did the woman order?

    A. 36

    B. 16

    C. 14

    D. 12

    64. When is the delivery scheduled for?

    A. The 12th

    B. The 14th

    C. The 16th

    D. The 18th

    65. Where is the woman?

    A. In an office

    B. In her car

    C. In a gourmet restaurant

    D. At a fast food restaurant counter

    66. What did the woman order?

    A. A cheeseburger with onions

    B. Some onion and pepper rings

    C. Fancy fries and onion rings

    D. Two cheeseburgers and a shake

    67. What does the man imply he is out of?

    A. Onion rings

    B. Cheeseburgers

    C. Fancy fries

    D. Pepper rings

    68. What are the men discussing?

    A. A misprint on a product label

    B. How much food they have eaten

    C. A false guarantee

    D. Whether a refund is in order or not

    69. What reason was given for not giving the man a refund?

    A. He wasnt satisfied.

    B. He destroyed the label.

    C. He had eaten half the food.

    D. The jar was opened.

    70. Why does the man want a refund?

    A. The jar was half empty.

    B. The label was misprinted.

    C. He wasnt satisfied.

    D. The item was too expensive.


    Part 3 - ListeningPractice Test 6

  • Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following message.

    71. Who is least likely to hit a motorist? A. A car driver who doesn't know any motorcyclists B. Another person who rides a motorcycle C. A car driver who has a relationship with a motorcyclist D. A car driver who doesn't share the road

    72. What statistic is mentioned? A. 300 people a year die in motorcycle accidents. B. Motorcyclists without helmets pay 300% more in fines. C. The chances of hitting a motorcyclist are 300% more if you dont know one. D. There are 300% more motorcyclists on the road in Texas than in other states.

    73. What advice does the speaker give? A. Share the road with motorcyclists. B. Share your car when you can. C. Dont ride motorcycles on the highways. D. Don't have relationships with motorcyclists.

    Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following introduction.

    74. What type of event is this? A. A dog show B. An anniversary C. A music concert D. A country fair

    75. Who does the speaker ask for a round of applause for? A. The dogs B. The musicians C. The entertainment D. The sponsors

    76. What does the company mentioned sell? A. Animals B. Pet food C. Musical instruments D. Grass

    Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following talk.

    77. What kind of talk is this? A. A science lecture B. A university engineering class C. A radio talk show D. An economics seminar

    78. What is significant about Houston? A. It has a lot of oil. B. Its connection with the space industry goes back a long way. C. Rockets are constructed there. D. Research is cheaper to conduct there than in Nevada.

    79. Who is the guest being introduced? A. A director of research B. A space tourist C. A jet pilot D. A rocket designer

    Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following advertisement.

    80. What does this company offer? A. Business advice B. Business support for executives C. Management training D. A university degree

    81. Who does this advertisement target? A. Unemployed business executives B. People who live on the coast C. Executives who want a promotion D. Retired executives

    82. What does the speaker say its not too late to do? A. To order a prospectus B. To explore their website C. To visit their office D. To gain necessary knowledge

    Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following talk.

    83. What kind of a talk is this? A. A college lecture B. An economics conference C. A radio show D. A business meeting

    84. What is the speaker discussing? A. The state of the American economy B. The devaluation of the US dollar C. Products made in the USA versus foreign imports D. Whether consumers are affected by the dollars decline in value

    85. What example does the speaker give from his personal life? A. How much he spends on gasoline B. His salary from Clark State Community College C. The price of goods and services he purchases D. His own spending habits


    Part 4 - Listening Practice Test 6

    Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

  • Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following report.

    86. What kind of report is this? A. A news report B. A traffic report C. A weather forecast for motorists D. A radio frequency check

    87. Where are renovations being done? A. Ives Dairy Road B. The airport C. The Sawgrass expressway entrance D. South Dixie Highway

    88. What advice does the speaker give drivers? A. They should be patient. B. They should take the Sawgrass expressway. C. They should beware of motorists bumpers. D. They should drive more carefully.

    Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following announcement.

    89. What is the topic of this announcement? A. Using household cleaners safely B. Chemistry and sanitation C. What to do in cases of poisoning D. Understanding label directions

    90. What is mentioned about bleach? A. When it is used, a window should be opened. B. It should be stored on the ground. C. It has toxic fumes. D. It should not be mixed with ammonia.

    91. Who posted this message? A. The national weather service B. A bleach manufacturer C. A government agency D. A drug producer

    Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following recording.

    92. What does this recording contain? A. An astronomy report B. An astrology report C. A weather report D. A local events guide

    93. According to the message, what is unusual about Sunday? A. The moon will be 21 days old. B. The moon will be blue. C. Three celestial objects will be lined up. D. Saturns rings will not be visible.

    94. What does the speaker imply about the star Regulus? A. It is easy to see on most nights. B. It travels in sync with the moon. C. It usually difficult to find. D. It is only visible every 22 days.

    Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following report.

    95. What is being reported? A. International news B. Upcoming art exhibitions C. The weather D. Local news

    96. What happened at midnight? A. Two homes exploded. B. A convenience store was robbed. C. A criminal was arrested. D. A hotline was set up.

    97. Why is the phone number given? A. To receive radio programming information B. To contact a local school C. To report news D. To hear the local weather forecast

    Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following report.

    98. What is being broadcast? A. A health warning B. Local marine and harbor conditions C. Findings from an underground excavation project D. A research and development report by the water department

    99. What is the problem? A. The water has been treated with chemicals. B. Certain groundwells are contaminated. C. Water reserves in local creeks and springs are low. D. Local water wells are dirty.

    100. What advice is given for users of the city water? A. They must boil their water before drinking it. B. They should stop drinking their water immediately. C. They can only use water from ground wells. D. They needn't stop using their water.


    Part 4 - ListeningPractice Test 6

  • In this section of the test, you will have a chance to show how well you understand written English. There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part.

    You will have 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete parts five through seven of the test.

    Directions:Questions 101-140 are incomplete sentences. Four words or phrases, marked A, B, C, D are given beneath each sentence. You must choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

    Example: You will read: Our instructions must be followed at all times the examination. A. during C. through B. while D. inside

    The sentence should read, Our instructions must be followed at all times during the examination.Therefore, you should choose answer A. Now begin work on the questions.

    101. Dave and Darlene just called that they wont be able to make the meeting. A. to say C. for saying B. and say D. so to say

    102. Mr. Hunt has from the board of directors due to exceptional circumstances. A. moved on C. stepped down B. called off D. turned up

    103. after checking three times did we find all the errors the accountant had made in the calculations. A. No sooner C. Later B. Until D. Only

    104. Everyone in this department considered for the award. A. is going to C. have been B. is being D. has

    105. The second city on the tour had accommodations weve ever experienced. A. worse C. such bad B. as bad as D. the worst

    106. Im not sure well buy a couple of used cars or just one new one. A. unless C. in case B. whether D. either 107. The president of the company complaining about the cost of the new advertising campaign. A. keeps C. persists B. continues D. maintains

    108. Thank you for visiting our charity support site for online including sponsorships. A. pittances C. allowances B. subsidies D. donations

    109. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant in both coffee and tea. A. be found C. found B. finding D. which found

    110. According to the loan repayment schedule, your first monthly payment is on October 31. A. exempt C. owing B. in debt D. due

    111. I honestly dont know think of his behavior. A. what to C. what do I B. of what to D. about what I

    112. Can someone perhaps suggest a reason why members came to the meeting? A. that a few C. so little B. so few D. such few

    113. In this company, hard work to both reward and career opportunities. A. extends C. leads B. reaches D. stretches

    114. any loose screws, please tighten them before use. A. To find C. Having found B. If you found D. Should you find

    115. The district attorneys unexpected evidence caught the defendant surprise. A. in C. by B. to D. at

    116. If we had been informed of their policy changes earlier, we canceled our contract. A. would C. will have B. could have D. might be

    Practice Test 6


    Part 5 - Reading

  • 117. I wish you would come to work you usually do. A. earlier than C. the earliest B. the earlier D. at the earliest

    118. Retailers the globe have eventually come to appreciate our exclusive range of products. A. through C. over B. across D. above

    119. Financial success is not our company's only . A. objective C. objection B. object D. objectivity

    120. In addition to my strong desire to join your team, you will find that I am a individual. A. deficient C. dedicated B. gullible D. notorious

    121. At every airport, our security officers are motivated individuals in making your flight secure. A. being proud C. having pride B. taking pride D. priding themselves

    122. As long as the project continues to results, we will fund its operations. A. yield C. evoke B. serve D. launch

    123. We suggest Mr. Lock his lawyer immediately. A. to contact C. contact B. contacts D. contacting

    124. These files belong in the cabinet in we keep our production schedules. A. what C. where B. which D. that

    125. Our country's economy seems significant progress. A. to be made C. being making B. to make D. to be making

    126. This office will be closed for the of the winter holidays. A. endurance C. duration B. durability D. during

    127. While price is important to some consumers, quality is important to . A. others C. some other B. the other D. other ones

    128. Even before stock prices to plummet, investors had become slightly nervous. A. begin C. had begun B. began D. have begun

    129. Higher rates can slow down a country's growth. A. interested C. interest B. interests D. interesting

    130. It was in 1972 our company was established. A. when C. which B. where D. that

    131. our feeble excuses, the manager became angry. A. Upon hearing C. To hearing B. He heard D. At the hearing 132. All employees will be overtime for any work they have undertaken during the holidays. A. settled C. held B. hired D. paid

    133. All aspects of the long-term consequences of our decisions need to be taken account. A. on C. from B. into D. under

    134. informed of your decision yesterday, I would have tried to talk you out of leaving the firm. A. I was to be C. If I were B. Having been D. Had I been

    135. Our customer service division is in every way much more efficient than of any other company's. A. it C. this B. that D. the one

    136. Well over a thousand people have purchased our innovative products last July. A. during C. while B. for D. since 137. So many lost during the earthquake that the international community was shocked. A. were they C. people were B. were people D. there were

    138. Our offices in Boston and in Detroit should begin hiring more staff before the fiscal year ends. A. either C. nor B. as D. both

    139. one's employees are made to work, the less efficient they become. A. Longer than C. The longest B. The longer D. As long as

    140. oil prices have dropped recently, they remain much higher than they were last year. A. Although C. No matter B. Actually D. However

    Practice Test 6


    Part 5 - Reading

  • Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word or phrase is missing in some of the sentences. Four answer choices are given below each of the sentences. Select the best answer to complete the text.

    Questions 141-143 refer to the following memo.

    You are cordially invited to attend a reception in honor of Mr. Suzuki, on his joining our accounting firm.

    141. A. giving B. given C. gave D. give

    The reception will be held at the Hotel Continental, on June 25th, at 8 oclock in the evening. Please dress in formal . Mr. Suzuki is looking forward to greeting all our colleagues in person and getting to know you all personally.

    142. A. attire B. manners C. conduct D. costumes

    If you will be attending this reception, please call our receptionist Mary, on extension #311, to RSVP, or e-mail your to her at [email protected]

    143. A. presence B. conservation C. subscription D. reservation

    Questions 144-146 refer to the following notice.

    Before spending any of your hard earned money, be sure to check our companys human resources website for the

    discounts available to our staff and faculty. To receive your discount, just provide proof of employment to the participating businesses listed on the website.

    144. A. latter B. late C. latest D. lately

    Generally, a current company identification card will be sufficient, but some businesses may ask for documentation. If this is so, you may download and print a letter verifying your employment with our firm.

    145. A. provisional B. irregular C. complimentary D. additional

    Should you not see your favorite business or service listed, tell the business owner about our Employee Discount Program or send them a copy of the business participant form available on our website. Suggest they not miss out on this to gain new customers and repeat business. 146. A. advantage B. opportunity C. bargain D. fortune

    Practice Test 6


    Part 6 - Reading

  • Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter.

    TO: Alfred BillingsTrusty Pest Control, 430 Main StreetFt. Lauderdale, Florida 33278

    Dear Mr. Billings,

    On Monday, August 6th I received a letter on your behalf informing me that I had an outstanding balance of $35.00 with your company. I mailed a check to you for the in question on Wednesday, August 7th. This check was received by your firm on August 9th.

    147. A. reference B. amount C. delivery D. situation

    On August 25th, however, I received your most recent bill in which no reference to my payment was made. The bill also showed a late non-payment charge of $10.00

    to my account.

    148. A. addition B. additional C. added D. adding

    Since this is obviously a mistake on your part, I am expecting that you see to it that both the non-payment charge and my payment of $35.00 from my account. Please contact me should you need any further clarification on this matter.

    149. A. removing B. has to remove C. have removed D. be removed

    Yours sincerely,

    John Tester7930 N. Harding Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, 33140

    Practice Test 6


    Part 6 - Reading

    Questions 150-152 refer to the following report.


    Organic food sales in the United States have increased by 30% or more annually over the past decade. Our report details this of organic agriculture in Montana and the U.S., and encourages state investment in this value-added marketing strategy.

    150. A. decline B. growth C. instability D. stagnation

    Montana has the third-highest number of organic farms in the country. However, one problem for the local industry is that the state government and universities provide relatively little support for organic farming. It is vital that public as well as private strategic investment in organic agriculture be further encouraged.

    151. A. unfortunately B. regardless C. therefore D. similarly

    According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Montana ranks first in the nation for organic livestock production. Although organic crops and livestock only a small fraction of Montanas total agricultural production, organic production grew 95% between 2002 and 2007.

    152. A. represents B. representative C. representing D. represent

  • Questions 155-157 refer to the following advertisement.

    155. What does this advertisement concern? A. Family travel opportunities B. Family planning programs C. Missing family members D. Family history research

    156. What is needed to take advantage of this program? A. A family tree B. An Internet connection C. A subscription to a website D. A valid passport

    157. What will this program help you achieve? A. A sense of self-esteem B. Contact with far away relatives C. New career opportunities D. A deep knowledge of history

    Discover your roots with our new genealogy program!

    Finding your ancestors and discovering your familys past can be a thrilling journey into unknown territory. Exploring your roots at, will give you the opportunity to:

    - learn more about your familys place in history. - share your discoveries with other family members. - motivate others to begin their family history. - connect with your relatives from all over the world.

    FREE TRIAL! Take this opportunity now to build your family tree and

    discover your ancestors at Start your family tree today!

    Directions: Questions 153-200 are based on a selection of reading materials, such as letters, notes, articles, forms, reports, and advertisements. You are to choose the one best answer A, B, C, or D, to each question. Answer all questions following each reading selection on the basis of what is stated or implied in that selection.

    Read the following example.


    With this coupon take an extra 20% off your entire purchase. Includes sale merchandise.

    Valid at Reebound U.S. Outlet stores. Please present coupon at start of transaction. Discount cannot be combined with any other coupon, group offer or member discount. Not valid on the purchase of gift cards. Expires 30-12-08.

    In which case can you NOT use this coupon? A. When shopping at Reebound Outlet stores B. Together with other savings offers C. Before December 2008 D. When buying items that are already on sale

    The reading selection says that the discount cannot be combined with any other coupon, group offer or member discount. Therefore, you should choose answer B. Now begin work on the questions.

    Practice Test 6


    Part 7 - Reading

    153. What does the author suggest about shoes? A. They must be tight fitting. B. They may hurt your heels and arches. C. They should be beneficial to your spine. D. They should have special high heels.

    154. What advice does the article give? A. Use chairs that support your shoulders. B. Exercise your back regularly. C. Avoid being off your feet for too long. D. Keep your pelvis in line with your shoulders while sitting.

    Questions 153-154 refer to the following article.

    Whether youre sitting in a chair or standing

    on your feet, its important to understand the

    importance of proper footwear and good posture.

    Shoes that provide good support for your

    arches and heels are important for keeping your

    spine healthy. High heels are counterproductive

    to maintaining a healthy back. Having good

    posture is important as well, so sit up when you

    are off your feet. Be kind to your spine. Sit with

    your pelvis lined up below your shoulders, and

    look for chairs that offer lumbar support.

  • Questions 158-160 refer to the following letter.

    161. Where is this excerpt most probably taken from? A. A Florida travel guide B. A holiday package brochure C. An advertisement on local festivities D. A family entertainment guide

    162. Who would the above destinations most probably appeal to? A. Elderly city sightseers B. Anyone looking for peace and quiet C. People interested in cultural events D. Seaside and entertainment lovers

    163. Which of the following is NOT true? A. All destinations are by the sea B. Only one destination is famous for its food C. Two destinations offer water sports activities D. Only one of the destinations is for art lovers

    164. The word "devilishly" in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to ... A. extremely. B. unpleasantly. C. moderately. D. atrociously.

    Dear Colleague,

    You are cordially invited to attend a party given

    in honor of Mr. Ben Grey, on his retirement from

    our accounting firm.

    The party will be held at Wolfies Delicatessen,

    on June 5th, at 7 oclock in the evening. Mr. Grey

    will be presented with a gift at that time. If you

    are going to attend this party, please inform

    our receptionist, Jane, on extension #111. Be

    prepared to eat, drink, dance and share in this

    tribute to a fine individual who has served this

    company well for over thirty five years.

    Questions 161-164 refer to the following excerpt.

    Practice Test 6


    Part 7 - Reading

    158. Why is the party mentioned being held? A. To pay respects to someone who has died B. To celebrate a companys 35th year anniversary C. To honor a colleague who is retiring D. To inaugurate a new accounting firm

    159. What must someone do to attend the party? A. Bring a gift B. Agree to make a presentation C. Share the cost of the event D. Let the receptionist know

    160. Where is the party taking place? A. At the company's offices B. At a restaurant C. At a reception area D. In a hotel ballroom

    Days 1 and 2: Miami Beach, FloridaNon-stop fun and sun! Whether lounging on the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean, strolling along the South Beach Art Deco district in high style, or partying the night away at the citys world renowned clubs, Miami Beach remains the Florida vacation capital for adults.

    Day 3: Key West, FloridaThe Conch Republic is a festive island of colorful bars and equally colorful characters in what could just as well be the tropics. Americas southernmost tip, where Harry Truman spent his summers playing cards and running the country, is a non-stop delight. Visit Hemingways house, where youll find his original manuscripts and many of his famed six-toed cats. And while youre on the island, be sure to sample its culinary treasures, such as conch salad and the world-famous Key Lime pie.

    Day 4: Port Canaveral, FloridaYou dont have to be an astronaut to find Port Canaveral thrilling. This is the home of the Kennedy Space Center, where you can catch a fascinating glimpse of the history - and future - of the U.S. space program. Alternatively, take a leisurely stroll along Cocoa Beach Pier; the shopping is great and the beach views are truly out of this world.

    Days 5-6: Grand Cayman, Cayman IslandsGrand Cayman, kissed by sparkling, turquoise waters, is a dream come true for marine enthusiasts. You can snorkel with dolphins, go scuba diving, sail a catamaran, take in some sport fishing, or just mellow out on the powder-soft sand of the magnificent Seven Mile Beach. While youre there, dont forget to visit Hell, which is devilishly popular with postcard lovers.