today's consumer: who are they & what do they look like?

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How can you prepare your agents for todays consumer? Find out what todays consumer looks like. Get the low down on Harris County demographics and how to use that information to help your agents.


  • 1. Oscar Gonzales, MBA, PhD

2. If the industrial era was about building things 3. ..the Social Era is about connecting things, people, and ideas. 4. 1937 Clothing of the Future 5. 1967 Predictions of Online Shopping and Email 6. The Social Era CONNECTIONS CREATE VALUE. Rewards those that dont create value in a vacuum. POWER IN COMMUNITY. Power comes from connected individuals in community. BUYERS AND SELLERS BECOME CO-CREATORS. As Partners: not an object at the end of a value chain. 7. Shift from Dependence to ChoiceSuccess means giving up the habits of the old uneven power relationships and forming new equal partnerships. 8. Social Effects The consumer expects: Contextual Format Variety of Choice Sense of Entitlement - Everything for free Control The choice not to commit Possession of the Brand Ease of Use 9. Generational Differences 10. Generational DifferencesFor the first time in history there are 6 living generations in America. GI Generation (1901-1926) Silent's (1927-1945) Boomers (1946-1964) Generation X (1965-1979) Millennials (Gen Y) (1980 -1998) Generation Z (1999 present) Or 11. Generation Wired Have a lifelong use of the Internet, texting, IM, MP3s and Smartphones (not cell) earning them the nickname "digital natives". Have been raised entirely after the end of the Cold War and the Internet. They're the children of Generation X The youngest members can also be children of Generation Y Their grandparents tend to be members of the Silent Generation 12. Its Not Business As Usual! 13. The Reality Some brokers and agents spend all day defending what they do, how they sell services. Unaware that everything that is happening in the real estate industry is ever more likely to happen on a smart device. Denying that traditional media is in a death spiral 14. Consumers listen more to one another than to of advertisers.People are increasingly individualist. Avoid being categorized.Technology damaged the traditional purchase funnel.Its not a question of technology, its still about relationships. 15. Where do They Want to Live?Source: 16. Compared to Other Metro Areas 17. Houston Population by Race 1960 - 2012 18. Houstons Population by Age & Ethnicity 19. Distributions by Education Houston MSA 20. Who is Your Competition? 21. If you spend all your time looking at your competition, your service will look like your competitions a_ _. 22. Convergence Platforms that consumers use today will likely be replaced in a few years. Communication, technology, and other aspects of our lives will continue to intensify. 23. To focus on who will win over the consumer is to miss the point: The new doesnt replace the old; the new and the old combine. 24. Oscar Gonzales, MBA, PhD