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  • A Trifecta!

  • Inside.... Kentuckiana MX Championship Series 3 Povolny Pounds High Fly Again!

    Utah Sport Riders Association Motocross Race 7 Powell Pulls a Trifecta! 10 Martinez Masters Fillmore

    Dealers Challenge Race for the Cup 13 Moto Source Takes Dealers Challenge Cup

    Springfield Mile/Springfield TT/ Dairyland Classic ST/Wilmot HM/Sun Prairie HM 17 Race Report from Springfield, Plymouth, Wilmot, Sun Prairie

    Central Illinois Motorcycle Club Hillclimb Doubleheader 20 Fortner Perfect at Neoga

    Scott Burnworth’s SoCal Vintage MX Classic 2 22 A Moto Down Memory Lane

    Yamaha Dealer Series 27 Veni, Vidi, Vici – JBC!

    Costa Mesa Speedway Kids’ Night Orange County Fairgrounds 32 Larsen Back to Back at Costa Mesa Speedway

    Last Dog Standing District 37 Prairie Dogs MC 35 Redmond Top Dog at Last Dog 36 Race Report from Last Dog Standing

    Loretta Lynn Northeast Amateur Regional Championship 39 Snapshots from High Point Raceway LLQ

    Century Motorcycles 27th Annual Father’s Day Open House 45 Century Motorcycles Honors Wild Bill

    Rock River Riders Hillclimb 49 Wade Goes Wild at Polo Hillclimb!

  • Story and Photos by Mark Buchanan

    Another great turnout of just over 200 riders showed up for round five of the Kentuckiana MX Championship Series, held at High Fly MX Park in Crothersville, Indiana. Track conditions were dry and a little dusty, with lots of sun and temperatures in the 90s. James Povolny had another great day, taking all four moto wins in the Open Expert A and Over 25 Expert A classes, riding an FCA MX/ Horsepower Motorsports/ Fly Racing/ Gateway Cycles Kawasaki.

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    Behind leader Povolny, FCA/ Gateway Cycles-backed Christopher Akaydin moved into second place on the first lap of the first moto of the Open Expert A class, in front of Christian Telker. Ryan Koontz slipped from second place at the start to finish fourth on a Bloomington Power Sports Suzuki, ahead of Kawasaki- mounted Lucas Hammons.

    Telker held second place throughout the second moto, in front of Koontz, with Akaydin finishing fourth, in front of Hammons. Telker took second place overall, behind Povolny, with his 3-2 finishes, and Akaydin finished third overall with a 2-4 score, in front of Koontz (4-3).

    Povolny took both moto wins in the Over 25 Expert A class, in front of Koontz and Hammons.

    Telker won both motos of the Lites A class, in front of Kawasaki jockey Cohl Franks, with Yamaha-mounted Alexander Hunter finishing third. Thumper Racing/ Fox’s Cycle-backed Yamaha rider Mark Smith also had a great day, taking all four moto wins in the Over 30 Expert A and Over 40 Vet classes. In the Over 40 Vet class, Smith finished in front of Suzuki-mounted Chad Scharlow. Over 30 Vet Amateur-class winner Mark Nichols finished third in both motos on his Yamaha, with Michael Royalty taking fourth place overall with a 6-5 score, edging out fellow Honda rider Brian West’s 5-6 tally.

    Smith won both Over 30 Expert A motos, in front of Scharlow and the Kawasaki-mounted Jeff Montgomery.

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    KTM-mounted Josh Bixler took the win in the Lites Intermediate B class with 2-1 finishes, in his first race back after a bad crash at the Mini O’s. Richard Turner took the win in the first moto, just ahead of Bixler, but Bixler nailed the start in the second moto and went the distance for the win, in front of Turner. FMF/ Spy Optics/ Bell/ Decal Works-backed Lane Parton took third place overall with a 3-4 score, in front of Honda rider Evan Valvano and Yamaha-mounted Cody Bennett.

    Turner took both moto wins in the Schoolboy (12-15) class, with Parton claiming second place overall with a 2-3 tally. Valvano finished third overall with a 4-2 score, in front of Kawasaki-mounted Michael Humm, with 3-4 finishes. Michael Wesselman finished a consistent fifth in both motos, riding a Suzuki.

    Columbus Motorsports/ Lucas Oil-backed Kawasaki rider Lane Wienhorst took the win in the Senior Mini (12-15) class with 2-1 finishes. The win was controversial, as Wienhorst was accidentally given the checkered flag at the end of the first lap in the second moto. Honda- mounted Stephen Vuckson claimed second place overall with his 4-2 finishes, in front of Moose/ Decal Works/ Smith Optics/ EVS-backed KTM rider Taylor Nash (5-3) score. Cameron Dudukovich finished fourth overall with an 8-4 tally, in front of his fellow Kawasaki rider Dylan Skaggs’ 9-5 finishes.

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    Honda jockey Brady Spaulding took the overall victory in the Supermini (9-15) class with a 1-2 punch. Kawasaki-mounted Ezra Hastings led almost the entire first moto but dropped back to fourth place on the last lap. Hastings took the win in the second moto and finished second overall with a 4-1 score. Vuckson finished third in both motos, and Dudukovich took fourth place overall with a 5- 4 score, in front of Suzuki rider Benny Royer’s consistent 6-6 finishes.

    Wienhorst and Hastings had a great battle for the win in the Junior Mini (7-11) class, with Hastings taking both moto wins just in front of Wienhorst. Jordan Parmley finished third overall on his Yamaha with a 4-3 score, edging out Kawasaki rider Devin Sale’s 3-4 finishes. KTM jockey Kyle Repstock finished fifth overall with a 6-5 tally.

    Sale took all four moto wins in the 65cc (10-11) and 65cc Open (7-11) classes, in front of Honda rider Anthony Rosemeyer. Lucas Oil- backed Bailey Baker finished third overall in the 65cc (10-11) class with a 4-3 score, edging out Repstock (3-4).

    KTM-mounted Logan Roberts claimed third place overall in the 65cc Open (7-11) class with 5-3 finishes, in front of Kawasaki jockeys Baker and Jarred Jaggers.

    1. James Povolny (KTM).

    1. Blake Gibbs (KTM); 2. Tyler Gibbs (Yam).

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    1. Kaden Cummins (Yam).

    1. Kaleb Wells (Cob); 2. Bryce Dimuzio (Cob); 3. Connor Duvall (Cob); 4. Kaden Cummins (Cob).

    1. Jared Herbert (Cob); 2. Kylee Manning (Cob); 3. Kylan Pitman (KTM); 4. Brayden Dimuzio (Cob); 5. Griffin Maxwell (Cob).

    1. Kylee Manning (Cob); 2. Kylan Pitman (KTM); 3. Kaleb Wells (Cob); 4. Griffin Maxwell (Cob); 5. Conner Hartman (Cob).

    1. Hunter McIntyre (Kaw); 2. Matthew Kemp (Kaw); 3. Lance Maschino (Kaw); 4. Carson Wohlschlegel (Kaw); 5. Kylee Manning (Cob).

    1. A.J. Wrobel (Kaw); 2. Dane Folsom (KTM); 3. Jared Herbert (Cob); 4. Jared Jaggers (Kaw); 5. Lance Maschino (Kaw).

    1. Devin Sale (Kaw); 2. Anthony Rosemeyer (Hon); 3. Bailey Baker (Kaw); 4. Kyle Repstock (KTM); 5. Jace Crawford (Kaw).

    1. Devin Sale (Kaw); 2. Anthony Rosemeyer (Hon); 3. Logan Roberts (KTM); 4. Bailey Baker (Kaw); 5. Jared Jaggers (Kaw).

    1. Joshua Thompson (Hon); 2. Jake Meadors (Kaw); 3. Daniel Loos (Hon); 4. Dylan Allman (Suz); 5. Trenton Baughman (Hon).

    1. Ezra Hastings (Kaw); 2. Lane Wienhorst (Kaw); 3. Jordan Parmley (Yam); 4. Devin Sale (Kaw); 5. Kyle Repstock (KTM).

    1. Lane Wienhorst (Kaw); 2. Stephen Vuckson (Hon); 3. Taylor Nash (KTM); 4. Cameron Dudukovich (Kaw); 5. Dylan Skaggs (Kaw).

    1. Brady Spaulding (Hon); 2. Ezra Hastings (Kaw); 3. Stephen Vuckson (Hon); 4. Cameron Dudukovich (Kaw); 5. Benny Royer (Suz).

    1. Wes Coomer (Yam).

    1. Austin Perry (Hon); 2. Cyrus Whitesell (Yam); 3. Sean Wohlschlegel (Suz).

    1. Wes Coomer (Yam); 2. Cole Orman (KTM); 3. Michael Humm (Kaw); 4. Michael Wesselman (Suz); 5. Ethan Hester (Hon).

    1. Josh Bixler (KTM); 2. Richard Turner (Suz); 3. Lane Parton (KTM); 4. Evan Valvano (Hon); 5. Cody Bennett (Yam).

    1. Christian Telker (Hon); 2. Cohl Franks (Kaw); 3. Alexander Hunter (Yam).

    1. Cyrus Whitesell (Yam); 2. Carl Girt (Yam); 3. Dalton Campbell (Kaw).

    1. Jared Mills (Hon); 2. Cody Ford (Suz) 3. Tyson Shields (Hon); 4. Lanny Bogard (Kaw).

    1. James Povolny (Kaw); 2. Christian Telker (Hon); 3. Christopher Akaydin (Kaw); 4. Ryan Koontz (Suz); 5. Lucas Hammons (Kaw).

    1. Madison Garbrough (Kaw); 2. Alexi Lentz (Yam); 3. Alexandria Barton (Hon).

    1. Jacki Caudill (Yam); 2. Tina Carter (Hon); 3. Halie Mouser (Kaw); 4. Chris West (Hon).

    1. Richard Turner (Suz); 2. Lane Parton (KTM); 3. Evan Valvano (Hon); 4. Michael Humm (Kaw); 5. Michael Wesselman (Suz).

    1. Christopher Akaydin (Kaw); 2. Brach Collins (Kaw).

    1. Justin Cline (Yam); 2. Michael Jones (Hon); 3. Eric Zimmerman (Yam); 4. Mark Guy (Yam).

    1. James Povolny (Kaw); 2. Ryan Koontz (Suz); 3. Lucas Hammons (Kaw).

    1. Mark Nichols (Yam); 2. Mike Warmoth (KTM); 3. Michael Jones (Hon); 4. Matthes Campbell (Kaw); 5. Gary Heathcox (Suz).

    1. Mark Smith (Yam); 2. Chad Scharlow (Suz); 3. Jeff Montgomery (Kaw).

    1. Mark Smith (Yam); 2. Chad Scharlow (Suz); 3. Mark Nichols (Yam); 4. Michael Royalty (Hon); 5. Brian West (Hon).

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    Story by Dick Goodwin Photos by Eric Salsbery/ deuce

    National Supercross racer Landen Powell returned to his roots on June 4, 2011, as he competed in the Utah Sport Riders’ motocross race at Screamin’ Eagle Motocross Track in Fillmore, Utah. Maybe he wanted to show the local Pros what racing at the National level can do for your speed. Maybe he wanted to support his brother, 250cc Intermediate hotshoe Casey Powell. Or maybe he just wanted to race in a good, old, fun motocross race. Whatever his reason, he made the most of it, dominating all three Pro classes he entered and tallying six perfect winning motos.

    1. Charles Nice (Yam); 2. Steve Reynolds (Yam); 3. Donald Browning (Yam).