To retain, or not retain, that is the question

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Slides from Andrew Stauffer's presentation at the "Looking to the Future of Shared Print" session held at the ALA Annual Conference on June 27, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.


<ul><li> 1. Sing mournfully, sing mournfully Our dearly loved is gone. The gifted and the beautiful Is from our sight withdrawn Then let us sing her requiem now In this our parting hour And softly breathe her name, who was Our fairest, loveliest flower Mary, Mary, Mary Mary Montague Minor (1855-1862), d. age 7 Poem written by her mother, Ellen Pierrepont Minor in her copy of Felicia Hemans Works (Philadelphia: Grigg &amp; Elliott,1843). (circulating collection, Alderman Library, University of Virginia) </li></ul> <p> 2. Charlotte Cocke Gordons copy of Felicia Hemans Works (1839), held by the library o University of Virginia. She received the book as a Christmas gift in 1840, when she w 22 and unmarried. Her son William died in West Texas, near Fort Concho, at the age 3. Edgar Allan Poe: His Life, Letters, and Opinions, by John H. Ingram [London, 1880] (U My father -- Revd. Jno. Collins McCabe -- who was then a young man, a contributor to The Messenger &amp; an intimate of Poe's, once told me that he said one day to Poe -- 'Po Mr. White is greatly hurt at you having spoken unkindly of him.' 'McCabe,' said Poe warmly, 'I never said a word against Mr. White in my life.' 'Did you never say he was a fool?' 'Oh!,' said Poe with a relieved air, 'I did say that he was a d----d fool, but Mr. Whit can't object to that -- every body knows it.' W. Gordon McCabe. March 26th. 1882. 4. Traced hand (John A. McSparrans?) in The Works of Robert Burns (London, 1825), facing original poem, On Burns the Poet / June 4, 1851 by James McSparran (circulating collection, Alderman Library, University of Virginia) 5. 6. Jane C. Slaughter, self portrait, age 18 (Slaughter family papers, University of Virginia Special Collections) </p>