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Todays Speakers (on the phone). The Deal. Nokia: More Than 200M Beautiful Phones A Year. Strategic Rationale. Accelerate Phone Share . Microsoft and Nokia Partnership. Nokia and Windows Phone Momentum. One Brand, United Voice. Accelerating Innovation. Strengthen Overall Opportunity. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Todays Speakers (on the phone)

The Deal

Nokia: More Than 200M Beautiful Phones A Year

Strategic Rationale

Accelerate Phone Share

Microsoft and Nokia Partnership

Nokia and Windows Phone Momentum

One Brand, United Voice

Accelerating Innovation

Strengthen Overall Opportunity

Transformation: Beyond Software and PCs

Devices and Services: Why Phones?

Devices and Services: Why Phone Hardware?Driving Ongoing OEM Opportunity

Devices: Nokia D&S Brings Key Capabilities

High Value Services Including Geospatial

Smart Acquisition

Smart Acquisition

Better Unit Economics Drive Profitability

Accretive to Adjusted EPS by FY15

Long Term Value Creation

IP Acquisition and License Agreements with Nokia

Microsoft Also Secures Other Valuable Patent Benefits

Strong Execution Plan

Strong Execution Plan

Confident About Regulatory Approval


Reconciliation of GAAP and non-GAAP Financial Measures


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